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How To Integrate Facebook With WordPress

Adding Facebook posts from a page or group on a website running on WordPress based website can improve public engagement significantly. Here we will discuss various ways to add Facebook feed on WordPress website that also includes discussion about WordPress Facebook feed widget.

Why Create Facebook Feed on WordPress Site

Facebook is definitely the largest social media network compared to any other online network or platform. As a website / online business owner you might definitely have a Facebook page or at least a group that represents you business on this particular platform for more public engagement. However, Facebook page and your website are completely separate despite of theme representing the same business entity.

Posts made on Facebook are not [at least by default / without any plugin] are not visible on the website of the very same business. However, WordPress Facebook feed widget can be used for creating a custom Facebook feed on the WordPress based website. This feed would represent everything happening on your Facebook page or group directly on your website at your desired position and page! It will keep your audience or customers engaged on your various marketing channels. Moreover, your visitors will know the scope of your existence over internet.

This is not the only advantage of WordPress Facebook feed widget, since it will help you in targeting potential people as well. By using Facebook remarketing pixel, you can show your ads to people that are engaged you on Facebook. Let us check the method of adding custom Facebook feed in WordPress.

Creating / adding Facebook feed on WordPress

First of all, all you require to do is to install Custom Facebook feed plugin that is also famous as WordPress Facebook feed widget and install it. I am not going to describe the installation process since it is quite simple and very similar to the process of installing other WordPress plug-ins. Remember that you are required to activate pro versions of any such Facebook plugin since the free version would not allow you sharing photos from Facebook posts. To do so, pro version is required.

Once installation and activations is done, go to dashboard menu and click on Facebook feed. Then go to settings. Here you will configure the plugin you just installed. For that you will require unique FB ID of your Facebook group or page. It is generally included in your Facebook page or group URL. If your URL ends with your page name or group name then you can directly use it as ID as described below:


Here, your ID would be “abs” itself. Now considers your URL does not end with your Facebook page or group name and is something like:


In such case your ID would be 123456 instead of your Facebook page or group name. Sometimes this method does not work with group. There are many websites you can use to find your Facebook group / page ID.

Now that you have acquired the ID, the next thing you will do is to generate an access toke. Despite of this plugin working smooth without token access, it is recommended to generate one and integrate with plugin. Facebook developer’s website would help you to generate your access token easily. Creating it would bring a popup where you require entering any of your choice app name, your email address and category of the app. Once done, click on create app ID. The app would be created and you will be redirect to dashboard of the newly created app.

Once on the dashboard click on tools and support link generally found on top right corner of the dashboard. Here, you can see access token tool. Clicking on it would redirect you to a page with your access token already generated.

Copy the access token. Go to setting of WordPress Facebook feed widget and paste it there. On this page, you also need to choose if you want to display a group or a page from Facebook. There are other settings also such as number of posts, time zone, language settings, etc. Once tweaked, you can click on save changes. You are all set now!


Simple create a new post on your Facebook page or group or simply edit an existing one. To display it on the website, add following code on the Facebook post editor:


It would be displayed on your Facebook feed on the website you just created. This widget would fetch every latest post from your Facebook channel to website’s custom Facebook feed.

Showing multiple Facebook feeds

Despite this plugin allowing you to display only a single Facebook feed on WordPress based website since the settings page will allow you to insert ID of only single group or Facebook page. However, following shortcut can be used so that you can add another custom feed on the WordPress website.

[Custom-Facebook-feed id=wpbeginner]

It is certain that you are very well confused with parameters used in this short code. It is normal since there are whole a lot of different parameters to use in these short codes. Now that we cannot discuss all of them here, all we can suggest is to find a guide or online website that holds every parameter along with their description.

Customizing Appearance

WordPress Facebook feed widget fully allows to customize the appearance of the custom Facebook feed according to your choice so that it matches with the theme of your website properly and sets in good enough. To do so, click on Facebook feed on the dashboard and select customize page. Here you can find all the customization settings and options to tweak appearance of the feed.

Various tabs are there in customization section. Each tab is categorized and named according to the options it holds. Your will require to tweak options present in each section to get perfectly what you was expecting.

With this, the discussion comes to an end. Hopefully it served with all the information you required about WordPress Facebook feed widget was served here.

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