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Database Connection Error in WordPress

Firstly you need to understand on how WordPress makes your website displayed. WordPress is written in MySQL and PHP. The reason for two languages being used is that all information in the website is saved in database of MySQL and PHP is used by WordPress for storage and retrieval of information from the database.

The code used in PHP is used to access database of MySQL and in retrieving every small amount of information that is required to create a page. There is always PHP query that is available that is used to access title of the post, grab the name of the author and to get back the date of publication and much more.

It could be really frustrating when you get errors while establishing connection. You could have seen these errors umpteen times too. Error in getting a database connection could be a real curse and there are reasons why such errors happen. Even though it is recommended to have a backup before you make any changes to the database.

Why do we encounter these errors?

The simple reason explained is the inability of WordPress to establish connection.  The reason for connection not getting established can be varied depending on situation and system. There can be reasons like the login credentials of the database could be wrong or has been changed. It can be also be reason that server of the database can be unresponsive. Or it could be that database can be corrupted. But it is seen that in most cases, it is the error due to server that creates such problems.

How to fix the errors?

  • Firstly determine the point where error is happening. You could be getting the error when you are trying to use the wp-admin for accessing. Or you could be getting the error when the website is not working and is totally down. You could be getting the error due to database not available or due to database need to be repaired. These depict that database is getting corrupted.

WP-Config is the most important and a single file available in the complete WordPress installation process. This is the place where you need to know that database connection for WordPress is to be done.  Suppose you change the root password or user password of the database, then you need to change the name of the file too. Moreover you need to see that everything available in wp-config is the same always.

You can correct the error by opening WordPress and entering the code at the bottom of wp-config – define (‘WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’, true);

This could help in optimizing the error and repair the database by navigating to your website and replacing it with the actual URL.

Open the file wp-config until the error is solved and till your website starts working to its normal. If you are still encountering similar errors, then you need to go to the following step to follow the troubleshooting process

  • To check the database setting to login in wp-config. – Sometimes switching from one company to another or changing anything in the credentials like name of the database or information of the user could create error in the wp-config file that was not updated to the latest information. If any of the values available in the database is incorrect, then wordpress will not connect to the database. You can use PHPMyAdmin to access and edit MySQL database. PHPMyAdmin is available in all plans that is used for hosting and you can find them on cPanel dashboard.

You need to note that by dealing with PHPMyAdmin, you could be directly dealing with the site’s address.

  • Are you still getting the same error message? Then you need to check with your hosting company – If you have followed the above steps and still getting the same message and your website is down, then it could be the problem from the host’s side. You need to contact your host company’s support and give details regarding the error and the actions you have taken for troubleshooting and they could help in finding out the error and in rectifying it.

In many instances, error is noticed as your site gets hit by large traffic. If so, then your host will be unable to handle the traffic or the load. It leads to your site becoming slow and for some users, they get output as error. So the best option would be to get the concerned person on phone or use online live chat with your service provider and check if MySQL server is responding or not.

It is important that your issues are rectified at the root level. For many users, problems they encounter and solutions explained could vary. To be on the safer side, it is always better to take precaution of following steps that could save from any serious problems to happen and also you can safeguard your data and get your work to move without getting it affected in any way.

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