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How to Land Your First Sponsored Post

Nowadays, more and more people begin to blog for making money. Some people choose to add banner ads up to the content that readers are reading, which is not smart ways. I believe if you are a visitor reading some message you are just interested in, but suddenly a big banner ad jumps up blocking your content, you must feel suck.

Generally speaking, readers dislike intrusive advertisements, which is also the reason that sponsored content becomes a new preferred advertisement method. It will not only make readers feel comfortable, but also bring more benefits for bloggers and brands.

First, readers can enjoy valuable content without bothering by intrusive advertisements; second, you, bloggers, can make money for your efforts; third, the brands will be endorsed by bloggers, even the most popular bloggers, and target their audience.

With the boom of blogs and their growing influence, more and more brands like to pay top dollar to popular bloggers to be sponsored. However, as for bloggers, especially some newbies, it is hard to get start. They do not know who these brands, how to connect them, and how to get paid by blogging for those brands.

If you are one of them who are interested in benefiting from sponsored posts, you need follow this tutorial that can make it not so difficult. In below, we are going to teach you how to land your first sponsored blog step by step.

Step One – Clean Up Your Blog

Yes! To clean up your blog is the first thing you need to do and it is very important. It should be done even before you plan to pitch a brand, ensuring your blog is just up to snuff. That is to say, you blog have to say goodbye to personal hobbies, because starting sponsored posts is namely to make your blog turn to business for money.

Business should be serious, professional, and clear! If your blog website is messy, unprofessional, and confusing, I believe there is no brand that is willing to be associated with you. However, if your blog posts can make brands proud and be willing to talk positively, you absolutely should clean up your website, remove excessive sidebar widgets, and invest in a quality and professional theme for it.

What’s more, it will be better if you can employ a designer to create a logo or a developer to create a unique theme for you when you have enough budgets.

Step two – Build Your Audience

Why would we suggest you build your audience prior? The number of your audience is the base for you to seize the attention from brands. Moreover, when you get more audience, you get bigger chance to get the right audience that just these brands need, so that you will get the chance to work with them. That’s why we suggest that building audience is the second step of evolving sponsored post business.

You need to understand that brands must know their products are targeting typical groups exactly; there is a clear map in their mind and those typical groups are even connected with specific information like age, gender, interests, and location. This is the way brands do business, and you should learn this from them, because you need to target typical audience with blog posts.

Here are several suggestions for you to grow your right niche audience:

  • Set a specific reader persona for your blog posts
  • Create quality content to appeal to that typical reader persona
  • Promote on the right social media
  • Grow your email list

Step Three – Compile Your Stats

After you get audience, and before you begin to work with brands, there is still one step to go. You should understand who your audience is exactly and if they are the right audience your sponsors are targeting.

Google Analytics is a simple and useful tool for you make sense about your data on your monthly website traffic and the demographics of your audience. Via Google Analytics, you can view the detailed information including age, gender as well as country of your audience. You need also compile the stats on your social media platforms, which is valuable for you.

compile stats

Step Four – Set Your Pricing

pricingIt should be a tough step. How much should you charge a brand for one sponsored post? What are the criteria to set prices of sponsored posts? Some bloggers will set their prices by calculating hourly rate, but it is not the best way. If you go with that, meaning you must ignore the special value you offered.

You are a blogger first, and then you make money with your posts. It means you offer some special value to your sponsors, which is the chance for them to connect with their target audience directly, and receive endorsed by a person they trust. That is YOU! It is not a simple connection, but means tremendous value for them. Besides, your blog posts will be on your website for good, not just a moment.

Do you know? At the very minimum, an influencer charges $50-100 for one sponsored post, with the traffic on the low side. Also, there are bloggers making thousands of dollars by a single sponsored post. So, don’t be shy to ask for what you are worth! Your prices ultimately depend on you.

Here is a good rule: once a brand immediately accepts your offer, you should raise your prices for the next. If you are really good at that and they still like to partner with you but your rates are beyond their budgets, they will tell you.

Additionally, you can make a research about other blogs within your niche and digging out their prices. It will be a good start. You can start on the low side, but never be afraid to raise you rates when you have got many posts.

Step Five – Advertise Your Availability

After cleaning up website, compiling data and setting pricing, you should step to make you well-known among brands. There are 3 ways as following:

  • Create a media kit
  • Build an advertiser page on your blog
  • Join in a sponsorship site

Media Kits

Media kits are often the PDF files, designed nicely with diverse graphics, which can present an overview of your website as well as what you can offer to brands. They often include your name & photo, your blog website URL & summary, the statistics & demographics of the audience on your blog and social media, as well as your offerings & prices.

Advertising Page

You can create the “Advertise Here” page on your site with the information in your media kits. If you can, it will be better to include a contact form or a button of “buy now” at the bottom of this page, so that those interested brands can start easily and quickly on your blog.

Join in a Sponsorship Site

FameBit and Socialix are both the websites which creators or bloggers and brands can get connection. These are simple to use but they will take some fees for services. Also, using them to contact your brands means you are relinquishing the control over your brand relationships to these sites.

If you can develop a one-on-one brand relationship, rather than having to a deal with some intermediaries, you should keep it and work it as a long-term way.

Step Six – ASK

You do not know whether your favorite brand will work with you as a blog sponsorship until you ask! Really! You have the qualification to do the business, and you should be positive. However, to ask is not to send a pale email to it out of the blue; you would better start by developing a relationship with the brand. If you already have the relationship, it is even better.

Sending emails is ok, but remember to make it warm. Besides, in order to make the brand find out your purpose and capacity easily and quickly, you need make your email brief, clear and to the point.


As a blogger, why not make it more valuable? Once you have prepared your blog and created a media kit, starting sponsored posts will be a good idea to make money.

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