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How to Use Black Hat Techniques Ethically

Description– Though black hat SEO is not considered the right way to survive in the online market but certain tricks can be used to use these techniques ethically and the steps are discuss here.

Black hat SEO is generally used by people who want to get a faster financial return from their websites rather than using a long-term investment. Though using this technique can sometimes result in getting the site banned from search engines, certain black hat SEO tricks can be used to use it ethically.

Generally the people who use black hat SEO for a quick high return from the business models, they consider the risk of being banned as irrelevant. This is also known as spamdexing or unethical SEO. This is considered to be part of the digital marketing and can be used to yield positive results. This can work against the search engine guidelines and help in boosting the page rankings. Methods such as keyword stuffing, cloaking, tiny links, automatically generated content, mirror sites, etc. are generally being used. These can also be used ethically without being penalized.

Some Black Hat SEO Tricks That Can Be Used Ethicallyseo-2

Doorway, Portal Pages and Gateway:

These are pages that will capture a variety of queries that are geographic-based from certain template-like pages or even scraped content. Effectively used pages could be also called as landing pages but the difference is that doorway pages are worthless but landing pages are streamlined to the enough of their own. The common feature will be the highly optimized organic traffic. So the doorway pages can be optimized so that it will not be skipped hence making it a landing page so that users can be converted there.


When one page is delivered to the search engine that is based on bot IP addresses and a different page is delivered to humans then that is called clocking. The Flash animations can be hidden from Google so that only the text version will be shown that is optimized for finding and accessibility.

Keyword Stuffing:

Artificially increasing the frequency of certain phrases so that it can mess with the search engine’s algorithm so that the page will receive a ranking higher than it actually deserves is called keyword stuffing. User-generated tagging or folksonomy can be used to make this ethical. This also includes social indexing and social classification. This will be able to create a web of metadata that is more acceptable and readable by the search engines so that the precision and relevance of the content within the pages can be improved.

Multiple Subdomains:seo-3

This is one of the black hat SEO tricks. Using multiple subdomains in the place of one domain might serve as an ethical purpose. Certain sites like and create multiple subdomains instead of one by UGC so that they can rank many times for the same question.

Usage of Deceptive Headlines:

Like the tabloids, SEO can also use these headlines as ethical cases. A single post can be listed with 24 items and declared more times.

Hidden Text or Small Links:

Links that have CSS to match with the surrounding texts, texts that are same color as the background and small, hard-to-read texts are considered to be unethical. It will hide the information from the user leading to bad user experience. jQuery effects for FAQs, navigation alterations, CSS pagination and tab navigation to filter out key information can be done to make it ethical. These tools will be able to hide certain portions of the text and display them when clicked or mouse over for the usability purpose. Certain E-commerce sites can get value from the tab-based product navigation that could also include other features like specifications, product information and reviews.

Page Jacking:

This is commonly referred to as content theft. The pages from legitimate sites are copied onto a website that is illegitimate in order to trick visitors to the illegitimate site looking for what they want. In this way the traffic from legitimate sites are taken. The license guidelines can be followed so the copyright holder will be notified and work that has creative license can be published. Aggregation can be used to refer the section that is upcoming of the duplicate content so value can be added to the existing content.

Copied Content:

The content that is reposted or copied on other sites and has no added value in the form of media or commentary is considered to be unethical. This can be repurposed using different methods. A video or audio recording can be added to the content so users will be able to find it. If someone from another site gives the right to use the content, then value can be added to the reposted content in the form of commentary, different perspective or media. The topics can be freshened up by adding new experiences, methods and insights. A new link to the old one can be created with the updates. The same tweet can be used at a different time of the day with an update.

Map Spam:seo-4

Sometimes users use many fake addresses all over the place so that it will appear of the Google Maps. Instead of that an affiliate network with real small businesses like shops and offices can be created for small amounts and that can be used.

Brand Jacking:

Using fake user comments, blogs, affiliated marketing that is disguised as the original brand and deceptive title tags is considered to be brand jacking. This will create meta descriptions that will deceive the users about who actually represents the brand. It might not be completely ethical but it is in the search engine guidelines and it will ensure better branded search traffic. A justified negative review can be written for a competitor so that the company can be ranked in the Google search engine for such traffic. Customers will be able to voice their view on the argument and the review will have an authority of truth.

Click Fraud:

Google has automated the check for click fraud as the trick is to repeatedly visit the site for higher ranking. Competitor sites can be analyzed to see how the landing page is different from the page that you want to rank. The content can be checked manually so that the particular landing page can be refined.seo-5

There are many more such black hat SEO tricks that can be used so that black hat SEO can be done ethically but the repercussions should always be considered as it could cause serious damages to the site.

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