How to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Site?

With the prosperity of e-commerce, more and more people begin their online business. However, it is not easy! A lot of issues are waiting for you on the way of success. To increase the web traffic is one of those. Are you still struggling for getting more visits to your site? Or you are just looking to improve the efforts of your SEO?

organic traffic picture 2Here is a way, experienced webmasters may know, that organic traffic is one of the best methods to catch more profitable visitors who are the most likely to turn into your customers. To increase organic traffic will take lots of time and efforts, but if you use the right strategy, tools, and executive, you can do it effectively and turn your site into a powerful SEO machine.

In below, we would like to introduce the definition of organic traffic and some useful tips we recommend to increase organic traffic to your site.

What Is Organic Traffic?

ORGANI-CTRAFFICAs people known, web traffic has a direct influence on the success of a website. Making sense of the types of traffic your site are receiving can help you make improvement to your  site, maximizing the visitors to your site. You can use paid Internet advertising and marketing to drive web traffic, while the most valuable traffic is not from those paid marketing, but from free links.

Organic traffic exactly comes from free links. To be more specific, organic traffic comes from unpaid links which go back to your site, including the unpaid links for your site pages in search engines, guides and directories. Among those, search engines are the major source for organic traffic. If a visitor inputs a word or a phrase in a search engine such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing and MSN, and then visits a link which goes to your site, which will bring the organic traffic to your site.

Tips for Increasing Organic Traffic to Your Site

Create Engaging Content

The first thing is that you need to identify the information which is missing from online content. Search for the content that is related to your business; then collect recurring and current trends which you have ever noticed in your marketing place. Based on the results, you should look for the information that your customers may want to know but do not come up in your searches. After that, you can find valuable information you really need when you are trying to increase organic traffic.

According to the research you have done before, you can create high-quality content to fill that gap to meet your customers’ needs. The high-quality content you write and post on your own site needs to be legitimate and original. Please remember that your content is designed for people, not for search engines, so you should focus on educational and funny content.

After creating amazing content, you should think about starting a company blog on your site. Install a blog platform, such as WordPress on your website, and learn to use and manage it carefully. On your company blog, you should post blogs regularly.

Note high-quality information, professional advice, as well as guest bloggers can drive more organic traffic to your site, for these kinds of content are easier to find on search engines. Besides, do not forget to create links to your guest bloggers’ websites.

In addition, wonderful images added in your posts can not only make your site more attractive, but also increase the times that your site arise in the image search results. If you add images in posts, you should include the text links with these images.

Incorporate Keywords in Content

The second tip we recommend to increase organic traffic is to incorporate keywords in content. Here are some methods to make it works. Please check the information as following:

Keywords are very important for organic traffic, if you can identify words or terms that your customers use to search the offerings you provide, you can utilize those keywords to bring new customers to your site. To identify relevant keywords, you need build a list of above 10 topics that your customers frequently use to look for your products, and then figure out the search terms to the 10 topics. These search terms are the keywords you need.

After you got the list of potential keywords, you have to run them via keyword search tools to verify that these keywords have a high search volume but low competition. Here are some major keyword search tools you should make full use of, including Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool, Google Trends, Bing Ads Intelligence, HubSpot Keywords, Wordtracker Free Basic Keyword Demand.

When you decide the keywords, the long-tail will be better than short or one- word. Currently, 1-word keywords are the most popular, meaning coming with a large number of competitions. Under these circumstances, you are difficult to get yourself to the top of search ranking. Therefore, it is better to focus on long-tail keywords.

After you decide the keywords, you need rewrite the existing content to include them, but do not stuff keyword intentionally. Search engine algorithms never prefer keywords than the content, so use them carefully and incorporate them naturally in content.

Besides, once you decide your keywords, you should use them at everywhere properly. Your image tags and descriptions, titles & page titles, as well as the URLs of your site are all the good places to incorporate your keywords. It will help to increase your site ranking.

Integrate with Social Media

Linking your site content and blog posts to your social media platforms and other blogs is another way to increase organic traffic. Here we will introduce several major social media as following:

The first is Facebook, who has business pages which customers can follow and visit even though they do not fan you. There pages allow you to instantly share news, videos, images, and messages with your customers around the world. Once they want to learn more about you and your offerings, they are likely to find you on Facebook and visit your site.

The second is Twitter. Twitter is the platform which is often used to sell industry information to people in the same marketing. It is a good place to inform your customers of pop-up stores, secret sales, and special events in real-time. Also, Twitter allows you to have a good communication with people and create a community to build brand loyalty.

Besides, there are Pinterest and Instagram. The two social media platforms are the special places to share images. So, you can use them to make your business visible. Sharing images with your site links will draw people’s attention and bring more organic traffic to your site.


SEO 2.1The last tip we want to share with our readers is SEO, namely, search engine optimization. A website’s backend includes applications, databases, and the server. To maintain a good website, you need a good backend developer who will deal with the information stored on your website for search engines to locate.

SEO tools can make sure that all of your posts can be optimized with your keywords and links before published. Besides, structured data should be included in your site, because it is a way to formatting the information at your site, so that search engines can understand, index, and improve it better, enhancing your content presented in the search results. Google Structured Data Markup Helper is a pretty tool that can help you in this aspect.

What’s more, schema, a type of microdata, can be coded on your site, making it easier for search engines to find. Even though it cannot help your site move to higher ranking, it can make your site more visible. Just like structured data markup, schema can also improve your content displayed on search pages.


To increase organic traffic to your site, the most important thing is to consistently use these tips. Different from paid traffic that can generate the traffic instantly but only last as long as you pay, fresh and diverse content, the integration with social media, and SEO can increase organic traffic to your site continuously.

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