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How WordPress Site Impacted by PHP Version Update

A PHP update is determined by users’ web host and how servers are configured. Therefore, we recommend our users to choose a high quality and reliable WordPress hosting. If they choose an unreliable web host for their WordPress sites, it will give rise to unexpected downtime during or after the update. As a result, WordPress customers have no choice but to switch to a better host.

Some of the WordPress users informed that they received from hosting providers about upgrading to PHP 5.4. With this PHP version, users are able to manage their own WordPress websites easily and smoothly. Readers can get to know that how PHP updates by their web host and impacts their WordPress sites from this article.

Updates of WordPress and PHP

WordPress, based on PHP, is a free and open source blogging tool. Currently, PHP version 5.2.4 or greater is the entry requirement to host WordPress websites. At present, the stable PHP version PHP 5.5.7 is available in the market.

Nowadays, most shared hosting providers can offer PHP version 5.4. Some web hosts even give users the chance to change PHP version from their control panel. The most common reason for not using the bleeding edge and the latest stable versions of PHP by web hosts is that the newest version sometimes will break some PHP applications. Currently PHP 5.4 is took advantage of by many shared WordPress hosting providers.

What Users Need to Do When Their Host Updates PHP

Thousands of WordPress sites may have been hosted by users’ web host. Every precaution will be considered to guarantee everything go well so that customers will have no trouble in the service. The notice they have received allows them to keep a look out to see if anything goes wrong and be informed about the update. It is impossible that this update will break things, but it is always be beneficial to have a fallback plan.

Firstly, we always recommend that our users back up WordPress sites regularly. If there is no automatic backup solution, they should install any of them or at least create a manual backup of your website.

After backup, it is necessary to make sure that users are running the latest version of WordPress. In addition, users should also ensure that all their plugins and theme are cutting-edge.

It is claimed that PHP update will not affect WordPress itself and most popular WordPress plugins. Nevertheless, some plugins that stop working is possible. If a plugin on users’ sites refuse to work because of a PHP update, users need to contact the plugin author to support or look for an alternative.

Things Need to Do When a PHP Update Breaks users’ WordPress Sites

Still, it is possible that a PHP update break users’ WordPress sites. However, a single line code of poor code can cause an error even with bountiful free and paid plugins. The primitive goal is of users is to check if there is a plugin or theme leading to this error.  Then, they need to deactivate all their WordPress plugins and switch to a default WordPress theme.

If users’ problems still exist, the support team may come to them, offering dedicated and sincere assistances to their WordPress customers. In addition, if users cannot get help from their web host, they should install a fresh copy of WordPress and then restore their WordPress site from backup.

If all methods mentioned above are unable to solve users’ troubles, it is time to change their WordPress hosting.

In general, we are eager to hope that this article can help users understand how PHP updates by their web host and influences WordPress sites. Please leave a comment in below for feedback and questions.

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