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How to Sell Ads on Your WordPress Blog?

Do you plan to sell ads on your WordPress website or blog? It is one of the most common methods to monetize your blog or WordPress website. If you want to do so, then please follow us. In the following post, we will introduce you how to sell ads on your WordPress blog as well as show you different ad types’ options you can go with.

Before You Sell Ads on Your Blog

Once you made the decision about selling ads on your blog, then you firstly need to ensure you are running a right platform. We all know that there is WordPress.com as well as WordPress.org. Specifically, WordPress.com is a hosted WordPress blogging service while WordPress.org is a self-hosted WordPress platform.

If you are using WordPress.com, it will come with a built-in WordAds program which allows only third-party ads when sign up for its Business package. For WordPress.org, you are able to run ads on your site with freedom.

In below, we are to introduce the method of ads business on your WordPress blog, and if you are just running a WordPress blogging service, then you can come with us and learn what kind of ads you are allowed to sell on your blog.

Ad Types to Sell on Your WordPress Blog

For beginners, you may not know that you can sell different ads on site. According to your blog’s audience, topic as well as overall traffic, it is possible that one type of ads can work better than others. Also, you can try to combine different types of ads to make a highly effective monetization plan for your site/ blog. In below, we will talk three types of ads.

Type 1: Cost-Per-Click Ads (CPC)

The first ad type we want to talk is CPC ad which is for short for “Cost-Per-Click” ad. This type of ads is the most common one and these ads are found on most websites. If you sell ads based on per click, then you are the only person to get the paid as there is a user clicking on this ad.

It is that the type of ads can work effectively for both advertisers and publishers makes the ad type so popular and successful.

For advertisers, they can obtain traffic from this type of ads to their sites, and use the traffic to increase sales or generate leads. For publishers, they can get money from send traffic via these ads.

To make it easy, you can use some easy-to-use ad programs such as Google AdSense, which allow users to sell CPC ads on your WordPress blog easily. After signing up with this ad program, your blog will be available to enormous advertiser network of Google.

However, CPC ads have one downside. If your site or blog does not have high traffic or these ads are not placed at right places, then you can get a low click-through rate for them. Don’t worry, there are many webmasters have quickly overcome this problem in the means of optimizing ads on their site.

Type 2: Cost-Per-Thousand-Impressions Ads (CPM)

The second ad type is called CPM, namely “Cost-Per-Mille” or “Cost-Per-Thousand-Impression” ads. The type of ads is sold based on the number of times they are showed. That is to say, you can get paid for showing these ads on site, regardless whether they are clicked on or not.

Compared to CPC ads, CMP ads usually cannot generate as many revenues as CPC ads do, but this type of ads is an important source of income when you are running a high traffic site but not willing to display ads close to your website content.

For advertisers, they are very fond of purchasing CPM ads on sites with a good reputation among target audience.

Type 3: Flat Fee Ads

The third type of ads is flat fee ads, which allow you to sell advertising spots on your WordPress blog/site during a certain period. For this type of ads, you are able to price them according to your average traffic.

These ads can offer advertisers more impressions as well as clicks, while they allow publishers to learn exactly how much they get at the end of the certain ad period.

For advertisers, they often buy these ads on those websites having higher traffic and just matching their own target demographics as well. You can also sell this type of ads directly via your site’ “Advertising Page”. Or, you can make it easier by joining some programs such as DoubleClick by Google and BySellAds.

Type 4: Affiliate Ads

The final type of ads we want to talk is Affiliate ads. It is that you are able to send traffic to advertises’ sites and get paid once a user finishes an action like downloading software, making a purchases, or creating accounts.

Using affiliate programs will get a special URL with your own referral ID. It enables you to use the URL to make graphics, banners, or directly add links in your posts.

Selling affiliate ads can make you obtain money substantially higher than your CPC or CPM. So, you can try to sell affiliate ads by signing up for some affiliate programs of different services and products at first, and these products or services are those you plan to promote. Each service, product, as well as an affiliate program all have its unique commission rate, conditions and terms.

With ThirdtyAffiliates on your WordPress blog, it is easy for you to manage those affiliate links.

Set up Banner Ads on Your WordPress Blog

We have introduced 4 different ad types above, and you must have a general understanding about them and get a monetization plan working for you. Of course, it is not a must to make your decision of going with which type of ads.

Currently, the majority of webmaster utilizes different types of ads and prioritizes those ads according to their potential earning rates.

After you make the final decision of your monetization strategy, you can be ready to add the banner ads to your blog. For WordPress, there are some really excellent ad management tools that can help you a lot. And we strongly recommend AdSanity, which is a very beginner friendly one for WordPress sites. In below, we will use AdSantiy to show you how to add and set up your banner ads on site easily and quickly.

First, you need install and activate this plugin. Upon activation, you can just go to “AdSanity” >> “Create Ad” to make a new or first advertising.

You can use AdSanity to create different kinds of ads, such as local ads, self-hosted ads, and the ad codes that ad programs like Google AdSense offer.

If you are to create local ads, then you are able to upload a graphics and banner image. For third-party ads, you can move on and then type into ad codes.

You are able to make settings in Publish meta box to schedule a specific period for an ad or you can make it run forever. Once done, you need to click on “Update” to save your settings.

With AdSanity on site, you are able to display your ads anywhere you want by suing shortcodes and widgets. How to do that? Just visit “Appearance” >> “Widgets” page, and then drag and drop “AdSanity – single Ad” widget to your sidebar.

This is how to run ads on your WordPress blog, and choose one type of ads you want to have a try with AdSanity installed and activated on your blog. Follow our guide above, you can make some different. If you have more questions about WordPress website, please check out our WordPress Tutorial.

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  1. I’m planning to start a blog to develop my business, and your post gives me a new entrance to make money from selling ads on my new blog. It is inspiring And I really hope you can push more guides about monetizing blogs. By the way, if you give more options about ad management plugin, it will be better. Anyway, thanks for sharing the idea on site.

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