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How to Use Google Matched Content to Show Related Posts in WordPress?

Have you ever heard about the way of displaying certain posts by using Google AdSense on your WordPress site? The matched content we mentioned in title is one of Google AdSense features, which allows users to display the related blog posts in WordPress, while users can make money by showing ads alongside. In the post below, we are to introduce how to use Google AdSense matched content to display those related articles on your WordPress site.

About Google AdSense Matched Content?

For many newbies, they are likely to be confused about Google matched content. In fact, it’s a native advertising unit, allowing users to display related content from their websites. If you are to use it, you can get chance to make full use of the ad unit with those related ads which are displayed alongside your relevant posts.

Well, how does Google AdSense matched content look like?

You have full control to customize and adjust the widget’s appearance as well as feel to fit the layout of your site. Even better, the widget is completely responsive and mobile friendly. Of course, every coin has two sides, so does Google AdSense matched content. There are the major pros and cons of the ad unit in below:


  • Normally, the WordPress related post plugins are all resource intensive, so if you are using the service, it just requires very small server resources and does not impact your site performance.
  • Google has sophisticated algorithm which can show your posts which are more related to the person view. So, using Google AdSense matched content ad unit can make you take advantage of better related post algorithm for to get better results.
  • Using the matched content also provide you a new way to monetize your site.


  • It is possible that users find your matched content ad unit that is powered by logo is not as attractive as you imagine.

We have introduced what Google AdSense matched content is and its pros and cons. Now we should move to add the ad unit on your website.

Get Started with Google Matched Content

To use it for your website, you need sign up for Google AdSense at first, if you didn’t have one.

Speaking of Google AdSense, it is very useful advertising service helping you to monetize from your blog. There are proper guides about how to correctly and effectively add Google AdSense in a WordPress website available on the internet. If you feel confused, you can search for it online.

If you WordPress websites meet certain traffic requirements, then Google AdSense matched content ad unit is available. You may ask how to check whether your site meet those requirements.

For this, you just need to head into your Google AdSense Dashboard, and go to “Settings” >> “My Site” in left menu. Click on “My Site”, and you may find “Matched Content” under it. It means your website meets the certain requirement, or if not, then it means your site does not meet these requirements for Google matched content. It is very easy.

After examining your site, the next step is to properly add Google AdSense Matched Content on your site. Let’s do it together!

Add Google Matched Content on Your Site

Firstly, you should login your Google AdSense account, and then you need to find and click on “My Ads” in the left menu. Next, you will click on “Ad units” >> “New ad unit” which is under the menu of “My Ads”.

Now, you can start to add new ad unit. At first, you will need to decide and choose your ad unit’s type. In this case, you need to choose the “Matched Content”.

Next, there will be a screen, showing you the preview of the Matched Content box you just added, and it also comes with ad settings located on the right side. You can customize this ad unit by using these setting options.

Besides, there is an option allowing you to monetize this Matched Content unit with related ads. Therefore, you can make money as you displaying related posts from your site. Also, if you think it is not necessary, you can chose to use the Matched Content only for your related articles.

After configuring these settings well, you will remember to click on “SAVE AND GET CODE” in the bottom right corner.

On the left side, there is a plain text editor in which you will enter the ad code just got such as TextEdit and Notepad. It will be needed in the next step.

Display Matched Content Related Posts on Your Site

For experienced webmasters, most of them understand that displaying related posts under their individual articles is most effective. Also, many WordPress themes include a sidebar or widget which appears between the post content and its comment section. It offers a conception for us to follow.

If your WordPress theme currently using doesn’t come with such a sidebar or widget below each single post content to display your related posts, you can just add one in your WordPress site. Due the flexibility and compatibilities of WordPress, it is easy.

Next, you will go to “Appearance” >> “Widgets” page. Here you can drag “Custom HTML” widget and drop it to the below post content widget area. In addition, you will have to type into your ad code generated from former step.

The final thing is to press the “Save” button to save all these widget settings. After that, you will have displayed the matched content related posts on your site. Go to the front-end and you can see it in action.

This is all the process of using Google AdSense matched content ad unit to display related articles or content on your site. It cannot only get more traffic and attention from users but also make money at the same time. You can check out our WordPress Tutorial to get more useful tips.

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