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How To Use Email with Domain that is Hosted Elsewhere?

Description: You are able to send and receive emails on the internet with the help of mail servers. These servers take the help of the MX records to ensure that the emails are sent to the right email provider. We have a few important things that you have to do to make sure that you can use your email account without interruption if your domain is hosted elsewhere.

How To Use Email with Domain that is Hosted Elsewhere?19-1

When you wish to use emails from a particular company but your domain name is hosted through a different company, then you must make sure that your MX records are updated correctly so that you receive emails without any problems. Since many of us feel more comfortable using a specific email hosting provider, it is important to follow the steps and update the MX records. If this is not done and the MX records do not point to the email provider then you will not be able to receive any e-mails at all. You will find the MX records in the DNS zone file. The MX records are responsible for sending mail messages that are sent to your domain, to your email provider.

So for uninterrupted use of your email account, you must check the MX records so that your emails can be sent a received easily. Follow these steps to find your MX records.

  • Login to your account on our website by following this link ————.
  • Click on Workspace Email
  • Now click on Manage which is next to the account that you would like to find the MX records
  • Go to the Tools menu and then click on Server Settings

Under the server settings to will find the MX records you need.

Once you know your MX records, you will have to take the necessary steps to update the DNS so that you can use your email with a domain that is hosted elsewhere. Depending on your hosting company, the steps to change the settings may vary.


If your domain is registered with Wix and your email hosing provider is someone else, then follow these steps to update your MX records:

  • Login to your account on Wix
  • Click on Subscriptions and then look for Domains. Click on My Domains to proceed.
  • Click on Advanced and then look for Edit DNS.
  • Click on Edit DNS
  • Then under DNS records, you must add the MX records from your workspace account which you had obtained earlier.
  • Click on Save DNS

Once you update the MX records, it takes approximately 48 hours for the records to be updated and your email to be fully functional. If you are unable to complete these steps or if you need more information on this then you must contact Wix customer support for help.


For users who have their domain registered on HostGator, they must update their MX records by following these steps:

  • Login to the HostGatorcPanel
  • Go down to the Mail section of your account
  • Look for MX Entry and click on it
  • Now you will notice a section that says Change MX Entry.
  • Select your domain and enter the MX records details from your Workspace account
  • Once you have done this, click on Change to update the records.

Wait for 48 hours before you begin sending and receiving emails. For further help, contact HostGator if you are not able to proceed from any of these steps.


Users with their domain registered on eNom must follow these steps to update the MX Records properly so that their email account with their current email hosting provider works effectively.

  • The first step is to login to the eNom account
  • Then click on Domains and then choose My Domains
  • If you are using more than one domain names, then click on the domain name for which you want to update the MX records
  • Now click on Manage domain and you will find an option that says Email Settings. Click on it.
  • In the email settings, you must choose the Service Selection as User(MX)
  • Here you can enter your MX records details and click on Save to save the details.

Within 48 hours, the details will be updated and you will be able to use your email account without any problems. If you find yourself stuck on any of these steps, then contact eNom customer support so that they can guide you.

Hover (Tucows)

To update your MX records on your Hover account, follow these steps:

  • Make sure you are logged in to the Hover account
  • Now choose the domain that you would like to edit. If you have a single domain then you will notice just one, but if you have multiple domains then make sure you select the right one.
  • Click on the DNS tab
  • Now select Add New
  • You will be asked to select the Record Type. Here you must select the Record Type as MX.
  • Enter the MX records details that you have and click on Save.

Once you save the details, it can take around 48 hours to be updated and then you can begin using your email account as usual. If you are unable to complete these steps then contact Hover customer support for further assistance.

Network Solutions19-4

Users who have registered their domain with Network Solutions can follow these steps to update their MX records:

  • Login to the Network Solutions account
  • Click on Manage Account and then look for My Domain Names. Click on it.
  • Look for Edit Advanced DNS records and click on it.
  • Go down to Mail Servers (MX Records)
  • Click on Edit MX Records and enter the details that you have from your workspace account
  • Click on Continue to update the MX records

Once it is updated, you should soon be able to send and receive emails as usual. You can contact Network Solutions for further helps if you are unable to proceed with any of the steps.

Contact Your Email Hosting Provider For Help19-5

Follow these steps to update the MX records so that you can smoothly send and receive emails through your email provider without having to worry about the domain with which you are registered. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully and if you find it difficult then it is best to contact the email hosting provider so that they can help you further.

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