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How to Import Post Ideas from CSV Spreadsheet in WordPress

Lot of the WordPress website owners constantly plan on their strategy of the content in documents like spreadsheet which contains titles as well ideas. Now this is quite common and best for larger organizations or for the ones who are constantly working with virtual assistants.

By proper planning, you could get the chance of having some decent post in the spreadsheet and even can add them manually (which could take a lot of time). Now, let us check on how you can post ideas from the CSV to the WordPress.

The first step that you need to do is to install the tool and then activate the Simple CSV Importer plugin. And upon activation, you simply need to go to the option called ‘Tools’ and then click on the ‘Import and click CSV’. Then the next screen, you would be needing to upload the CSV file which you need to import.

CSV-2-POST-Spreadsheet-Decorative-GraphicHowever, before you do so you would first need to format the given spreadsheet order to get the given spreadsheet imported. It is quite simple and the CSV importer would fetch and post the available information with regard to the columns in the given spreadsheet. So, it is important that the first row of the spreadsheet has to contain the names of the columns and it has to be recognized by the given plugin.

Basically, some of the common and the often used column names would contain the title of the post, content of the post, date of the post, type of the post, author of the post, status of the post, and the list goes on and on. It is not necessary for you to have all the given columns and even you won’t need to have all the columns in a given order or synchronization.  The given plugin has its own sample of ODT and CSV file which are present in the directory of the plugin and that too under the given sample folder.

It would be easy for you to open the given files in the MS Office, LibreOffice Calc, Google Docs, etc. Alternately you have the option of opening the given CSV files in any of the plain text and editor like Notepad. In such scenarios, the default post type would be simple post and the post status has to be converted into draft. But in case if you need to make any kind of changes, then you do need to make some changes to the post status which is defined and given in the column.

In most of the spreadsheet tool, it would allow one to save the given spreadsheet into the CSV format.

Now while saving or downloading the given spreadsheet as CSV, you need to make sure that the commas are used extensively to separate the columns and ensure that the text delimiter is put to the double quotes. Now once you have converted the given spreadsheet into the CSV, then you can easily import it into the given WordPress. After that you have to just return back to the given CSV importer and click on the option called the file button to do the uploading of the CSV file.
Another important plugin that you could use is the CSV Importer Plugin which is quite effective and highly advanced like the CSV file Importer. Not only it is user-friendly, but it has got a lot of new and extensive features making it easy for any person to import all the CSV files into the WordPress and convert the associated fields into a simple mapping feature. Once that is done, you would need to import any kind of the CSV files as pages, post, custom post types, and the list goes on and on.

The admin part of the free plugin would help one to do a lot of actions like bulk create, edit, importing of post type for the site and blog. The highlighting features of this tool are that it can easily help in completing the export features with various improved filters. In addition, you can import internal and external images into the given line for posting. Also, you can easily upload images which are related to each of the CSV.

Then there is the auto delimiter and the UTF-9 handling and then there is the all-in built SEO import tool which can be the best one to support. Also you can drag and drop the given import and define any kind of the post. In addition, you do have the option to control the status of the post like private, publish, draft, pending, protected and etc. Also, the tool is quite powerful and simple and has the best mapping feature.

To conclude, the given tool has the most improved and the best user interface which has the most useful and flexible plugin feature and even bootstrap of the UI design. So check out the extensive features and see the advantage of using the CSV spreadsheet.

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