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How to Transfer Website to Another Web Host Smoothly

So you want to move, sounds like a headache, but when the time is up you have to move on, sometimes, you need to shift your website to another web host, especially if you’re not satisfied with your web hosting services. Let’s examine the things you need to do before making that move to another we host.

1. Prepare for Transfer,  find a good web host that suits your hosting needs. The new web hosting solution should provide you with everything required to support your site, which include programming language, database, SSL, eMail, and more.

2. Backup everything on your website. This step is critical. If you fail to move the site, you still have an opportunity to rollback to your old server. You can pick the exact file of your web site and also export the database, you could also choose to backup everything in your server. To be safe, we recommend you do the both.

3. Transfer Domain.  In this step, what you need to is to update DNS server of your domain. You need to follow up with your domain registrar to see where to update. However, if you register domain from your previous web hosts, you might need to work with them again. If you are not happy with their service, you might need to add another step to transfer it to another domain registrar.

4. Make sure to Setup and test everything before the actual move, keep existing services on your old domain name such as email forwarding, web pointing and website hosting until the transfer is complete to ensure that you still maintain contact with your customers and prospects.  Once everything is in place, you should be able to start receiving emails from your new server and see your web site from your new account.   After a few days and you are confident in everything works as expect, you can close the old account without fear of losing data.  Ask your previous web host to cancel your account.

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