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There are different types and levels of email marketing services available in the market, it is quite important for people to choose the right one at an affordable price. Offered by iContact, iContact Coupon not only gives customers a free trail, but also helps them save up to 15% off and get its email marketing price from $11.90 per month.

About iContact

iContact ( has been delivering reliable email marketing solutions to address the different and increase needs of high-volume senders, small-to-medium sized businesses and professional marketers since 2003. Using iContact service, people are allowed to create, track as well as send HTML-based emails and social media messages easily.

So far, iContact works with more than 50,000 brands all over the world.

iContact Coupon – 30 Days Free Trial

By making use of iContact Coupon, people enable to try iContact email marketing service with 30 days free trial before purchasing. No credit card or private information needed. Within 30 days, customers can try the email marketing features, and find out whether it is reliable and suitable. 30-Day free trial is a good way to keep their money safe.

iContact Coupon – 15% Off

iContact email marketing has various solutions and plans, and they contains guaranteed amounts of contacts from 500 to 15,000. If customers need more, they can upgrade to advanced solutions. The regular price of iContact email marketing starts from $14/mo, and the company allows both monthly and yearly plan costs.

While this Coupon offers customers who sign up with annual accounts 15% off, and the discounted price of iContact email marketing starts from $11.90/mo after promoting. If customers are not satisfied, they can cancel the service at any time.

Although iContact does not offer any money back guarantee, it is still quite reliable to choose for the 30-Day free trial.

iContact Coupon iContact Coupon
Up to 15% Off

iContact Coupon – Free or 20% Off for Non-Profits

To help them keep in touch with their supporters via social media and email marketing, iContact also has a special offer for non-profit organizations.

For North Carolina-based non-profit organizations, the company provides them with free accounts. For other non-profits outside of North Carolina, iContact gives them 20% off.

What iContact Coupon Offer

With iContact Coupon, people can get iContact email marketing service at very cheap prices. At the same time, iContact provides other great features and easy-to-use tools to make the whole marketing process conveniently and smoothly. For example,

  • customized plans and more than 600 responsive mobile-ready email templates to fit any budget and list size
  • track and schedule social media messages, and track campaigns by using reporting tools
  • contact management, list segmentation, simple auto-responders
  • dashboard analytics, email engagement, Google analytics, API support

Redeem iContact Coupon

If customers have questions about iContact Coupon or its email marketing service, they can get answers through phone call, live chat as well as email that are available Monday to Friday: 11: 00 AM – 2: 00 AM GMT.

iContact Coupon brings feature-rich email marketing solutions and cheap prices. No matter for personals or businesses, it can help save big budget. Please visit: to know more information and redeem iContact Coupon or you could check out iContact review at

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