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How to Setup CloudFlare Free CDN in WordPress

For a search engine, getting a web related page loaded is important. There are various methods used. Some of them are Server Optimized images, WordPress cache plugin etc. Use of these methods with use of network for delivery content is one of the best ways to increase the speed of the website. It is official that Google has declared that if the webpage that gets loaded is quicker, then the ranking of your search engine could become better.

The most popular of the CDN found available free is CloudFlare.

CloudFlare and its availability in free module

wordpress-cloudflareOne of the Content Delivery Network or CDN modules Cloudflare is found in various parts of the globe as it is one of the most famous content of the websites available. Webpages that is accessed is done by a request from a server that is near the machine that gives request. Other than making the content cache, it also does optimize the various sections of the webpages by reducing Javascript and giving an extra security by challenging the ones who attack and also filter traffic that is not in use. This is to be done before the request given reaches to the server.

All these advantages could reduce the load of the server slowly and eventually the performance of the server increases. Also it could form as a cache for your webpage especially when the webpage goes to the stage of offline that is used for maintenance purpose. The most interesting part is use of Cloudfare is very much available free.

Having CloudFlare setup from cPanel free

Some of the companies who are involved in web hosting such as Bluehost, HostGator have made in their panel Cloudfare. This can be setup within a click. You could check if your hosting company of your web does provide installation process of Cloudfare automatically, you could login to the dashboard and check for settings advanced for Cloudfare. If automatic updates are not being done, then you can setup flare of cloud on manual base. However, you could find a list of  best WordPress hosting supporting CloudFlare natively from here.

The below mentioned two processes does give information on installation of Cloudfare and the steps involved.

Setting up of CloudFlare through hosting of cPanel automatically

  • First you need to click on the icon that is available below the tab advanced. You would be prompted to name the domain where setup of Cloudfare is to be done.
  • On selecting the domain, you need to click on icon that appears in grey in color to switch it on or if you wish to switch it off, click on same icon that appears in orange color.
  • Now the host available would setup protection for Cloudfare that is basic and DNS would be updated for yourself. You could set CloudFlare automatically.

Suppose installation for CloudFlare is not given by the company that does web hosting, you can use features that are advanced in CloudFlare.

Characteristics of CloudFlare

How-To-Setup-CloudFlare-CDN-For-A-WordPress-BlogSome of the terminologies and characteristics available could give the best from the use of CloudFlare.

  • Use of applications – Various ranges of applications that are available freely or at premium rate can make to utilize the apt use of Cloudfare. Some of the applications are Smart Errors that consist of pages that are suggested by reducing the rate of bounces. Another application is the User Voice that helps to receive suggestions and feedback from the visitors of the website. You can also give free coupons to people who visit the website by making them use application known as Punchapp. Some of the applications are installed by switching the on / off button.
  • Use of analytics – You could view detail analysis of the website. These include number of pages crawled, views of the pages, bandwith that is saved by the use of CloudFlare and other features.
  • Threats regulation – The regulation does give you list such as Black List and White List, ranges of the IP or that prevents from continuous attacks on the website. You could also list IP that either fail or get challenged. You can even use option to block.
  • Stage of development – This is important especially when website undergoes changes and you wish to switch off the cache of Cloudfare temporarily. By following this step, you could make changes to Javascript, Images and contents that are cacheable. You could turn off development that lasts for 3 hours if you wish to.
  • Loader for Rocket – This feature is provided for users who have advanced settings. You could reduce the time for loading very much by using Javascript loading. It is said that loader for rocket for Cloudfare could interfere with Adsense. You could keep the loaded feature of the rocket off and you can recommend to others too.


The best part of using CloudFlare has been that you could improve the performance of the web by a great degree.

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