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How to Use Markdown in WordPress

Markdown is nothing but an interactive content style which can be read easily and even in the basic raw form. Nowadays, it has become one of the go to the format selection of various content developers as it has got a natural flow and is filled with simple and easy to understand syntax. However, the Markdown cannot be easily supported by the WordPress, but it can be added with WP-Markdown and Jetpack.

wordpress-markdownBasically, Markdown allows one to create comments and post with list, links, and other types of styles using the regular punctuation marks and characters. Often Markdown is used by bloggers and writers, especially the ones who want an easy and fast means of styling the text without removing their hands from the PC peripherals (keyboard and mouse) and even without complicating the various shortcuts and codes.

An individual can use Markdown on their WordPress run blogs for pages, comments and posts. In case if you are quite familiar with the Markdown, then you can easily enable it on your blog and have a great time in writing articles and blogs.

How to enable Markdown

For enabling Markdown for pages and posts, you would have to go to the ‘Setting’ options and choose the ‘Writing’ option present in the dashboard. Then you can check out the box which is labeled as the ‘Use Markdown’ for the pages and post. Once that is done, then you need to click on the option called ‘Save Changes’ which is present at the bottom of the given page. Now you would be easily be able to compare the various pages and posts using the Markdown. When it gets enabled, it would be easily available with all the users present on the blog.

Writing codes with Markdown

The Markdown often uses special punctuation marks and characters which help in indicating links and styles. Now the precise characters that you use and how they are placed will easily help in determining on how they are placed on the document and is also the key on how the documents can be formatted.

Now when the document is published, then the Markdown would simply convert the available special characters into a proper and easy format. For eg; in the Markdown, you want to emphasize a particular word, you need to wrap it around asterisk on the both sides, like *emphasized* Now when the writing gets published, it will look like emphasized.

Activating Markdown Plugin

There are three steps involved in this.

Step – 1

The first step is downloading the Markdown plugin. Currently, there are two types of plugins – Jetpack and WP-Markdown. The Jetpack is a simple plugin bundle which is present for both the WordPress.org and WordPress.com.

The basic goal of the Jetpack is to make it simple for various types of changes to the given WordPress website. This also includes contact forms, SEO tools, statistic tracking, utility which gives and provides support to the Markdown, etc. Basically, the Jepack has one of the best proof reading features which could easily come in handy as and when you are working without taking the assistance of a human proofreader.

The Wp-Markdown helps one to write posts in the Markdown and even translate the content into the HTML when you simply save it. This content will get reverted towards the Markdown when a person does edition to it. Now both of these plugins are the best and do their job to the core excellence. So, one has the option to either go for the bundled solution which offers quite attractive benefits or you could simply go for a single or one purpose plugin which is very much effective and lightweight.

When you have chosen the plugin which you want to install, then all you have to do is activate it and it would then enable the Markdowns on the parts of your website where you want it to be.

Step -2

The second step consists of writing the content in the Markdown. Now it is quite easy to edit the contents present in the Markdown. In case if you are not familiar with the Markdown and its feature, you are bound to find out various resources online and it simply assists you with the current syntax. In case if you want to inject the HTML into a post, but won’t want it to get translated to the markdown, then you need to place it as <div> tags. So, this would tell the given plugin that the given content has to be handled in a separate fashion.

Step- 3

The last step is enjoying the usage of the Markdown. Markdown is known to make it quite easy and simple for any person to create contents which are information rich without the need to memorize the HTML coding.

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