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How to Hire the Right Google AdWords Ad Agency

It is hard enough to run a website properly and when it comes to running a PPC (pay per click) campaign, it starts to get rather overwhelming. While some webmasters find it perfectly easy to manage both at the same time, there are many people like me who find it rather difficult. You can always try to learn everything from the basics of how to manage a PPC campaign or you can take the easy road and hire a Google AdWords Ad Agency. There are a large number of agencies that do all the advertising related work for you, while you can simply focus on maintaining your website.

How to choose a Google AdWords Ad Agency?

Before you go out and hire the first agency that you can find on the Internet, here are a set of very important questions that you need to ask before hiring one-

How did the agency learn about AdWords?

You can find the answer to this question on the agency’s website or by talking to someone who works there. If someone learns using AdWords on their own, they are more likely to be careful about how to spend your money in comparison to a person who simply gets paid to do their job. This is because a person who has been in your situation has probably done a lot of mistakes in the past and has learned even more from them. So, hire someone who has learned it all by himself.

How big is the agency and what services do they offer?

Many agencies have a number of employees working under them while some agencies are just a group of two or three people working together. You are more likely to get the best service from a small agency as they tend to have less number of customers and hence will take better care of your needs. Another factor to consider is the kinds of services provided by the agency. Ask them if they offer SEO, designing or other services too. If the answer is a yes, you may want to stay away as the more services they provide, the more chances are that PPC is not one of their specialties.

How did you find out about the agency? Have they worked in your niche?

Among all the Google AdWords Ad Agency out there, it is often very hard to find one that can be trusted. It is best to hire one that has been recommended by a friend, a colleague or some other reliable source. Secondly, you need to make sure that they have worked within your website’s niche beforehand. If not, you are only going to waste your money by hiring an agency which has no experience about your niche. You need to hire an agency that is reliable and has a lot of experience.

Do they have a certified business?

Another way to find out whether an agency is trustworthy or worth the money they are asking is by finding out whether they have been certified by AdWords. It must also be a part of Google Partners program. While this is an important indicator of some experience on the part of the agency, this is not the only thing to look for. Getting a certificate from Google is not so difficult, it requires an agency to pass some tests and maintain an account of at least $10,000 worth of AdWords every single month. If an agency does not even have a certification, you need to move on right away.

Who will take care of your website? Which indicators will they use?

Assuming that there are more than two people involved in the agency you are in talks with, you need to ask them straight out of the person who will be working on your account. Once you know, do not be afraid to talk to them about the strategy they have in mind for your website and how many people will be involved. Also, ask them about the performance indicators that they use to access the response. The answers you are looking for are cost-per-actions, profit, conversions and not CTR (click-through rate) or the positioning of your advertisement.

How often will they be reporting to you and how are they going to do it?

Next question you need to ask is the frequency of sending a report. If an agency is serious and concerned about every customer, they will send you a report twice or at least once in a month. They may choose to do it personally, over the phone, through an email or through video chat. The report must have all the information you are going to need including all the metrics you asked for. The report must not be too technical for you to comprehend; instead, it must have the results in simple plain language that you can easily understand.

When can you expect to see the results?

Ask this question to the analyst responsible for your account and make sure that you understand his answer. If he claims that you will start seeing the results within a month, you can stay assured. But if the agency claims that it will take more than two months for the strategy to show its effects, you may want to find another agency. There’s no point in spending a fair amount of money every month when you are not even going to see any results for two whole months. It’s money down the drain.

These questions will help you a lot in finding the right agency that will take care of your PPC campaign and all the other stuff related to advertisements. If you are serious about expanding your business and if you ready to spend some real money in order to do this, you need to make sure that you are putting your money in the right hands. So, choose a Google AdWords Ad Agency very wisely.

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