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How To Promote Your Website On Google+?

As a webmaster, you will want to generate as much traffic as possible to your website. Taking the help of SEO becomes the most commonly used approach to increasing the search engine visibility and ranking. More and more webmasters begin embracing social media platforms because they don’t need to shell out big bucks from their pocket. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are among the major social media platforms to help grow the search engine rankings of a website, alongside Google Plus creating lots of buzz in the market.

Google Plus is not the wittiest or flashiest social media platform out there, but it’s still too important to ignore due to its special relation to the all-powerful search engine—Google. You can benefit from the link juice to your website once you add a link to your Google Plus page. All the link juice you get will contribute to your increased online recognition.

Below are some useful tips for helping you drive traffic to your website using Google+.

You Need a Google+ Business Page

First and foremost, you need to set up a Google+ Business page if you haven’t already.

This is a little similar to making a Business Page on Facebook, you can customize your Google+ Business page by adding your business category, your location, uploading your profile image, and setting the tagline and introduction section.

Don’t mind making use of the large cover photos when setting up your page. Your image now can be as large as 1080*608 but the actual size that it is displayed at may vary quite a bit because Google+ uses a responsive layout to adjust for different-sized screens.

Get several tips and tricks for driving traffic to your website:

  • Add your website URL to your introduction section, along with an impressive call to action that explains why a person should visit it.
  • Include your website in your Links section.
  • Create a call to action to your website on your profile image.

Make Your Headlines Stand Out

There are plenty of basic formatting supported by Google+, which you can use to put your headline in bold and make it stand out.

It can be easy to be done simply by enclosing your headline text in asterisks to make it bold once saved when sharing your website post. Here are some formatting shortcuts you can follow to:



-strikethrough- = strikethrough

Share with Your Circles

Sharing your website posts with your circles is the easiest and most effective way to reach target people. You can segment Google+ users into different groups to suit your business needs, just the same as you do it with email lists.

Don’t worry about offending someone since no one would know what circle they are grouped in.

To promote your website posts, you should ensure that you have shared them with targeted audience. You should also regularly update your website post to connect with them.

Engage in Communities

Google+ Communities is a good idea to expand your reach and networking online.

Different from the Circles, Communities involves many groups online. Regard it as a huge marketplace for you to branch out or network with your customers. You can benefit from the same personal interaction as a trade show without worrying about financial burdens.

Given that there are various Google+ Communities out there, you’re sure to find ones that perfectly fit your business needs.

Make Use of Hashtags

Google+ Hashtags bears similar functions in Facebook in terms of helping reach your niche market on the site.

They are not only a good way of categorizing your updates, but also helpful for getting you found in searches on the site. Keep in mind of the following strategies and hashtags will bring you with success:

  • Add 1 to 3 tags in each website post update;
  • Include really detailed subjects in your tags;
  • Make tags to promote a campaign.

Avoid Posting the Entire Blog

Although there is no limitation on word account or characters when posting Google+ updates, you’d better not post your entire post on your Google+ page.

Long updates usually achieve the opposite effect, of lacking quick sharability, of increasing boring visibility, and of being unlikely interactive.

Apparently, posting the entire content onto Google+ can’t drive traffic to your website as you want it to.

Instead, giving teasers to your updates is recommended. You can pick 1 or 2 paragraphs off your website post to give a brief introduction to your subject and then connect with your followers as well as communities to create intrigue.

Host Google+ Hangouts

If you are looking to have more networking, you need to host a Google+ Hangout to create a closer connection within the social media platform.

The combination of your website posts with the Google+ Hangouts makes it easier to get more people reading your articles. As well, you can also organize a discussion on some topics of your website posts on weekly or monthly basis to keep user stickness. Note that the maximum of guests is set at 10, meaning that you only have up to 10 people to participate in your business communications.

Thereafter, you can share your Google+ Hangouts on other social media platforms, for instance, YouTube, to attract other more fans on these sites.

Include +1 Button

Most people tend to overlook the advantages of +1 button on their website posts, but it should have not been. Including a Google+ button increases the possibility for your readers to share your posts to their circles, their public feed, or even their communities.


It would be very glad if this article is helpful for demystifying Google+ social media platform a bit. I believe that Google+ can be a significant driver to bring huge traffic to your website as long as you have a well-organized business website and some quality, regularly updated content.

So, there is no way that you should miss harness the power of Google+ for promoting your business website.

Besides Google+, you may also want to know how to promote your website posts on Facebook as well, visit our How to Promote Your Facebook Page For Free? to find detailed practices.

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