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How to Create WordPress Product Catalog without Any Shopping Cart?

If you are managing your WordPress website and planning to add your products on it, you need to classify these products. Then, a product catalog is a necessary to make them in order and provide your users or customers convenience to find the target product they want. However, you did not integrate any shopping cart into your WordPress website, so how to easily add or create your product catalog on your site?

In below, we will talk about this issue in detail and introduce how to create your WordPress product catalog without any shopping cart but still make your feel easy. Follow us and let’s start!

Why will You Add Your Product Catalog without Any Shopping Cart?

For some business, more or less they have some products which cannot sell online for these products have no determined pricing. It is why these businesses have no shopping cart used on their website. However, even though these products have not set up pricing, you still want to display them online so as to attract more potential customers.

In normal case, you can integrate your favorite eCommerce platform with the online shopping, but you also utilize your platform to showcase your products without making use of any shopping cart functionality.

In another word, these are a certain group of businesses who have to create display their products online but have no help from any shopping cart plugin. That’s also the reason that we want to teach you how to create your product catalog in your WordPress website without shopping cart features.

Get Started with Your Product Catalog in WordPress

To add the product catalog on your WordPress website, it is best to use WooCommerce, but don’t worry, there is no need to use any shopping cart feature of WooCommerce.

Supposed that you have already created a website based on WordPress, and then you just need go to your WordPress Dashboard on which you can easily install WooCommerce and then activate the plugin. If you have any problem about installing or activating a plugin in WordPress, you can search for this from our WordPress Tutorial, which contains similar process you need.

However, if you haven’t a WordPress website created, then you need firstly set up a website based on WordPress platform. WordPress is an extremely easy-to-use website building platform and also the most popular one, so you can easily get a perfect guide online about starting an online store based on WordPress website with WooCommerce plugin.

After you set it up, installed WooCommerce in WordPress, you can start to create the product catalog on the website.

Create Your WordPress Product Catalog without Shopping Cart Features

WooCommerce comes with a built-in button of “Add to Cart” or “Buy” next to each of your products. It is convenient for customers to quickly purchase their target product, but also it means it is hard for you to create your product catalog without using any shopping cart feature.

Fortunately, there is an each way that can cope with this issue.

At first, you have to install the YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode in WordPress and activate this plugin. The process is just like how you install WooCommerce in WordPress.

As for activation, you need go to the WordPress Dashboard again, find and visit “YITH Plugins” >> “Catalog Mode” page. Here you will be required to configure YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode plugin’s settings.

Upon the settings, you need firstly check the box beside the option of “Enable YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode” so as to enable it. Next, you will need select the place or location that you plan to hide that button of “Add to Cart”.

There are the options like the pages of your product details or the page of your shop for that button.

However, in this case, it is better to choose the latest option that will allow you to disable the shop feature anywhere in the means of disabling cart page and checkout page, as well as directly removing all buttons of “Add to Cart” everywhere on your WordPress site.

Finally, click on “Saving Changes” button to keep all these changes or settings just made.

Add Products to Your WordPress Product Catalog

By far, you will have create your product catalog in WordPress with WooCommerce and YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode. Now, you can move on to add your products to your WordPress website. For this, you just need to go to WordPress Dashboard and visit “Products” >> “Add New” page. Then, you can type into the information about your products.

On this page, you can give your product title, short description, detailed description, product image, as well as product gallery. Besides, you will notice a data section of “Product”, under which you can find price options. Of course, if you do not want to show your customers your pricing, you can just leave the options blank.

After you finish these, you can move on to publish your products you just added to your website. You can simply repeat this process and you can add as many products as you have to create your product catalog.

View Your WordPress Product Catalog

After creating and enriching your product catalog, you can check your achievements by visit your WooCommerce store page, on which you can see your product catalog actively. Usually, your store will be located at a URL just like:

You can just use your URL to replace the “example.com” above, and search for this to view your store page in catalog mode.


It is customizable to choose the location for your products. Besides your WooCommerce store page, you display them on any page on your site, and utilize the page to be the product catalog for your products.

The only thing you need to do is that to edit an existing WordPress page or just create a new one. Then, directly add the shortcode in below in content field. That’s all!

You are able to decide the number of the products on each page and the columns as you need. Once you have done all adjustments on the shortcode, don’t forget to move on to save all these configurations and publish the page to check out its preview.

Because when you just activate WooCommerce in WordPress, you have made all “Buy” or “Add to Cart” buttons hidden. Therefore, you will not find any of these buttons on your product page. In addition, you can check the product details page by clicking on each individual product.

The product details page can display all the details of each product, because you have entered them during the step of adding product to your catalog.

That’s all. We have introduced all things about creating a product catalog in WordPress but with no need of using any shopping cart feature. We really hope you can like this tutorial and it can help you create your own product catalog very well in that case.

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  1. Wow, wonderful, thanks the author of this guide. I’m just worry about how to create beautiful product catalog for my little business site. The idea of product page to be catalog page is great, because I currently cannot display so many products on my site. The product page in order can help my guests easily find what they want and get the details about the target items. But i have to mention that We do have to make our product in order under certain catalog at the very beginning.

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