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How to Improve Your Website With Simple A/B Testing

A/B testing has been one of the most popular tools for digital marketing, helping businesses find out the best online promotional and marketing strategies. Typically, a well-planned A/B testing could be helpful for making your marketing efforts profitable and successful, through a combination of the most effective elements of a promotion. It can be used in various situations, such as website copy, search ads as well as sales emails.

A/B testing gives the first impression as technical, but it is very easy to get started, even a newbie can get the hang of it quickly. Don’t believe it? Let us show you the magic.

Where Should You Start A/B Testing?

A/B testing is powerful. It lets you compare the effectiveness of two versions of a web page or marketing email to find out which comes with a better conversion rate.

Everything on your site can be tested, from the color of your Buy Now button to the length of your landing page. But for saving time and maximizing effectiveness purposes, you should learn to prioritize the items in accordance with how big difference they will make to your results.

Copy Length

Everyone believes that the length of text on your website has an impact on the conversion rate. But few people clearly know how much the impact comes to be until they have an A/B test on actual potential customers.


Headline usually gives the first impression about the article major idea. A compelling headline plays an important role in grabbing attention from the beginning. But how to find the most effective one from multiple options? Using an A/B testing is advisable.


Your call to action (CTA) is another influential element on your landing page. The position, color, and text are all main ingredients of a call to action that you need to test. For example, a button that appears below the fold instead of in the middle of the landing page could increase your conversion rate by 304%, according to A/B testing results.


Don’t forget images, last. They can convey important emotions, though it’s difficult to know in advance which image works while which falls flat with your audience. You can test various images before deciding the most suitable one, just the same as you did to the headlines.

How to Set Up An A/B Testing?

Depending on your skill level, you might be able to set up the test yourself. Before you do, make sure you have a good understanding of the changes you want to test and the tools you are going to use.

  1. Identify the business problem you are trying to solve.

Every test starts with the statement of the business problem you’re trying to solve. For example, you need more roofing leads. Then your A/B testing goal should be increasing visits so as to increase conversion rate or the number of conversions that you get for the same amount of visits to the website.

  1. Be careful about SEO issues with testing.

It’s understood that you’re reluctant to run an A/B testing campaign because of worry about getting penalized by Google. According to suggestions from experts, your search engine rankings won’t be knocked down by Google as long as you are full in carefulness in the process.

Do you know when will Google punish your website? Cloaking! It refers to the case that you show two different versions of content to Googlebot and humans, which is a big no-no at Google. So, to avoid that, if you have multiple URLs when doing the A/B testing, you’d better use the rel=”conical” link attribute in all except the original URL. Or, you can use a 302 redirect to tell Google that you’re testing or putting this in place temporarily but not permanent.

3.Track the results.

Although it is smart to keep the A/B testing as short as possible in case Google penalizes you, you also need to allow enough time to get a good sample. Two weeks is adequate for most small businesses, but you can adjust your campaign length on the basis of the number of site visitors. To track the results, you are strongly recommended to make use of a site analytic tool or Google Analytics. For example, if you’re hosting with a Plesk hosting plan, you can access to a detailed report on how your website is visited, including how many people visited your website in a given period and which webpages they viewed.

  1. Evaluate the results.

Now you’ve set the test up, you will want to allow the test to do its magic and begin collecting data from your visitors. You don’t need to check on your data every day, but you should check on it probably at least once a week. If you fail to find a clear variable winner after one week’s experiment, just be patient because test results can be sporadic.

A/B Testing Tools and Resources

There is a wide variety of A/B testing tool and resources available on the web. Here we assemble a list of the most popular A/B testing solutions to help you in your decision making process.

Google Optimize—A helpful and free A/B testing tool from Google that test and tailors different variations of your website to deliver a personalized experience. With the integration of Google Analytics, you can get access to rich behavioral insights.

AB Tasty—A reasonably priced and simple to use tool that serves as a good starting point for businesses just starting in conversion optimization.

Optimizely—An easy to use platform that lets you run and manage any number of A/B tests via a visual editor.

Visual Website Optimizer—A simple A/B testing tool that brings every conversion optimization program together, such as A/B testing and visitor research.

Adobe Target—An ideal A/B testing solution for testing one experience or thousands using the 1-click automation powered by Adobe Sensei to deliver profitable results faster and personalize at scale.

To make the most of A/B testing, you need to be patient and practice it again and again. And also, remember not biting off more than you can chew. Before you get familiar with significance of statistics to your website as well as your traffic patterns, keep starting with small tests.

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