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How to Hide Admin Bar in Your WordPress Partially

Do you know that the admin bar of the WordPress has got various useful shortcuts for those users who have logged into the website? It is quite easy to disable the given shortcuts from the profile and you do have the option to hide it from other users besides the admin. But once the given shortcut is hid, and then you are bound to lose the given shortcuts which could be helpful later on.

For this the first thing that one has to do is to install and try to activate the given plugin of the Admin Bar button. When it is activated, you just need to visit the given website and then you would see a small Admin Bar button which is present in the top most left corner of the screen. Once when you select the button, it would make the admin bar to slide in. Along with that you would see the Hide Admin button that would make automatically make the admin bar to slide into to the given button.

It is quite easy to change the configuration of the admin bar button and its behavior by going to visit the Setting options. Here you need to go to the button- Admin Bar present in the given page. In addition, there are two tabs present in the setting page of the WordPress plugin. Here you can make a lot of updating like editing the button text, animation, position, and the list goes on and on.

Another tab is for the admin bar settings of the WordPress. It is here where one can make configuration for the various settings. In addition, you do have to check out on how the shortlink menu can be added in the admin bar of the WordPress. Basically in the 3.3 version of the WordPress, it requires minimum effort to clutter and the UI team of the WordPress can revamp the admin bar. However, during this process, a lot of useful features of the Shortlink menu of the admin bar is changed or removed.

Now there will be various situations where people won’t be knowing on how to utilize the features of the given tool and the given feature is very much handy. Basically, for the WPBeginner, there is a branded shortlink i.e. wpbeg.in which provided extensive features. Users often have doubts and the developers are quite aware about the given issues related to the WP-Bit.ly plugin. This given plugin has got extensive feature and is available in the plugin which can be used automatically and generate branded and easy to identify URL.

In case if no action or updates are there, then you have to check out the core and you will find an easy means to re add the available menu item. Adding the code is quite easy and it would require you add the below given code in the website and even in the particular plugin file- add action ( ‘wp admin bar menu’ ‘admin bar shortlink menu’, 45)

The given code is the only thing that you need to do. So, for those users who really want this particular feature and that too without making any kind of modifications to the code, you could simply use the Renee Shortlink Item which is available in the Admin Bar. Just like the above given plugin file, the coding for the plugin is a one liner and is very much minimal. All you have to do is activate and afterwards just forget about it.

Another step is by changing the default option of the WordPress Admin Bar UI. The given WordPress has a build-in default admin option (top bar) that is filled with all kinds of features and shortcuts. Now the first step is simply changing the admin bar of the wordpress. It is quite easy for any individual to disable the admin bar of the WordPress but the only problem is that one would not be able to retrieve it back.

There are quite a lot of interactive and easy to use plugins of WordPress which would assist you in hiding the admin bar (default). So, by using this given plugin, you can take control of the given behavior of the given admin bar. In addition, there is the Admin bar button and this plugin will help to create and design a simple and basic button in order to replace the  default admin bar of the WordPress which is there in the front end.

While using the plugin, you can see that the height of the given page is entirely used by the given website. This can become handy when there are fixed headers involved. Now once the plugin is activated, then you can make changes to the button of the Admin Bar and it can be updated by making changes to the Setting page. An interesting aspect is that there is no user interaction required for this plugin. It is quite easy to install and to activate the given Admin bar button.

Just follow the given procedures and you can easily hide the admin bar of the WordPress. It is quite easy and there are difficult procedures involved.

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