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How to Prepare Your Site for Vacation

When you are running your business on a WordPress website, it is very convenient for you to manage it anywhere. However, there is also a problem most webmasters or online businesses want to solve – it is the time! When can you take break, or how to utilize your time when you want to have a rest?

This is not as easy as dropping everything behind and then returning after weeks. You’d better plan ahead, which can mitigate your problem when you are away, and make sure you can have a nice vacation.

In below, we are to talk about it and offer our suggestions to make sure you have a good holiday, while your site can keep running as normal as possible.

Importance to Prepare Your Website for Vacation

Firstly, we need to present how important it is to prepare your website for holiday. There is a survey made by small businesses in 2015, which is about the top topic of sacrificing vacations for running online business.

For online businesses, especially for those small businesses, they cannot just go away from their website to take a break for a week or even a longer vacation. It will leave many issues here, such as user engagement, business correspondence, or website security. Some of them even could damage their good reputation and credibility online, but the two are vital to their business development.

That’s why we suggest you make full preparation on site for your vacation so as to circumvent some issues that would happen when you are away. To help you have a nice holiday, we collect 5 effective tips here for you to prepare your WordPress site. Let’s start!

#1: Back Up Your Website

It requires you to make a full copy of your files, as well as store these copy data in case that you may need it in future. Actually, you need to back up your website regularly, which is important to keep your data security and find the lost data back. So, even you are on site, it is necessary to make the backups. It is not only because of your own site security, but also because of the trust of other less-experienced users who entrust you with critical online tasks.

To back up your whole website may be a complicate task, but there are many useful plugins which can help you finish it easier. UpdraftPlus is one of best WordPress backup plugins.

It can assist you back up, migrate, and even restore your site from WordPress dashboard. What’s more, UpdraftPlus basic version is free of charge, and comes with multiple storage choices, like Google Drive, Amazon S3, Rackspace cloud, and Dropbox. You can easily back up data via FTP access.

#2: Compose & Schedule Posts Within WordPress

Supposed that your website publish posts in a regular schedule, and you want your site to keep the regular schedule when you are away from it. To maintain the post schedule is good to help meet your readers’ expectations and good to increase the search engine ranking as well.

There is a situation that you do not have enough posts to schedule for your vacation, and then you need to find guest writers before. However, you should also consider that there may be some potential problems when you solicit guest posts. For example, their posts and styles may lack the consistency with yours, and the post editing time-consuming also needs to be considered.

Nevertheless, if you can take these post potential issues into consideration and have proper methods to adjust them, then your readers get quality content even though you are away from your site.

We have discussed the issue that your site does not have enough post drafts for vacation schedule, and now, we should get into the publishing them for your vacation. Firstly, you can make full use of quality plugins to schedule posts. For instance, CoSchedule that enables you to schedule your posts and offers you many other features as well.

Also, With WordPress, it is very simple to schedule your drafts from dashboard before you start your vacation. You can check out your post screen where there is a Publish meta editor for writers to schedule the post date.

Once you click on “Edit”, there will be the date options for you to customize. After entering the date you planed, you just click on “OK” button to take the published date effect.

#3: Keep to Autoshare Your Content on Social Media

Keeping new content published on your website is just one of the most common methods to maintain your engagement when you are having a holiday. To keep your activity on social media is another effective way for that, which can make sure your content be seen on social media even though you are not here. Sharing your content on social media also ensure you can reach your audiences regularly.

Don’t worry, it is easy to make when using proper plugins available outside like Buffer, CoSchedule, Jetpack’s Publicize, and Hootsuite. They all can help you to schedule your posts for diverse social media ahead of time.

Plus regular post schedule, autosharing your content on social media can minimize the manual tasks related to publishing posts, also, which means a more comfortable vacation for you!

#4: Block Comment Spam

When you are considering about your original content, you should take others’ like comments into consideration as well. For experienced users and webmasters, you must know comment spam, which is the unsolicited ads in comments. When you are away from your site, your site could be more possible to be attacked by it. When your site is dormant and lacks moderation, it will be more attractive for spammers targeting your site.

You, especially those who just require minimal user involvement, can install a proper plugin to get rid of those spammy comments. Askimet is a free but easy to use plugin which can check out your comments with a spam database, while filtering spammy comments for you.

WP SpamShield is another good option for the purpose. It is an almost fully automatic spam tool, delivering no false positive and not requiring any Captcha or any other mediatory method.

When you are getting rid of spammy comments, you can also increase the whole security of your site. There are useful plugins available such as Wordfence and iThemes Security, helping you prevent automated attacks as well as strengthen login security.

#5: Prepare Help Documentation

The last tip is to prepare some help documentation, which can provide some guidance for users and your helpers when you are not around to the site.

Within the documentation, you can provide the content formatting issues for authors, editing guidance, or advice about internal process like invoicing and email management. Of course, you should offer all aspects of your daily operations and tasks, so that the helpers you trust can easily fulfill your part for you. Basically, you need to make the documentation easy to access for them.

Actually, to create an internal documentation is easy by using right plugins. WP Help is just the one. With custom post type, it enables you to easily compose detailed as well as easy-to-access notes for all contributors of your site. Within WordPress admin screen, it is viewable. For fledgling website administrators, using this simple documentation plugin is an effective way to avoid those nuances of running your online business when you are not here.


For many web masters, to take a vacation is a hard decision to decide, while if you can follow our suggestions above, you can have a nice holiday really. The 5 tips are easy to learn and practice so you can easily make your site run as smoothly as you are here.

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