InMotion Hosting Cloud Hosting Review

inmotion-hosting-logoIn 2001, InMotion Hosting ( was established in California and Virginia. Developing for over 15 years, InMotion Hosting has already become a leader in the web hosting industry, and has been moving forward. Up till now, shared business hosting, traditional virtual servers, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, and reseller hosting are all available at InMotion Hosting.

Due to superior customers support with a well-trained and experienced support team, cheap web hosting packages, as well as fast, reliable network, InMotion Hosting has obtained customers’ trust. That’s why it is listed in Top 10 Web Hosting recognized by people.

In this post below, we are going to review InMotion Hosting new web hosting product, cloud hosting, from 4 angels, which are features, pricing, performance, and customers support. Usually, we think cloud hosting can offer the faster speed than traditional hosting. Via this InMotion Hosting Cloud Hosting Review, we can see whether or not it can speed up your site.

InMotion Hosting Cloud Hosting Review on Features

InMotion Hosting now offers 3 managed cloud hosting based on CentOS with SSD power, along with a basket of features that every customer want to host their servers and manage their website. Now let’s dig it deeper.

InMotion Hosting cloud hosting is built on the cloud-powered infrastructure. To be more specific, High-availability is the new features coming with cloud hosting and powered by the cloud as well. It will offer customers’ servers real-time redundancy and ensure their site will be available even if there is something happening.

inmotion hosting cloud hosting features

Besides, each cloud hosting at InMotion Hosting comes with free SSD drives and secure IMAP email. The cloud hosting with SSD can offer faster read/write speeds and improved uptime that is over the traditional hard disk drives. The secure IMAP email offered also allows up to 3,600 emails to send every hour. With this advanced feature, customers can also create unlimited email addresses on their account.

People are always worried about the security issues when using the faster cloud hosting. InMotion Hosting handles it. Besides the high-availability we mentioned above, there are live-state snapshots and free backups included in all packages. Live-state snapshots can revert to the previous stable snapshot of processors or files instantly; for backups, InMotion Hosting will perform it automatically every 24 to 36 days, ensuring customers can always have a copy in case.

Additionally, InMotion Hosting also has cPanel license included in packages for them to manage as well as organize their files. Resource dashboard can also help them analyze their resources usage so that they can adjust their plans in time.

Basically, InMotion Hosting provides these resources in cloud hosting packages:

  • 4GB – 8 GB available memory
  • 2 TB – 4 TB premium bandwidth
  • 60 GB – 200 GB fault tolerant storage space
  • Unlocked cores
  • Unlimited email accounts, unlimited domains & MySQL DBs
  • 1 free domain included for 1st year with all 6 to 12 month plans
  • 2 dedicated IPs

Seriously, InMotion Hosting cloud hosting come with a lot features and resources that will help customers run their business and websites smoothly and faster than ever before.

InMotion Hosting Cloud Hosting Review on Pricing

InMotion Hosting now offers discounted cloud hosting when customers go from our exclusive promo link below. 33% to 51% off discounts included in different packages will make InMotion Hosting cloud hosting cheaper.

For example, among 3 cloud hosting packages, the entry-level package regularly charges from $44.99 per month. With 33% off discounts, customers can get it at only $29.99/mo. The highest discount comes with the highest cloud hosting package. Normally, it starts at $154.99 per month; after discounting 51% around, it will renew at $74.99 per month.

InmotionHosting Exclusive Deal InmotionHosting Exclusive Deal
51% Off

Considering discounted pricing and a basket of features, we think InMotion Hosting really offers good cloud hosting for customers to try.

Moreover, there is 90 Days of money back guarantee, which is a full money back guarantee. It means that customers can use InMotion Hosting cloud hosting free for 3 months. If the company does not live up to what they expect, it will provide a no question full money back. So try it and then make the right decision.

InMotion Hosting Cloud Hosting Review on Performance

99.9% uptime is guaranteed for cloud hosting. The cloud technology used for this hosting, making it have real-time redundancy, so that the customers running cloud hosting will enjoy the high availability and extreme data security.

InMotion Hosting uses SSD drives to power cloud hosting, making it have better uptime and read/write speeds. Besides, it has multiple data centers, premium bandwidth providers as well as advanced routing technology, which can ensure faster and reliable network. Customers can select from its West or East coast data center to decide the best location for the Max Speed Zone.

inmotionhosting max speed zones

About the data centers, InMotion Hosting two data centers are both armed with N+1 climate control, power supply and security, offering the best possible reliability of hosting environment. It also invests in new improvements and expansions to the two data centers which include upgrades to its carrier level platforms. After that, they can suit customers’ needs better.

Other more, the company owns a team consisting of hosting experts with average 4-year professional web hosting experience. Under their monitoring and maintenance, this company makes sure the best possible uptime.

InMotion Hosting Cloud Hosting Review on Customer Support

customer supportInMotion Hosting is one of the minorities in the industry, to offer 100% satisfaction. Every support staff at InMotion Hosting is undergoing the rigorous internal training on those subjects like LAMP stack, email, CentOS and others. More than that, it owns a management team technology experts average more than 10-year hosting expertise.

With such a strong backbone, InMotion Hosting customer support will be offered via various ways, including phone call, live chat, and email or ticket system. All these channels are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As an award-wining support provider, InMotion Hosting tries to fix everything related to web hosting. This company has already collected the best valuable information for site building, hosting maintaining or site growing at the Support Center.

Besides those standard supports at InMotion Hosting, cloud hosting customers can also server management, 30 cPanel accounts transfer, and launch assist. All these special offerings are free to be available.

Is InMotion Hosting Cloud Hosting recommendable?

Absolutely yes! InMotion Hosting designs its cloud hosting based on cloud-powered infrastructure offering real time redundancy for each customer. High availability is important to a website, especially for those business websites. Fast and reliable performance, remarkable support and discounted prices can attract more customers to have a try and we also strongly recommend them to.

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