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How to Properly Rename WordPress Categories

If your site has a good structure, then it is easier for the viewers to find content. To facilitate structuring, WordPress has the concept of categories and tags. As the volume of content increases in your site, then the need of changing the name of categories can come up. There might also be cases in which you would have to merge two or more categories. In this post, we shall discuss how to rename categories properly. By properly we mean that this shall not affect your SEO campaign and strategies.

The category management area of WordPress can be accessed by going to Posts> Categories in the admin area. Through this page you would be able to see all the categories which are there in your site, edit them, delete unwanted categories etc. Here, we shall deal only with the editing part of this page.

Editing a Category

There are two ways to edit

  • Quick Way
  • Thorough way

In the quick way, all you have to do is, click the Quick Edit button for a category and change its name (the name which will appear in the front end) and slug name (which will appear in the URLs). However, if you want to change or add description to a category, you would have to click Edit button and fill up the details. You can also merge and bulk edit your categories from here.

If you change the slug name of a category, the old URLs won’t work. You would have to manually change the links wherever necessary. Also there is also a need to setup proper redirection for search engines. You would have to find a tutorial on how to do so.

WordPress also allows its users to choose the /category/ prefix. This is called the category base. To change this, go to Settings> Permalinks and find optional. Here, you will find the form for changing category base.

Renaming categories is an essential strategy for SEO techniques, not to mention that it helps users to easily navigate through the site’s contents. Hopefully, following the steps in the post would have helped you in renaming the categories.

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