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How to Move Joomla To WordPress?

What To Know Before Move Joomla To WordPress?

While Joomla to WordPress transfer is very easy and methodical, users still need to be aware about certain facts. Knowing those facts prior the migration can help them to take a backup. Here are the considerations:

  1. You cannot expect to move your website at its entirety from Joomla to WordPress.
  2. Users can transfer the core components of the websites, like posts, articles and content.
  3. It will not help theme, plugins, modules transfer. WordPress does not encourage it and users migrating to WordPress will find tones of plug ins to complement their needs.
  4. The migration can get severed if the conversion does not occur in the same database server.
  5. This transfer is applicable when you are using the same hosting service – not a new one.
  6. WordPress has hundreds of automatic converter plugin for Joomla to WordPress conversion.

How To Migrate From Joomla To WordPress?

  1. Install WordPress on your website.
  2. After installing WordPress to your website log in to the dashboard, click on Plugins to Add New plugins. Search for ‘FG Joomla’ plugin, install it and activate it.
  3. After activating the plugin, on your dashboard click on Tools to Import the FG Joomla. It will ask for the Joomla database settings. Enter the URL to your Joomla database.
  4. Now click to test the connection. It will prompt you a success message if the connection test is ok.

5. After testing the connection it is time to import the Joomla database. Go to your FG Joomla plugin and select the content you want to import under the Behavior screen.

6. Now click on Importing content from Joomla to WordPress.

7. The plugin will show you progress with the importing and a yellow window will appear. The import will complete automatically and will show a message with the completion information.

8. That’s all, now look back to your website and refresh it. Your Joomla content will appear on your WordPress site.

9. This will take less than 10 minutes, for a novice web developer and if you have too many content, large files to transfer – you simply need to be patient.

Find Your Joomla Database

Just in case you do not know where your Joomla database is then here is how to find your Joomla database settings before the Joomla to WordPress migration steps:

I.            Click on the File Manager in Files section after login into the cPanel.

II.            Click on ‘Reset all interface settings’ at the bottom of your cPanel if a popup windows does not appear.

III.            In the pop up window in File Manager click on ‘Web Root’ to open it and click on Go.

IV.            Expand the menu with public_html and open the Joomla installation folder.

V.            Once the folder opens, right click on the configuration.php file with Code Edit

VI.            Copy the database settings and paste it back to step C in How To Migrate Your Website From Joomla To WordPress section of this tutorial.

VII.   That’s all.

Problems You May Face After Moving?

If you are lucky your internal links will work properly. If this does not happen, then you have to complete the migration by modifying the internal links. See the picture below, the plugin will prompt for broken internal links:

Alternative Ways to  Move Joomla To WordPress?

WordPress offers wider array of plugins, free and paid, that helps you to automate the Joomla to WordPress migration. A few of well known plugins are Joomla/Mambo To WordPress Migrator, CMS2CMS and Joomla to WordPress Migration plugin. Surely they will offer varying results – the plug in we referred in this tutorial FG Joomla is well known one and is expected to give you the most success with your Joomla to WordPress conversion.

Do it Manually?

Yes, you can manually convert your Joomla website with WordPress CMS – in which case you will have to manually transfer each component and code the entire transfer. This can surely sharpen your coding skills but will cost you time, efforts and errors.

Why Transfer From Joomla To WordPress?

Each CMS has its own uniqueness. WordPress has emerged as the most easy to use, quick, brilliant navigation based CMS solution that nearly millions of web developers, users, administrators are using it for long. In CMS market, WordPress is the largest share holder of user number. As such, if you prefer more handier tool over coding, scripting then surely WordPress will suit you more than Joomla. While Joomla is also pretty simpler and easier – it is not much in most of the users’ preference.

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