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How To Deal With Comment Spam In Drupal?

Comment spamming or spam commenting is a growing problem for website owners, bloggers and administrators. If you are using Drupal CMS, you can easily stop the spamming using the Mollom module.

What Is Mollom Module?

Mollom module is your standalone spam protection solution that prevents your contact, comment, registration, password request forms. It also supports nodes protection in forum, for stories, news and others.

What Are The Features Of Mollom Module?

  1. It can flag comment as inappropriate.
  2. Hides honeypots and offer behavioral analysis from user metrics.
  3. Retains spam instead of removing it completely.
  4. Supports OpenID system with secure authentication and dedicated servers
  5. Easy to operate, multilingual, based on open API and available as built in
  6. Eliminates spam with content quality assessment, secure CAPTCHA and moderation queue

How To Install Mollom Module?

  1. Sign up with Mollom.com and download the module. There are two versions, Free and Paid – Paid one suits large website and services and Free one can suit most websites.
  2. Extract the module to your modules directory and enable it on the Modules page. Alternative to above, you can install Mollom module by login to the Mollom.Com, select the ‘Manage Sites’ and click on ‘Add New Site’ – the subscription will be created. Now back to your site’s Modules section and enable the module.
  3. After enabling the module, you need to configure the user access permission. Get your public and private API key from the Site Manager on Mollom.Com.

After installing the module, the next step is configuring Mollom.

How To Configure Mollom Module To Stop Comment Spam?

Go the module settings section at this address Configuration > Content Authoring > Mollom Content Moderation > Settings

  1. Insert the private and public API keys generated in last step of installation.drupal-comment-spam
  2. Move to Configuration > Content Authoring > Mollom Content Moderation
  3. Start adding forms that you want to protect from spam comments. There will be a drop down menu, select the form that you want to protect.drupal-comment-spam01
  4. After adding form, define what type of protection should be activated. Text Analysis checks the content to determine its spam status and uses CAPTCHA. The CAPTCHA only protection mode will simply add the CAPTCHA to the form.
  5. That’s it!

Tips To Make Mollom More Effective

  1. Text Analysis is the recommended spam protection when using Mollom module.drupal-comment-spam02
  2. Spam posts can automatically be discarded while hams will await approval.drupal-comment-spam03
  3. Mistaken CAPTCHA entries get new text to match.
  4. User defined spam reporting is active in Mollom.drupal-comment-spam04

What Else You Can Do To Stop The Spam Comments On Drupal?

If you are not happy with what you get from Mollom, you can try the modules named CAPTCHA, GOTCHA, reCAPTCHA, honeypot, AntiSpam and etc. Many modules are available for you to try and each of them have their own mechanism/algorithm to fight spam. Take help of them if you believe they will suit your purpose.

In this light, we are putting up some more how to’s about few of these modules.

How To Use Gotcha Module To Stop Comment Spamming In Drupal?

Here is how you stop spam comments with Gotcha module in Drupal:

  1. Before you proceed for the Gotcha module, you need the Contact and Spam module in the system. Make sure you have them prior installing the module.
  2. Installing the module is no brainer exactly like other modules. You can either use link or directly upload the module. And click on Install.drupal-comment-spam05
  3. After installation you need to enable the module from your modules page.
  4. The next step is setting the module. So, go to the settings tab under Administer > Site Building > Contact Form
  5. Uncheck the ‘Log all email’ box to generate spammer email lists.
  6. Enable the ‘Go Away’ page and set the direction to a hidden or unpublished page. This way all comment will get to that page.
  7. Check on ‘Rows Per Page’ option and define a value here to control the visibility.
  8. Lastly check the ‘Maximum Body’ option to limit the text size.

Gotcha is pretty handy in dealing with comment spamming in Drupal.

How To Use reCAPTCHA Module To Protect Comment Spamming In Drupal?

To start using reCAPTCHA module on your Drupal CMS you need to have the CAPTCHA module enabled. If you have the CAPTCHA module enabled, then follow the steps below:


  1. Install the reCAPTCHA module simply by extracting it or link it tour modules directory. After installation get it enabled.
  2. Once the reCAPTCHA module is enabled, you need to configure it in admin>build>modules.
  3. A reCAPTCHA tab will appear under the CAPTCHA administration page.drupal-comment-spam07
  4. Insert your public and private keys and save to configure the reCAPTCHA module.
  5. It comes with some default settings which will be enough to fight the spamming. You don’t need to customize it further.


The web is full with resources on stopping the comment spamming on Drupal using the different modules. Watch the videos and read the lessons – you will surely grow stronger enough to fight the spamming.

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