InMotion Hosting New Self-Managed VPS Hosting Review

InMotion Hosting recently divided its VPS hosting into self-managed VPS and managed VPS hosting. VPS hosting is always the best choice for those customers who have less web hosting budget but demand for higher-level privacy and better reliability than shared hosting.

In below, we will talk about InMotion Hosting Self-Managed VPS hosting and analyze it from pricing, features, performance and customer support. In the end, we will give our suggestion about whether customers can trust InMotion Hosting Self-Managed VPS hosting or not!

Who Is InMotion Hosting?

InMotion Hosting ( is one of the industry-leading Linux web hosting providers. Since its foundation in 2001, the company has been providing high-quality web hosting solutions, including Business hosting, self-managed VPS hosting, managed VPS hosting, dedicated servers, reseller hosting, WordPress hosting, and a wide range of application web hosting products. Generally speaking, InMotion Hosting can meet almost all customers’ needs.

InMotion Hosting Self-Managed VPS Hosting Review on Pricing

Normally, when taking about InMotion Hosting, we will think of a cheap web hosting and its massive discounts on different products. As for self-managed VPS hosting, InMotion Hosting also provides up to 55% off discount.

For instance, InMotion Hosting self-managed VPS entry-level package regularly charges from $34.99/mo, but now it comes with 42% off discount, making the package start at $19.99/mo only. If customers are interested in this solution, they can claim the coupon by following our exclusive promo link in below:

InmotionHosting Exclusive Deal InmotionHosting Exclusive Deal
42% Off

In addition, InMotion Hosting self-managed VPS includes 90 day money back guarantee with no question asked. It says that customers can ask a full refund if cancel their account here within first 90 days, because they do not feel satisfied.

InMotion Hosting Self-Managed VPS Hosting Review on Features

InMotion Hosting self-managed VPS is specially designed for those developers needing a fast as well as flexible development environment and the system administrator who run remote services and scripts. Unlike managed VPS, InMotion Hosting self-managed VPS does not offer server management or cPanel control panel, meaning customers have to update their server via command line and manage their services required to use.

However, InMotion Hosting provides Full Root Access, allowing customers to customize and configure their server to their exact needs. For developers and system administrators, this is wonderful to help them run their site and application in a better flexible hosting environment.

In general, there are three self-managed VPS packages offered at InMotion Hosting. About these packages, customers will get 4GB to 8GB RAM, 75GB to 260GB SSD storage, and 4TB to 6TB bandwidth. These are really redundant to meet customers’ growing demands. Because of integration of cloud technology, InMotion Hosting self-managed VPS comes with unlocked CPU cores, which can automatically increase as your demand changes.

There is a resource monitoring dashboard is included to track customers’ resources usage. If customers want more, they can use Root access to upgrade their RAM, storage and bandwidth instantly. Besides, at least 3 dedicated IPs and the choice of Linux distributions are included in three packages.

What’s more, this self-managed VPS includes scheduled and live-state snapshots which are automatic server backups, ensuring customers can make a full copy of their container on a regular basis. So, even though customers are running self-managed VPS, they still have no need to worry about their server or site data security.

InMotion Hosting Self-Managed VPS Hosting Review on Performance

InMotion Hosting promises that self-managed and managed VPS are all built on same high-performance platform as well as reliable infrastructure. Therefore, just like managed VPS, InMotion Hosting self-managed VPS also comes with 99.9% uptime guarantee.

The company has disclosed that it is now operating two self-owned data centers to host customers’ websites. The two data centers not only provide customers location options to choose a better server location for faster response time, but also give customers’ server a good server environment with redundant power supply, cooling systems, multiple network architecture and world-class data center security measures.

InMotion Hosting self-managed VPS servers are cloud technology powered, and all infrastructures coms with 2X hardware and 3X replication to keep high uptime. Even better, the company offers 100% SSDs to provide 20X faster I/O performance. Redundant data centers, cloud technology, and high-quality servers all contribute to faster speed and high availability.

Also, although InMotion Hosting offers self-managed VPS, customers still can get free automatic backups and scheduled snapshots, which can make sure customers always have a copy in case of any accident. Moreover, the company also provides DDoS attack protection by cooperating with Corero to defend against DDoS attacks so as to mitigate unplanned downtime.

In a word, InMotion Hosting self-managed VPS hosting is more reliable, more secure and faster than its rivals.

InMotion Hosting Self-Managed VPS Hosting Review on Customer Support

InMotion Hosting always receive high customer satisfaction rate. Better Business Bureau gives InMotion Hosting the highest A+ service rating. Meanwhile, InMotion Hosting has high standard to its customer support and offer 100% satisfaction guarantee.

For self-managed VPS, although the company does not offer premium server management service, but there is still an AMP (account management panel) provided, coming with a simple interface to help customer handle system setup, server configuration and so on.

However, if customers encounter some troubles they cannot solve, then InMotion Hosting 24/7 live chat and phone support channels are still open to customers. So, don’t worry to use the self-managed VPS hosting.

Additionally, InMotion Hosting has already created an online support center, education channels, community forum, etc. These are good places for developers as well as system administrators to run their servers by themselves. In a word, this self-managed VPS hosting still has good customer support services available.


According to what we have analyzed above, we clearly know that InMotion Hosting self-managed VPS is a fast, scalable, and secure VPS solution for customers. InMotion Hosting offers free SSDs, Full Access, free backups, and 99.9% uptime guarantee. Considering its high to 55% off discount and 90 day money back guarantee, we sincerely recommend it to developers and the customers who know Linux systems well and have good knowledge about server management.

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  1. Oh, wonderful, I have been expecting InMotion Hosting launching unmanaged VPS for a while, because InMotion Hosting is a really cost-effective web host whose web hsoting is cheap and powerful based on many advanced features like SSD, cPanel, PHP7, a lots of useful freebies for starting, as well as fast max speed zones, which make me benefit a lot. With the improvement of administration skills, I want to try an unmanaged VPS for my website to get more control over server. This is what i want.

  2. InMotion Hosting is a good provider. I used its business hosting service, which is powerful, fast and stable. More importantly, InMotion Hosting is generous really, because i remember that it offered my great discount so that i could purchase its business hosting basic plan with minimum cost. Things are worthwhile to mention which are free SDD, cPanel, backups, large package, customer support, and more.

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