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How to Protect Your Business from a Bad Web Host

Everyone in the industry wants to get a reliable and cheap web host for her or his website and online business. It is because that if he or she can get the support from a reliable provider, his or her website can be optimized and keeps the best performance with the minimal downtimes. In contrast, if he or she trusts a bad web hosting provider, his or her website and even business could be damaged without good SEO optimization.

To be a successful business owner, you have to be aware that a good web hosting provider to others does not mean it is certainly good to your site and business; even the most prominent web hosting provider could grow into a dad provider one day!

So as for you who are developing business online, you need to protect your business from your web host! In below, you can follow us and learn from the several tips about this issue.

Experience a Web Hosting by Using Free or Cheap Trial

Standing on customers, all of us think web hosts should provide Web hosting providers should offer one-month free trial at least, and some web hosts are willing to offer much longer period for trial. It can not only show those web hosts are confident to their web hosting quality, but also present their sincere to customers, allowing them freely try their products within limited time.

As for free trial, it is that customers can use a web hosting and cancel it within the limited time but get their full paid hosting fees back, namely the full money back guarantee! For discounted trial, it is the pro-rated money back guarantee, meaning customers can experience the hosting service within limited time and cancel the account to request a refund of unused part.

For long-term full money back providers, we recommend InMotion Hosting (90 Days), SmarterASP.NET (60 Days), eHost (45 Days), and etc. Besides, there are some companies like Bluehost and A2Hosting, also offering the Anytime Money Back Guarantee.

hosting money back

Making full use of the trail period, you can experience their services by yourself and learn whether their hosting is good for you or it the host is good or not. Once you find out that it is not a good one, you can just cancel account and get you money full back or part of your fees back. Money back guarantees can show hosts’ quality and credibility. When you are choosing a web hosting, you can trust those who offer money back guarantees more than those who don’t.

Better to Register Primary Domain with another Registrar

We know that there are a lot of hosting providers who is so kind to offer a domain name registration free for charge within hosting packages. However, if you want to protect your business from any case, we suggest you register your primary domain with another party, even if you need to pay extra money above $10-$15.

Of course, you can use the free domain, but we think it is better to your secondary domain name, and the secondary site is for SEO experiments and hosting test. If that, when your need to switch, you will not lose untold working hours on the website that you have been driving traffic for.

Additionally, registering with another company makes much easier for you to switch to a new web host. It is common to see that the web hosting provider is not willing to release your domain effectively, when you plan to move. At that circumstance, you will sacrifice your time and chances for waiting.

So, if you already registered with your provider, you can also transfer it before you are going to switch! GoDaddy is so good that provides complete instructions to transfer your domain to its registrar service.

Use Safe and Appropriate Payment Methods

The things related to money are always sensitive. You can set up the automated payment with you web hosting provider. It is convenient but can lead you to nightmare when you plan to cancel hosting account. If you are working with an unscrupulous company, even if you have canceled you hosting account, it possibly continues to charge you via your credit cards or debit card.


Currently, there are 3 popular payment methods for buying web hosting package. Each one comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Credit card – some credit card companies provide extra protection to users’ sensitive information, but some banks not! So you may need to cancel the account to stop charging your credit cards. It depends on your credit card banks.
  • Debit card – although there are some unethical companies may charge your hosting account after canceling account or you need to pay extra fees to stop the payment, it is easier for you to replace! You can withdraw you money from debit account, charged by the provider, after have cancel accounts.
  • PayPal – for you, you can cancel the subscription from the user account panel easily; for PayPal itself, it comes with built-in feature protecting users from theft and frauds. Moreover, you can protect your card information from revealing.

Back Up Site Regularly

It is a key job for website owners. Along with the development of web hosting industry, the security is always one of the most important issues to discuss. Whether or not you website is hacked, you have to take security seriously, because any security problem may case data loss. If that, you need to work harder and take more time to recover.

Therefore, we think you should back up your website regularly, regardless of how great your web hosting performs. If you are using WordPress, you can find lots of cheap services and free plugins to assist you do backups automatically.

Besides, if you are using cPanel to manage your site, you can also use it to back up website by programming.

Setup Strong Passwords but Change Regularly

Never believe that your passwords are strong enough to block any attacks. Hackers are getting smarter. It is dangers that if there are some persons always challenging your strong until they are right! How to get rid of dangers via strong passwords?


Please follow the tips in below:

  • Code strong passwords that are difficult to guess. Code strong passwords that are difficult to guess. You can combine numbers, special symbols and letters with upper and lower case.
  • Please change your password regularly in case that password is hacked or stolen.
  • Use excellent anti-virus software and keep it always updates to the new version on your own computer. It is to protect your site from hackers stealing your passwords or getting the access to your own computer.

Understand Your Needs

When you consider what you need from hosting providers, it is better to thinking about this question standing on providers. Before you begin to choose a good web hosting provider, you need to learn each hosting type’s pros and cons. And then, you should look toward the future goals of your website.

For instance, you have to think of the type of hosting and upgrade issues. If you now only need a shared hosting, but 1 or 2 years later, you may need a VPS solution for growing, you have to take the upgrade feature into consideration when you select web hosting providers.


A good web hosting is of course a good platform for you to grow, but if you are somehow partnering with a bad web hosting provider, you also have to learn how to protect your business. The tips above are just part of effective guides. Besides, you can also pay attention to IPs choice avoiding blacklisted IPs and regularly track your web hosting uptime to learn the performance.

There are many choices of web hosts. Before you choose one, you can carefully compare their features and prices to find the best web host for your business. Even if you have made the decision, you can still open you hosting options for a better one.

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