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How to Generate WordPress Sitemap

We all know how important is sitemap to rank well in search engine and it’s not easy to keep Sitemap up to data. However, if you use WordPress to build site, this could be really easy since there are many free Plugin available to help on this.  In below, we will introduce some best practice to generate WordPress sitemap.

About WordPress Sitemap

Just as the name implies, a sitemap can be called a “map,” which aims at helping webmasters navigate the pages on their websites. At the same time, it can indicate which links that webmasters should attach great importance to. However, we have to tell webmasters that sitemap cannot boost their search rankings.

Functions of Sitemap

Some webmasters may submit the questions what’s the function of sitemap for WordPress when considering it is not beneficial for search engine optimization. In below, we will list out two most useful functions of sitemap, and customers can check.

  • For new websites owners and blogger, sitemap is an extremely useful tool for them to get their pages indexed by considering most of them do not get many Backlinks to their posts. In this way, it is easy for search engines to crawl their websites efficiently.
  • In terms of some popular websites, sitemap makes it flexible for websites to interact with search engines. In addition, sitemap can provide webmasters the information of how often the website is updated, set crawl rate for websites and more.

How to Generate WordPress Sitemap

By reading the message offered in the above, many webmasters can have a clear idea of sitemap. Now, let’s come to the main topic, how to generate WordPress sitemap. In fact, there are several methods to create a sitemap in WordPress. To get the details, please follow us.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Although WordPress SEO by Yoast, this plugin is designed to do SEO for WordPress, it also packages advanced sitemap functions. As long as webmasters activate the sitemap option, it can create XML sitemaps automatically. To get more information about this plugin, please visit http://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-seo/.

wordpress seo by yoast

Google XML Sitemap

Google XML sitemap is a popular plugin that has been downloaded by tens of thousands of webmasters up till now. On the one hand, Google XML sitemap supports all WordPress generated pages. On the other hand, it also supports custom uniform resources locators. The plugin can generate a special XML sitemap that can help Google, Yahoo, Bing as well as Ask.com to index their blogs well. With it, webmasters can also see the 100% structure of their websites, and retrieve it with a more efficient way. To get more information about this plugin, please visit http://wordpress.org/plugins/google-sitemap-generator/.

google xml sitemap

Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps

Like the two plugins we displayed in the above, Better WordPress Plugin is also a well-known one that is a fast and powerful plugin packages BWP GX5. With this plugin, there is no need for webmasters to worry about the 50K URL limit.

We are also delighted to tell webmasters that this plugin comes with a very powerful feature, Google News Sitemap Creation. In addition to that, it also supports Sitemapindex, Google News Sitemap and Multi-site. To get more information about this plugin, please visit http://wordpress.org/plugins/bwp-google-xml-sitemaps/.

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