InMotion Hosting Email Hosting Review

Email hosting is more and more important to current business websites, and today we are to introduce a business-class email hosting provider, InMotion Hosting. This InMotion Hosting Email Hosting Review will cover email hosting prices, features, performance as well as support service. By reading this comprehensive review, readers can understand why InMotion Hosting business-class email hosting is trusted by a number of customers.

Who Is InMotion Hosting?

inmotion-hosting-logoBorn in 2001, InMotion Hosting ( is not the oldest brand in the web hosting industry, but it is a leading cost-effective web hosting company now! Fast growing owes to its experienced and dedicated staffs as well as great investments on support service and data center infrastructure.

As a reliable web hosting company who continuously receives “A+” rating from BBB Review for 9 years, InMotion Hosting is very excellent in web hosting provisioning and support service. Up till now, InMotion Hosting now can provide shared hosting, cloud VPS, dedicated servers, and many application web hosting solutions. Well, its shared business hosting is very cheap and ideal to be used as business-class email hosting!

InMotion Hosting Email Hosting Review on Prices

InMotion Hosting email hosting is offered with the best pricing. Normally, it should start at $7.99/month; but if customers visit InMotion Hosting through the following promo link, the pricing of email hosting will change into $3.49/month. It makes customers save around 56%.

InmotionHosting Email Hosting InmotionHosting Email Hosting
56% Off

What fantastic is that InMotion Hosting offers truly industry leading long money back guarantee, lasting 90 Days! During the initial 90 days, customers at InMotion Hosting can choose to give up the hosting service and cancel the account. After that, they can request a refund of hosting fees in full!

According to InMotion Hosting business-class email hosting pricing, we can find that it is really cheap web hosting company, offering the best cheap pricing for email hosting customers.

InMotion Hosting Email Hosting Review on Features

InMotion Hosting can be regarded as one of the best web hosting provider, because it always provides rich features with reliable web hosting solutions. For the email hosting, InMotion Hosting also includes the invulnerable features.

First, we are to introduce some powerful features for optimizing this business-class email hosting. Customers can get free SSD drives which are included in all plans, offering faster r/w speeds for fast content delivery from their sites, blogs, and custom-built application.

InMotion Hosting provides diverse popular programming languages, which is good to professional website building. For email hosting customers, they can make use of them to design their email for their personality,

To make it easier to use, InMotion Hosting also provides free application installer via 1-click. It can offer customers more than 310 applications. InMotion Hosting also setups Google Apps including Gmail into free cPanel control panel, so that these apps can easier integrate with customers’ domains. GUI wizard can help customers easily fulfill the installation within 3 steps. SSH access is available for easier sire administration with secure remote access.


Second, we are to introduce the core email features with InMotion Hosting business-class email hosting. InMotion Hosting is one of the few web hosting companies who are willing to provide secure email through IMAP. So, customers at InMotion Hosting can easily access their email from anywhere as well as stay synced across more than one device. Even better, no which size of hosting they choose, unlimited SPAM Safe email accounts with IMAP are included.

Apart from that, InMotion Hosting business-class email hosting comes with rich resources to support customers’ email usage expanding. Up to unlimited SSD storage, unlimited premium bandwidth, unlimited MySQL & PostgreSQL databases, unlimited websites, and a free domain name are included.

To host with InMotion Hosting business-class email hosting, customers can set back and enjoy its power to complete work effectively.

InMotion Hosting Email Hosting Review on Performance

InMotion Hosting business-class is guaranteed with a 99.9% uptime, which results from the business-class hardware it offers, multiple data centers, and more.

For the business-class hardware, firstly, InMotion Hosting provides solid state drives to increase server performance and reliability in the means of providing increased content deliver speeds and read/write speeds. Moreover, InMotion Hosting has already applied RAID fault tolerate disk with SSD technology to ensure the super-fast I/O.

Secondly, InMotion Hosting understands the fast and reliable performance depending on its business-class hardware, so customers at InMotion Hosting can receive enterprise quality Dell brand servers. Each one is tested thoroughly before it ever leaves the factory.

About data centers, InMotion Hosting now operates two private data centers located in the both west coast and east coast of US. It can create redundant locations for customer get the optimal content delivery and server response time. Within these two data centers, there are redundant routers and switches, highest quality power supply system, and high quality cooling equipment.


Based on them, the company combines with premium bandwidth providers as well as redundant advanced network facilities, build a Max Speed Zone. It covers a wide range of locations, and offers 6 times faster speed for users.

Actually, reliable server performance also relies on InMotion Hosting respectable, experienced members, who are maintaining and monitoring the each server in case of any accident. If that, they can take effective action as soon as possible.

InMotion Hosting Email Hosting Review on Support Service

InMotion Hosting business-class email hosting includes several management services. It has promises to provide free site transfer service and guarantee that it will be no-downtime site transfer. Moreover, unlike most web hosting companies, InMotion Hosting will make a backup for each customer’s data so that customers’ data can be protected from loss. Even better, it is totally free.

Pro level support is available in highest email hosting package. Besides almost unlimited everything in this plan, InMotion Hosting also creates a SLA to keep 99.9% uptime. To make it, pro level support will provide premium support for customers.

As for standard support, customers can get help from phone call, live chat, Skype, and email support. InMotion Hosting support engineers will always stand by here round the clock, in case of any problem.

Other more, InMotion Hosting prepares a help center containing informative guides, tutorials, as well as web knowledge. From management support to rich online help resource, InMotion Hosting does good job for the 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Do We Recommend InMotion Hosting Email Hosting?

According to InMotion Hosting offers, pricing, performance and responsive support, we certainly recommend customers who really need powerful email hosting with low pricing, to have a try. Its industry leading long money back guarantee can give customers a long term to experience whether InMotion Hosting is he right host they need for email hosting!

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