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How to Use Facebook for Business Marketing

Facebook is a powerful medium for reaching out to a huge population of consumers who may be interested in your products or services. Facebook marketing for small businesses has allowed a number of brands to grow in size and accumulate a larger audience. And just like every popular platform used by businesses, Facebook is crowded with brands and entrepreneurs. So the main challenge is not just in creating a page for your brand on Facebook, but in ensuring that you are able to make an impact through your posts when your users scroll through their news feed.

Know Your Audience

Begin with a thorough insight of your audience. Knowing the people you target is the best way to begin your brand’s marketing journey on a social platform that gathers humongous amounts of data regarding its users. While Puma primarily targets sports and fitness enthusiasts knowing its niche lies in sporting goods, International NGO, Greenpeace targets environmentalists around the world. While Puma uses words that the younger generation usually associates themselves with, Greenpeace’s posts are on a more somber tone. It only shows that they know their audience well. Put your Facebook page together keeping your audience in mind. Your marketing strategies will be more fruitful this way.

Take Time to Create Your Profile

It is not too difficult for a brand to put together a profile. But if you genuinely took time out to ensure that your profile was created to attract customers then the chances of you getting a conversion through Facebook is higher. Coca Cola is not the only company that uses its logo as its profile picture. If you want your audience to recognize you then do the same and update your cover photo to resonate the latest campaigns that you run to gain new customers.

Keep Your Page Updated At All Times

Visit popular business pages on Facebook and you will notice that all of them make sure that their page is up to date. Consumers appreciate brands who are making an effort to bring the latest products and services to their customers. This includes posting regularly to engage effectively with the users. Potential customers often judge a brand of Facebook by the activity on its page. Does your Facebook page look compelling enough for your visitors? They may not like a page if the last time you posted something was 3 months ago or if your cover photo is about a summer sale that ended almost a month ago.

Engage Your Customers with Relevant Content

Social media is meant to be engaging. People come here to engage with friends, families and the brands they can connect with. Create campaigns or post about giveaways that will motivate your customers to connect with you. Every now and then, take the chance to interact with your consumers. This will liven up your page and it will also increase your chances of gaining a larger audience. Customer engagement is closely linked with relevant content. Make sure that the content you post is related to your brand and add noticeable click to calls to direct traffic to your website. After all, your Facebook audience will increase your ROI only if they were converted. Customer engagement relevant can be one of your most effective ways of Facebook marketing for small business.

Integrate Other Social Media Platforms

A successful brand usually uses more than one social media platform to promote its products and services. After all you would want to attract as many people as you can through different modes of advertisement. Post links for your LinkedIn articles or add your Twitter handle to your Facebook account to increase your brand awareness among your consumers. When you are using other platforms, remember to add a link of your Facebook page on them too. Share your Instagram pics on Facebook to let your consumers know that you are on Instagram too. This will help your users find you on other social media platforms and through them you will be able to reach out to more people.

Determine the Frequency of Your Posts Judiciously

We are not going to fixate ourselves on a certain number when it comes to Facebook posts but all of us know that too little or too much can be unwanted. Give your consumers a good dose of your brand but don’t conquer their news feed with your posts and don’t fade away by limiting your posts too much. Pick a genuine frequency for your posts and use a scheduler to schedule your posts so that they are posted at strategic intervals.

And while we are discussing the frequency of posts, remember to time your posts effectively too. Target peak hours when the maximum number of your users are on Facebook when you are scheduling posts. This will help you increase customer engagement. Scheduling posts and determining frequencies can often be left to the Facebook tools. Which brings us to our next tip.

Use Facebook Marketing Tools Effectively

Tools like Page Insights can give you a close look into what your customers expect from you. Measure the impact that your page is having on your customers. Find out if they are engaging with your brand adequately or not. For those who run Facebook ads, check the Adverts Manager to find out if your advertisements are achieving their objective or not. When it comes to Facebook marketing for small business, the amount of time and money spent becomes very important because smaller businesses have to be careful with the funds they allocate towards advertisement. Using marketing tools to understand their audience before creating advertisements is the best way to ascertain a better ROI.


Bring your business to a platform where you will be able to gain the attention of a huge audience. Using these marketing tips you will be able to help your business grow and achieve new milestones. And if you think that social media can be too time-consuming for you to monitor then invest in a resourceful organization that will be able to manage your social media pages insightfully.

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