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How to Prevent Duplicate Post Title in WordPress

Are you aware that URL and post titles play a major role in search engine optimization? Basically, getting a duplicate post content or title can drastically affect the SEO performance of the website. In WordPress, duplicate contents are handled by adding serial or sequential numbers at the end of the URL. But such contents get published even though they are duplicate, still there is a need to avoid them.

Duplicate Content

duplicate-post-copy-pageFor years, duplicate contents have been a serious issue. Of course, it is a serious SEO problem and search engine like Google has handled it in an efficient way. The way Google is handling the issues for many years have dramatically evolved and it gets a bit complicated as each updates progress.

In addition, the Panda update makes it difficult for black SEO tactics. But before that lets check out what duplicate content means. A duplicate content exists when there are two or more pages which have the same content. Isn’t easy to understand? Yes! So, why does such a concept cause a great amount of difficulty? The one issue where most individuals make a great amount of mistake is that they often think a page is nothing but document or file which is there on the web server.

Now the Googlebot (i.e. the crawler) would recognize a page as a unique URL through the external or internal links. Basically, on a dynamic and large website, developing two URL which lands on similar content is quite easy.

Why Duplicate Content Matter?

As a SEO issue, duplicate contents have been there for quite a long time, even since the Panda update. It has taken a lot of forms even since the algorithm has changed. In the olden days when Google was at its peak as search engine (even now it is one of the commonly used search engines), website indexing was a huge computational challenge. So, in order to counter this challenge, these pages which were termed as duplicate or of low quality were simply stored in the supplemental index (which is a secondary index). Ultimately, such pages became second class citizens from the perspective of SEO and they ultimately lose the page ranking.

Preventing Duplicate Content in WorPress

duplicate-post-titlesAs we all know that the title of a post and the content plays a major part in the SEO and if the duplicate post does exist in your website, it will simply pull down your website ranking and Google will blacklist it. In WordPress, the default option to handle URL duplicity is by adding numbers towards the ending of the URL post.

However, the problem is that WordPress cannot alter them automatically and you have to modify or change the given duplicate post manually. So, let’s check out how to avoid repeated WordPress content.

Steps in Checking Duplicate Content in WordPress

Step – 1

In case if you are trying to go for a SEO friendly structure for your WordPress then you can get assured that the WordPress would automatically take the title of the post as URL slug. And in case of any kind of repeated title, the WordPress would easily try to find the difference in the title by simply adding numbers towards the last part of the URL.

For example, if the title of the first article is “How to create a good WordPress Article” and the second title of the article is “How to develop a good WordPress Article”. Here both the titles of the post have the same keyword and this is something which could easily confuse the search engine, especially while analyzing which page has to be ranked based on the available keywords common in the title.

Now in case you are having a distinct author site, then you could easily prevent this by modifying the title and deleting the numbers from the URL of the WordPress. But if you are having a multiple author WordPress site, then you perform this activity by yourself. Now the question is how one can prevent duplicate content and titles. One method you can utilize is installing and activating the Duplicate Title Validation tool.

This tool is quite easy to use and doesn’t need any kind of configuration. All you have to do is go to the post and click the “Add New” option and then you can view the given WordPress plugin getting into the action when you enter an already used title of the previous post for the new post. As soon as you type the title, the plugin will simply inform you that the title is already in use. This plugin will not only gives information about the duplicate post or the title but would prevent the author from publishing the duplicate content.

Step – 2

Another step to keep a track on duplicate post is through Google Webmaster tools. This Google Webmaster tool is a complete and easy to use tool kit for webmasters. It helps in keeping track of all the activities present in the site. In addition, you can check the duplicate descriptions and titles in the webmaster tool by simply going to the option called “Search Appearance” and click on the “HTML Improvements”.

Just follow the above two steps and see on how your WordPress contents become unique.

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