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How to Use Post Revision to Undo Changes in WordPress

WordPress Post revision is a useful feature which allow users to withdrawing a change and go back to an old version of a post. Many people will make mistakes when writing articles and sometimes they are willing to recovery deleted articles. Now, Revisions come to WordPress users, allowing them to withdraw changes. In below, we will talk about how to achieve it in WordPress.

Post Revisions

Post revisions is a feature come with WordPress by default. It will store a post as a revision on each autosave or when user saves a post manually. Revision information could be found on their post edit screen or browse revisions. User could choose the version to compare the content to decide which one to rollback to.

How to Use Post Revisions to Withdraw Changes in WordPress

From post edit screen, you can check the Revision options, then the post revision information will be shown below the edit box.


This feature can take bloggers to the any “saved” revision of the post. Users can get different revisions of their post by sliding the button on the scroll. The green and pink colors will make a point of what have been changed in each revision. Users can also get to know whether an autosave or draft is a revision. Besides, users can see who made these changes, time and etc. on the top.

In addition, users can check the box on top and move around revisions to compare any two revisions.

Once you decide the version to rollback to, you can click on the button “Restore This Revision” or “Restore This Autosave”, users can easily restore a revision.


Why Post Revisions

Writing pleasant content needs tons of tweaking and re-writing. With post revisions, users can see their process and have a clear understanding of how their post evolved. Then, users are able to make changes, switch between different states of their post as well as make their own article successfully published.

It is very convenient for WordPress sites multi-authors to manage their teams to work on a story or article at the same time. It is clear to find who made a change in articles, what have been changed. Together with Edit Flow, users can create a robust editorial platform for themselves.

Even thought you can disable post revisions option, this is not recommended. since this is really a very helpful feature in many situations. If users still intend to delete old revisions, please make sure that they cannot be utilized any more.

Hopefully, from what have been discussed above, you can have an in-depth understanding of withdrawing changes in WordPress. For any question you have, you can leave a comment below to let us know.

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