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InMotion Hosting eCommerce Hosting Review

With Internet’s development, online business also becomes more prosperous. This trend also stimulates the demands on web solutions. In the following post, we are to analyze an excellent web solution provider InMotion Hosting’s eCommerce Hosting, to reveal whether it is a good option for online businesses. Our review will comes with the analysis on its eCommerce hosting pricing, features, performance, and customer support.

About InMotion Hosting

It is possible that most people in the industry have known who InMotion Hosting is. However, for those starters, they might hear the name, but do not know who this web host really is. Here, we are to offer our readers a brief introduction about InMotion Hosting before we review its eCommerce Hosting.

InMotion Hosting ( is one of Top 10 Web Hosting and popular cheap hosting providers. By virtue of cheap web hosting plans, reliable and fast performance, and responsive support, InMotion Hosting is very popular among businesses and enterprises. Also, its cheap plans can also make individuals and developers afford it.

By far, the company can offer cheap shared business hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress Hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated hosting, domain name, web design services, and the web hosting with brilliant features, such as SSD hosting, eCommerce hosting, PHP hosting, and more.

InMotion Hosting eCommerce Hosting Features Review

InMotion Hosting is a professional web host, and its eCommerce Hosting is designed to meet both small eCommerce but also other larger eCommerce. Therefore, customers can find there are SSD shared eCommerce hosting and SSD VPS eCommerce hosting both.

About SSD shared eCommerce hosting, the company prepares 3 plans for choosing, namely Launch, Power and Pro. Within the three plans, there are unlimited disk space, premium monthly transfer, email account, secure IMAP email storage, 2 to unlimited websites, and 2 to unlimited MySQL and PostgreSQL DBs. These are redundant for eCommerce beginners to get started.

Besides, free SSD boosts I/O performance is good to eCommerce websites; free SSL included is also helpful to display that their customers are protected; PHP 7 is also supported to accelerate load times. What’s more, other multiple scripts like Perl, Ruby and Python, Google Apps integration, safe app roll-back, 400+free apps, malware protection, free $250 advertising credits, and so on are included to make sure eCommerce runners’ sites fast and secure.

For eCommerce, time is previous. InMotion Hosting makes its SSD shared eCommerce hosting more easy to use. Apart from the features above, it has free website builder, SSH access, easy cPanel control panel, pre-installed WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, free site transfer, free domain registration, and even easy 1-click shopping cart installs including OpenCart, PrestaShop, Magento and WooCommerce.

Well, when eCommerce business grows fast and requires more, InMotion Hosting offers SSD VPS eCommerce hosting allowing smooth upgrades. There are the same three packages available, and each one includes minimum 75GB fault tolerant storage, 4TB premium transfer, 4GB available RAM, unlocked CPU cores, unlimited email accounts, 3 dedicated IPs, unlimited domains, and free domain.

Free SSD, high availability, unlimited MySQL DBs, custom advanced policy firewall, and snapshots all come to eCommerce customers. Even better, InMotion Hosting specially optimized its VPS for deploying eCommerce platforms in speed and reliability. 1-click eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Magento and PrestaShop, are available for customers to start their eCommerce business effortlessly. Free cPanel/WHM is included to help manage their site and server as well.

InMotion Hosting eCommerce web hosting solutions also come with multiple payment methods available, which make their online stores friendlier to accept credit card, Google Wallet, and PayPal. So, we feel that the company is really professional, designing two level web solutions with multiple feature-rich packages to make different customers satisfied to start their eCommerce with InMotion Hosting.

InMotion Hosting eCommerce Hosting Pricing Review

Being one of the best cheap web hosting companies, InMotion Hosting makes its web solutions always affordable.

Its SSD shared eCommerce hosting normally starts at $6.99/mo, but if customers buy it through our following promo link, then it will start at $2.95/mo only, so that they can save about 57%.

Inmotionhosting eCommerce Inmotionhosting eCommerce
57% Off

About SSD VPS eCommerce hosting, normally it starts from $54.99/mo, but via the following exclusive promo link, it will become at as low as $19.99/mo. Namely, it makes customers save 63%.

Inmotionhosting VPS eCommerce Inmotionhosting VPS eCommerce
63% Off

No matter which eCommerce hosting plan they choose, the company offers 90 Days Money Back Guarantee to protect their benefits to thanks for choosing InMotion Hosting. if customers buy a multiple-month package and feel unhappy here, then the company will refund them with all hosting fees for at most 90 days. So, it deserves to have a try.

InMotion Hosting eCommerce Hosting Performance Review

InMotion Hosting eCommerce hosting comes with 99.9% uptime guarantee for its customers, so that they will not miss out on business.

Firstly, the company makes full use of the latest technologies to speed up page load times. Free SSDs are available in both shared eCommerce plans and VPS eCommerce plans, bringing 20 times faster loading time. PHP 7 support also comes to its eCommerce hosting customers, making page load time be 3 times faster.

In addition, the company takes advantage on its two privately owned data centers, which are equipped with BGP route optimizer, 10+ Gig Ethernet connection, Brocade network core, LAN redundancy, dedicated management network, and also partner with famous providers like Level 3, Hurricane Electric, TeliaSonera, and nLayer. By using advanced technologies and full redundancy of the two data centers, the company makes Max Speed Zone for customers.

There is redundant security as well. Free SSL certificate, custom advanced policy firewall, malware protection, snapshots, and free backups are included in plans to make sure the best possible security for each of its eCommerce hosting customers.

InMotion Hosting eCommerce Hosting Customer Support Review

Free domain name registration or transfer, free site transfer, free data backups, free automatic online stores patches and updates, and other managed services are included to save customer’s time, so that they can have more to focus on their online business.

Other more, InMotion Hosting provides responsive support to eCommerce hosting customers. They can get multiple 24/7/365 support via live chat, email, and phone, which can quickly handle any troubles influencing on their online stores.

InMotion Hosting Support Center includes manage helpful articles and tutorials to help customers get their online presence smoothly, and special eCommerce training modules are available to them as well.

Do We Recommend InMotion Hosting eCommerce Hosting?

Yes, certainly we do! After checking InMotion Hosting eCommerce hosting’s pricing, features, performance and support, we believe it is one of the best options for eCommerce. InMotion Hosting designs flexible shared and VPS eCommerce hosting plans with free SSD and cPanel. Especially eCommerce optimized solutions come with rich premium features and reliable, fast performance. Plus cheap pricing and satisfying customer support, we recommend InMotion Hosting eCommerce hosting to all eCommerce customers.

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