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How to Promote Your Facebook Page For Free?

Facebook has been grown up to a crucial source of web traffic on the internet, aside from Google. So, if you’re a business owner who is looking for ways to improve awareness and get business recognized in your local market, Facebook can’t miss from your marketing strategy. However, having a business Facebook page is just the same as the free falling in the empty forest, only a certain group of people know its beauty.

It is understood that getting Facebook business page likes and increasing the organic reach of your Facebook posts can be difficult and involves free as well as paid options. As far as we are concerned, you’d better exhaust all the free options you have before investing in Facebook Promoted Posts or Facebook Ads, if you’re just getting started.

Invite Your Friends to Like the Facebook Page

Clicking the “Suggest to Friends” link and manually select friends should be the most logical way to promote your Facebook page. What you need to keep in mind is, select your friends one by one rather than having it done at one time.

You should also know that there will be only a notification appearing on their dashboard saying, “[Your Name] suggests you become a Fan of [Your Page]”, without any other personal message attached, so your friends may not know that it is your page therefore choosing to click the “x” and dismiss it. To avoid that, you are recommended to let your friends know that you’re inviting them ahead of time.

In order to maximize the performance of the logical way, here are some tips for you:

  1. Be sure to the like the page yourself.
  2. Send a message to your friends and colleagues and invite them to like the page.
  3. Send an email blast to subscribers and encourage them to Like the page.
  4. Do a search on Facebook for your business and look for people in your area or networks who are interested in it.

You know what? You can even promote your Facebook page by including it in your e-mail signature. You are sure to be surprised the number of people clicking to your Facebook page from a link in your email signature.

Make Your Facebook Page Interactive

Consider creating an interactive and graphically appealing page if you want to get new likes.

Facebook’s Application Directory provides a wide variety of applications that can be helpful for making your page interactive. Just in simple clicks, you can successfully add an application to your page. If you know some web developers or designers, or you have experience there yourself, it would be easy to develop a Facebook application. The best part is, you are enabled to either personalize the application the way you want or put your brand on it. Then put an interactive application on your page to appeal to potential users, and give them reasons to continually visit and interact on your page.

Along with going interactive, your Facebook page should be more personalized and attractive. Firstly, upload a logo or photo for the page. Secondly, put an eye-catching cover photo and ensure the caption for it links to your website.

Take Advantage of Facebook Like Box

Facebook Like Box is an amazing social widget which allows you to embed and promote your Facebook page on your website easily, thus leading to a more social website. In the help of the Facebook Like Box, you can add Timeline Tab to show the most recent posts of your Facebook page timeline; add Events Tab to make visitors follow your page events and subscribe to events; and add Messages Tab to allow visitors to message your page directly from your website.

Provide Promotions and Facebook Contests

Consciously offering some useful promotions and Facebook contest is quite important to generate “shares” and “likes”. As a starter, you may wonder what kind of incentive or deal is interesting enough to visitors. Here are some useful practices to learn:

  • Giving customers special discounts for “likes” and “shares”;
  • Host a name drawing for products or services of your business;
  • Host an event that your fans would want to share and bring friends to.

Make Your Content Interesting and Helpful

When you decide to promote your website on the social media platform Facebook, you are required to make your pages be social enough. Facebook is not about selling products; instead, it’s about connecting with your audience. The most effective way to succeed in Facebook page promotion is offering interesting, relevant, useful and helpful content.

Value the Share Functionality

On the one hand, if you don’t want your customers to be tired of your business promotions, share them some updated popular products and services from other websites. There are many good information available to share, including news of new products and services, sales and promotions, and extended store hours. You should also pay attention to the services that were out of stock and which particular customers care much about. If you can take a picture of it when it comes in and tag the customers, you will be more welcomed by your customers.

On the other hand, share the customer feedback is a smart and effective way to open a dialogue or engage other customers while receiving an increased invisibility for your Facebook posts.

Leverage on Other Business and Influencers

One way to improve your brand recognition is leveraging the network power, especially some influencers in your industry. If  influencers or other businesses in your industry have links to your posts as a way of cross-promotional marketing, it can bring a multiplier effect for your Facebook page promotion.

Besides, you can also extend your network by following local news media and people with a big group of followers. And learn from these people via using the same starting tactics in an conversation for gaining access to their audience.

Making use of these suggestions will help you use Facebook to maximize advantage of your business. Instead of relying on one or two practices as in other campaigns, we would like to recommend you to put it all together to build and sustain an active community and promote your Facebook page successfully.

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