Increase Conversion On WordPress

While having huge traffic is highly important once you have designed a Website to reach to high customer base, the next important step is to convert that traffic to the subscribers which is conversion. Conversion rate is the ultimate measurement of the success of your business, so how to increase conversion rate is one of the big question that many website owners keep asking. Here is a detail guide on that.

Tips on how to increase conversion rate:


Driving up the conversion rate is the ultimate thing that we all keep trying to have great profit from online sales. While selling things physically is much easier, online store needs to add some extra features to ensure they will have high conversion rate. The most helpful ways to do so is explained here.

Great website speed & UX

The first thing on which conversion depends highly is the website speed, yes there is a strong connection between these two. Always keep in mind that a good website should be loaded within 2 seconds to hold customer’s interest and they will likely linger on your website to check out things. It has been researched that even if the website takes one second more to load, it will reduce the conversion rate by 7%. So, try to keep the website design as light as possible by reducing the number of plugins, widgets etc.

Product image should be excellent

This is the second most important thing on how to increase conversion rate. Each product you are offering should be accompanied with high product image as web users are not able to see the product physically, so the image should provide them most of the details prominently. You should also include features like zooming, images of the product from different angles etc. to fade away visitor’s doubt. Various WordPress theme is available for this purpose that allows uploading several product images this way.

Payment Gateway


Another thing with which the conversion rate is highly linked is the payment gateway. The payment procedure should be convenient and simply designed so that customers find the process hassle free. Also, include as many payment methods as possible to drive the conversion rate. Option for credit card and Paypal payment method both should be included rather than just one. A research has shown that business website that has both the payment options have 30% higher conversion rate than others.

Email marketing

Email marketing too should be employed as returning customers are the one through whom the conversion rate is driven. There are many useful WordPress Plugins available for this purpose which can be used to facilitate email marketing. Bloom is one such plugin that you can consider using which is very simple to install, customize and implement for all kind of users.

Maintain security to win visitor’s trust


Winning the visitor’s trust is another important point to enhance the conversion rate. After all, they are handing over all the details over the internet to make payment so if they are assured about the security, it automatically add credibility. For this the website owner should go for SSL certificate which is almost must to have for online store. Also other things such as visibility on transaction, pre-transaction screens from the leaders and business rating agencies are really helpful to win visitor’s trust.

Easy registration

If there is any registration procedure in your website to collect the details of users, make it as simple as possible with just 2-3 fields, otherwise long and complex registration process will compel people to leave the site even if they have added products to cart. Also, registration should be kept as an option for better conversion rate. For best result add social logins to WordPress which will offer you the needed information about the users.

Free shipping

If you are really looking for way on how to increase conversion rate, this is one of the strong point towards which you should focus. This might be true that offering free delivery is not possible for small amount of purchase but at least it should be offered when customers exceeds certain amounts or else make it clear in the very first stage that users are required to pay the delivery charge otherwise if they discover it later after going through all the steps, most of the customers will prefer to cancel the purchase after discovering about the delivery charges.

Add a better search mechanism

A well and excellent search mechanism along with filter facility is recommended to add in your website so that users find it easy to get all those things they are looking for without much navigating here and there. If visitors find it difficult to navigate in your site, they will do nothing but leave the site immediately. So, the site should be designed simple with a useful search and filter facility. For search mechanism various plugins are available such as SearchWP, you can make use of that to implement a better a search mechanism.

Call to action button

A properly used call to action button can do a lot when it comes to improving the conversion rate. Yes, it is one of the important points that should be added in the product page and home page properly and you are definitely to receive great conversion rate with time.

Support system


It is obvious that web users will have more question regarding the product on various aspects as they are not able to see the product physically hence the product images and the outlined description of the product are the things to let them know about the product. But they can have more queries and this is why various support systems such as live chat, 24/7 hours support, FAQs etc. are very helpful to clear all their queries at once. However, live chat might not be possible by all business website with less number of staff, in that case try to add FAQs system, which will fetch you good result for sure.

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