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How to Find Topics for Your Blog

When creating a blog, there are hundreds of possible topics available for webmasters. You may have so many ideas and just do not know which one should be the good one, or you even cannot come up with single one to start your blog.

In this article, we concluded some useful tips to help you pick the best and the right topic for your blog.

Blog Types

First things first, you have to know the goal you desire to accomplish from the blog before choosing a topic. That means which types of blog you are going to create.

  • Personal Blog

Personal blog is a kind of ongoing diary or commentary written by individuals. It is quite simple because you do not need a specific subject, you can publish anything you want. It can be said that personal blog is the easiest type to create and run, of course, you can also combine its traits with other kinds of blogs.

  • Media Type – Vlog

Vlog means video blog, which is much simpler than you thought. These days, with the help of a webcam or video creation software, you can create a Vlog. In addition to embed others videos in your own blog, you should also optimize your posts like making some original comments to ensure the search engine recognize the posts as unique content.

  • Authority Site

This blog can be on a specific or broader topic such as fitness, making money online and etc. As the owner, you should know that create an authority blog is not easy. It normally requires high page rank and has to maintain thousands of visitors per day. If you got confidence for it, you have to pick a very popular topic.

Once you decide the type, then you might consider some ideas for you blog. No matter what, do not combine your interests, experience with the current trends. You can do some research, conclude the latest news and trends and find out what is hot online. If you have a blog connected to a particular field, you should be the source of information for visitors who are interested in things related to that field.


Posts, actually is the content of your blog. The following tips can help you keep a steady but fresh source for posts.

  • Reviews: give visitors your reviews of products or other websites
  • Tutorials or solutions: you can post a blog or video to talk about the best solution or tutorials for some common problems that visitors may face
  • Summary a list: this is one of the best ways to attract visitors. You can create a list for the best of, the worst of or something else that would be accepted quickly by them
  • Images and videos: in addition to words, media ways can be the basis of blog posts. Put an image or a video related to the post would enrich the form of posts and attract visitors at the same time

In fact, there is no need to worry about. Before creating a blog, you have plenty of time to think about the blog type and topic. More importantly, you must keep a regular update once you get start. In short, as long as you choose an appropriate topic, which is popular and can interest you, you will always have something to write.

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