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How to Move Tumblr to WordPress

Tumblr is a great platform for those who want to keep their blogs short and sweet. It is well suited for micro-blogging. Considering the obvious limitations from Tumblr, it doesn’t take long to realize that there aren’t many things which can be done with this system. Many of the Tumblr users intend to move their blog to self-hosted WordPress sites for more flexibility. In this post, we shall discuss the step-by-step procedures to move your blog from Tumblr to WordPress.

Before you start

Before the migration process starts, we assume that you have setup the WordPress site already, which means you have a domain name and a server to host your WordPress site. There are many hosting companies which give the service. Notably, Bluehost is very reliable and is also officially recommended for hosting WordPress sites, but you could also use HostUCan web hosting search tool to find the best WordPress hosting for your blog. And the last thing needed for the process to start is access to your existing Tumblr account.

Moving content from Tumblr to WordPress

  • Installing Tumble Import Plugin– Assuming that you set up a  WordPress site, go to the admin dashboard. Click on Tools and then Import. Doing this will open the import screen. In this, choose Tumblr. This will basically install the Tumblr Importer plugin.
  • Creating Tumblr App for importing– After the plugin installation is finished, click the Activate plugin and Run Importer. Once you do so, you will be directed to Tumblr import page. To import to WordPress, one has to create app with the Tumblr API. This is quite easy to do. you just need to follow the guide on this import page to do this. From this page, you would also get the URL which will be used as the default callback in the subsequent steps.
  • Registering the application– Go to ‘Tumblr Applications’ page and click on “+Register Application” button. This brings you to the app registration page. The mandatory fields in this page are
    • Application Name– Preferably the new WordPress blog name
    • Application Website– This will have the URL of your WordPress blog site
    • Default Callback URL– This will what you have copied from the last step
    • Once you have completed the registration, Tumblr will show the “OAuth Consumer Key” and “Secret Key”. These keys should be copied and pasted in the Tumblr importer plugin in the WordPress site. Click “Connect” button. You shall be asked by Tumblr, if you would allow this plugin to read and write content to the Tumblr site.
    • After granting the access, you shall be redirected to WordPress’s importer plugin. This shall show a list of blogs in the Tumblr account. There would be an ‘Import this blog’ button side each of these blogs.
    • Once you have chosen the blogs to be importer will start moving content from Tumblr to WordPress. The time taken to complete the process depends on the content in the Tumblr blog. The importer tries to keep the type of content similar in both the platforms. For example, a ‘Text’ post in Tumblr is moved to the ‘Regular post’ in WordPress, ‘Photos’ in Tumblr to ‘Gallery’ in WordPress etc.

This completes the process of moving content from Tumblr to WordPress. The next step is a little bit more complicated and is also probably the most important one.

Redirecting Tumblr URLs to WordPress

There are two type cases which may arise from in this. First, if you are using your own domain, the process would be comparatively simple and short. However, if you are using tumblr.com domain, then we have some lifting to do. We look at two cases

Redirecting for Custom Domains

First step would be to install ‘Redirection Plugin’ in your WordPress website. Activate the plugin. Find ‘Tools’ and in it, ‘Redirection’.

This shall open a page where you would be asked Source URL and Target URL. In the source URL, enter .*/post/\d+/(.*)

And in the Target URL, /$1

Click on the ‘Add Redirection’ button and the redirection is complete. All the previous Tumblr URLs will be redirected to suitable WordPress URLs.

This completes the whole process if you were using custom domain. However, for redirecting from tumblr.com domain would take the next few steps.

Redirecting for tumblr.com domain

The process would require you to edit your Tumblr theme. To do this

  • Go to Tumblr Account Settings
  • Click on your Tumblr blog name and then to theme
  • In here, there would be an option to ‘Customize’
  • In this option, click on ‘Edit HTML’. Paste the following content in the ‘head’ element


Then paste the following in the ‘body’ element


This completes the process!

Hopefully, after reading the article you were able to migrate the contents of your Tumblr blog to WordPress as well as move redirect your old readers to the new blog.

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