how to upload pdf files to your WordPress site

How to Upload PDF Files to Your WordPress Site

Working on WordPress has always been easy and so the uploading of PDF files to your WordPress website. Here is a tutorial on how to upload pdf files to your WordPress site. With this tutorial you would be able to upload the PDF files which could be easily downloaded by the users. PDF files are faster to download and can be easily printed.

This tutorial is easy and shows you to upload pdf files without a plugin

  • To begin with you would have to edit the page or post where the PDF file would be uploaded. Click on the ‘Add Media’ button in the editing page of the related post.
  • You will see a WordPress media uploader on your screen. Using the ‘Select Files’ button pick the PDF file that is required to be uploaded. You can also drag and drop the files that you wish to upload. You will see a processing bar which will show the uploading process. Once WordPress uploads the PDF file a preview of thumbnail of your uploaded PDF file will be seen. Towards the right you will see a section where you be given an option to give a caption, title and description of the uploaded PDF file. You will also get an option with URL to the PDF along with a red link that will delete the file from the Media library.
  • In the next step of how to upload pdf files to your WordPress site is to click on ‘Insert into post’ button so you can add the PDF to the desired post.
  • Once this is done the media uploader will vanish from your screen. The PDF file download link will be visible in the post editor. You can proceed with the editing of post before you publish it.

how to upload pdf files to your WordPress site

This Tutorial Lets You Upload a PDF File in WordPress Using a Plugin

  • The other way to upload pdf files to your WordPress site is by using a plugin.
  • For the first step plugin called ‘Google Doc Embedder’ needs to be installed and activated. Once the activation is done you need to go to Settings and GDE Settings to have the plugin configured.
  • The height, language and width of the embedder can be determined in this section. Although the default settings work for most sites it can be changed according to your choice.
  • Go to the page or post where the PDF file needs to be embedded. Click on the ‘Add Media’ and then upload the PDF file. Once you have uploaded copy the file URL. The media uploader window should be closed without the file being inserted in the post.
  • In the WordPress post editor click on Google Docs Embedder icon. On the screen that comes up the PDF file URL which had been copied should be pasted and then the Insert button should be clicked.
  • On the WordPress post editor a shortcode will be included. You can now further edit the post or go ahead with the publishing. You can go to the website and check the post for embedded PDF file.
  • The Google Doc Embedder can also be used to upload and embed other documents in the WordPress website. There are many other plugins that can be used instead of ‘Google Doc Embedder’. You can either look them up in Google or in the WordPress site. Based on their reviews and number of downloads you can select one for your use.

Linking a PDF File in WordPress

Now that you know how to upload pdf files to your WordPress site the next step is to link the PDF file in WordPress.

  • Once the PDF has been uploaded to the WordPress website you would need to insert it in the pages according to the requirement.
  • Towards the left in menu click on the Pages section. To create a new page, use the Add New Link or simply use the existing one to add the PDF. Drag your cursor where you would want the PDF and click Add Media button. Once done you will see a screen where you need to click and select the files from the Media library that you wish to link. As you select the file a blue check will also appear along with it. You can choose to add many files at one go.
  • The details of the attachment can be seen towards the right where you can also edit any details if required. The details that you put on the Title field which is linked to the PDF will be displayed on the website.
  • Check the Attachment Display Settings at the bottom if the PDF is required to be linked directly to the PDF with the Media File setting is selected. On a second note if you wish to link it to the Attachment page and the PDF can be viewed when it is clicked.
  • When you see the required setting are right according to you then check the blue ‘Insert to Page’ box towards the corner right at the bottom.
  • The link will be seen below as the title of the PDF. It will be underlined and will refer to the uploaded file.
  • In order to save all these settings click on the blue Update button and then view the page. To check if the PDF link is working click and confirm.

Now that you know how to upload pdf files to your WordPress site you can easily upload all the PDF files for your users to view and even take print. If you want the users to download the PDF document instead of simply viewing it in the browser an additional line can be mentioned below the PDF, asking them to right-click and select ‘Save link as’ so they can download the file. This option to download files in this way is available in all types of browsers.

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