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How to Use FOMO to Increase Conversions for Your WordPress Website?

Have you ever heard of FOMO? It is actually the abbreviation of “fear of missing out”, which is a marketing skill using a psychological principle to make anticipation for your services or products. Do you want to use FOMO to increase your WordPress website’s conversions? In the tutorial below, we are to teach how to add FOMO to your site in place and use it to increase conversions.

Why You Need FOMO?

FOMO describes the anxiety and fear of missing out on current trends or some exciting things. For you who are running websites, you can decide your marketing strategy by taking make full use of the human behavior to boost your conversions.

In fact, people have already used the marketing technique to serve their business before the internet arrived. At present, it is more much easier than ever before to use FOMO more effectively.

For instance, if you are managing an online shop, then you can make the anticipation about special offers within limited time and upcoming sales, or add social proof to lading pages based on the FOMO. Also, you can utilize it to create email list, boost downloads for your services, perform affiliate marketing campaign, and so on. FOMO is very useful to your online business!

In below, we will introduce you two different techniques to add FOMO on your site easily. Let’s start!

1. Add FOMO with Social Proof via Proven

The first way to use FOMO for your site is to add social proof to your WordPress site, which can help you obtain users’ trust immediately in the means of showing other users have been already purchasing your service or products to them.

For this, you need firstly install as well as activate Proven that is a social proof extension integrating with the MailChimp email lists or your using eCommerce platform, and displaying the recent signups and purchases.

To activate the plugin, you need go to Proven and turn to “Settings” page. Here you need to entry your license key that is available in your account on Proven site.

After activation, you need go back to Proven and find “Add New” feature to build up a new social proof notification for your own site.

As for the new social proof creation, you should firstly type into a title for your now notification campaign. Then, select “Yes” or “No” to active the new configuration. When you are configuring the settings, you can make it remain inactive, but you have to remember to change your selection as so to make the configuration live when you finish.

Now, you will be the content part in which you are to be required to choose your notifications’ source. Proven now integrates with MailChimp, Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce. Once you decide to integrate with one of them, the new social notification just created will display your users the recent subscribers and purchase notifications automatically.

Even better, the plugin allows you to manually enter your course. This feature is particularly useful when you have no any shopping cart on site.

Then, there are some existing content template tags available below this area. You can choose from these to change your content templates.

As for purchases section, you will choose the product purchases to be displayed in your notification. For instance, if you are using MailChimp service on site, you can select a mailing list to trigger your notification.

Then, you will select the time to make your notification be displayed and this step should be finished in “Behavior” settings. On the settings page, you can choose pages to display your notification, users, visitors, mobile view, and more.

Finally, you need to come to “Appearance” field in which you can choose the notification banner’s colors, positions and shape.

Once you are done, you need to press “Publish” button to activate it. Then, you can go back to your front-end of your website and check out your FOMO social proof notification.

2: Add FOMO Countdown Timers via OptinMonster

There are a great number of instances that marketers or webmasters catch customer attention by creating a sense of urgency, and it always works well. For only websites, the method can work effectively as well.

Generally, you can give users a sense of urgency that will trigger their fear of missing out on a valuable sale so as to encourage them to make purchase decisions. The method can be applied with seasonal promotion, one-time discounts, limited-time offers, coupons, etc.

Here we will talk about how to use the “Urgency” with FOMO technique to boost your conversions. The method will be used through OptinMonster, one of the best conversion optimization plugins to help online businesses change those abandoning site users into customers as well as subscribers.

To use OptinMonster, you need sign up for an account of it at fist. Note: OptinMonster is not a free tool, can you will get its Plus package to access its Floating bar campaign function.

Then, you will need to install and activate the plugin on your WordPress site. OptinMonster plugin will be a contractor between OptinMonster application and your site.

Upon activation, find OptinMonster menu from your WordPress admin sidebar, click on the menu and then type into your own API key which is available under your OptinMonster account.

After that, click on “Create New Campaign” button at top right corner. Now, you will start to create a floating bar campaign with FOMO.

At very beginning, you need choose a campaign type and a campaign template. In this case, we will select “Floating bar” type and “Countdown” template.

Now, you will need to select a name for the theme as well as decide the website to run the campaign.

Then, you will press “Optin” tab, choose countdown type as well as the campaign’s end date. And there are “Dynamic” and “Static” countdown timers available. To be more specific, Dynamic timer will change according to user behaviors on your site, while static timer will remain the same for all users.

In our case, we will choose “Static” one. We are creating floating bar campaign with countdown template, so we are able to move the Optin bar to the top or bottom.

The floating bar is fully customizable. You can click on it to compose text. You can also add links to some special services or products, a special coupon code, as well as style your floating bar as you want.

After everything is satisfying, you just need to press “Publish” button. Now, you can see a page of optin status, on which you have to turn on the switch beside “Status” to make the optin live on your site.

Next, you will come back to your site, find and click on “Campaign” on OptinMonster page. Here you can find the campaign created recently.

Normally, your new campaign won’t take effect, and now you need to press “Go Live” to activate it. Now, you can go back your site to check the countdown timer FOMO campaign alive.



So far, we have introduced two different methods of using FOMO marketing technique to increase your conversions. You can utilize Google Analytics to track your campaigns with FOMO, and adjust to any changes in time. FOMO is really helpful for webmasters, so we hope you can learn something from this tutorial. If customers have any other WordPress related problems, please check out our WordPress Tutorial.

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