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How to Determine If You have Outgrown Your Web Hosting

It is the desire of everybody to see their business grow as quickly as possible, the instance they start. However, the growth of any business will usually come with additional responsibility on the individual, in line with increasing their capacity to accommodate the business growth. This also applies to a website as well. When you have an organizational website or a monetized website, such as those for affiliate marketing and that make profit from adverts, you might notice you have outgrown your web hosting by the time the answers to some questions is in the affirmative.

Normally, when you are just starting, any web host might serve you, since you might have no visitor on first day and maybe just one or two on the second day. With this, your website might even be down for 10 hours and nobody will have noticed. However, as soon as a lot of people begin to visit your website, the need for efficiency and speed on the part of your web host becomes very important. You will no more be able to feel unconcerned about your web host anymore. This is especially when the answers to some of the questions explained below are in the affirmative.

Lots of Complaints on customer support?

There are many things that could go wrong with a website, with some of them not been the fault of the web host, which visitors to your site can complain about. But when your lines are regularly beeping about how slow your website is or how your website is suddenly offline, when you are very sure your subscription has not expired, then it might just be a sign that you have outgrown your web hosting and you need to move. It is suggested that you or IT team regularly test your websites every day, at different times, so that you can check first-hand if your site is online (the pages are opening) and the speed with which they are. It is always better to discover problems on your own and solve them.

Are there some things your web host cannot provide for you?

As your website continues to grow, you might need new to implement new features for your website, some of which, you might even be willing to pay for. When you can’t find the free or paid version of these features on the website, then it might just be time for you to start looking for another web host. For instance, you have a lot of articles on your website, with people commenting frequently. Even if you have the initial version of the articles, you will not want to go through the stress of uploading thousands of articles due to a problem on your site. Furthermore, you will also need to protect the comments of the customers. In line with this, you might require daily backups and disaster recovery platforms. If your web host can’t provide this for you, then you should be ready to move.

Is the customer support of the web host poor?

Imagine your phone and mails beeping continuously because of a problem on your site, which you have also confirmed. You now have to reach your web hosting company because the problem seems to be coming from them or you and your IT team are lost on what to do, only to find out that your calls to the web host are not been picked, neither are mails been replied. If you find yourself in this type of situation with your web host, especially more than once, then it might be time to get a web host with better customer support.

Is your web host unable to handle traffic on your website?

As more people visit your website, the more resources will be required to cater to them. You might lose a lot of visitors to your website and potential customers if your web host cannot cater to everybody visiting your website. It is, therefore, a sign you have outgrown your web hosting if your website suddenly goes extremely slow or stops to respond, once about 100,000 people are trying to access a page on your website.

Is there a software you intend to run and your web host does not support?

It is possible that you just got to know about any software you feel will be best for your website. If you get to the control panel of your web hosting platform, only to find out that software is not supported, then you might need to switch to another web hosting platform that supports that particular software as well as those you were initially using and other ones you hope to use in the future.

Is your web host incapable of protecting your website?

When websites are not properly secured, they could be attacked and both the website owner and the users of the website will suffer a lot. You do not want to leave visitors to your website at the mercy of hackers or other cyber-attacks. It is important to ensure that your web host can properly protect your website.

Have your web traffic gone beyond what a shared hosting platform can manage?

Usually, you might start with a shared hosting platform for your website until when your website starts to attract more visitors. Once you observe that you are getting an average of 2000 visitors every day, then it might be time for you to move to a dedicated server or VPS.

Does your website become very slow at peak hours?

It is possible that at a particular time during the day, your website becomes very slow. This might be the period when a lot of people visit the site, maybe during working hours. Once this is the case, it shows you have outgrown your web hosting and you need to move.


In conclusion, having a functioning and efficient website is the best for your business. Once you notice some problems with your web hosting, you will need to upgrade your web hosting or opt for a different web hosting company entirely.

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