Inmotion Hosting Review

In below InMotion Hosting review, we will reveal why it is the best cheap hosting we recommend.

Established in 2001, InMotion Hosting ( now is recognized as a leader in the web hosting industry, who is best known for its extremely fast web hosting service, superior customer service, and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. InMotion Hosting customer review results tops in many hosting review sites, such as  “A+” rating from the BBB Review for 9th consecutive years.

InMotion Hosting offer Linux-based shared web hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server. Unlike some budget web hosting, InMotion Hosting has invested a lot on its data center infrastructure and after-sale supports, which make it extremely popular within all-sizes of businesses.

InMotion Hosting Special Coupon

InMotion Hosting really makes its web hosting affordable to everyone. By exclusive hosting coupons in below, people could get InMotion Hosting services at lower costs.

The regular price of its shared hosting is $6.99/mo. By following this exclusive promotion link, people could receive 56% off, which makes the price low to $2.95/mo only.

InMotion Hosting Promotion InMotion Hosting Promotion
56% Off

Besides, InMotion Hosting is promoting its VPS and dedicated server at 20% to 50% off as well. What’s more, people follow this InMotion Hosting VPS promo link, and can receive additional 50% off for the first month. Thus, InMotion Hosting VPS is as low as $14.99 for one month with 4GB memory and 60GB SSD storage.

InMotion Hosting Price Value Review

InMotion Hosting builds its hosting solutions on Linux, and people could find shared web Hosting, VPS Hosting and dedicated server hosting from the company. What InMotion hosting provides is full-managed hosting service, and all of them include very rich features.

inmotion hosting review on features

For example, InMotion Hosting shared hosting starts at $2.95/mo, 56% off the regular $6.99/mo. This shared hosting plan includes features like unlimited SSD storage, unlimited monthly transfer, hosting 2 domains in one account, and supporting dual versions of PHP, MySQL, customized PHP.ini, suPHP, high PHP memory_limit, WHM/cPanel and more.

And what distinguishes InMotion Hosting from other web hosts are its nightly data backup, Google Apps integration, BoldGrid WordPress Website Builder, Spam Safe Email, and its business class hardware. The company does all its best to increase the reliability and security of its hosting solution, and keep its customers away from spam.

InMotion Hosting VPS is also one of the best VPS in the industry, which includes CentOS 6, unlimited domains hosted, free cPanel,  nightly backup and 2 dedicated IP address. The entry-level VPS is $29.99/mo, after 33% off, including 4GB memory, 60GB SSD storage, and 2 TB bandwidth. By click here, people only need to pay 50% off for the first month.

Besides, All InMotion Hosting web hosting are backup with industry-leading 90 days money back guarantee, which is longer enough for people to test out their services. If they are not satisfied, go ahead to ask for a full refund.

InMotion Hosting World-Class Data Centers and Technology

InMotion Hosting has 2 data centers, one is located in Washington DC and the other one is in Los Angeles CA. Both of its data centers are Category A, PCI compliant with multiple battery and diesel power sources, and BGP4 network to maximum prevent down time.

Web sites of clients are hosted in 100% premium Dell server with at least 24 CPU cores, 24GB memory and RAID-10 SSD fast storage. To further speed up its web servers, InMotion Hosting configures its servers to utilize PHP caching, and maximize available server RAM to reduce I/O requests, which means an PHP & MySQL application could be loaded faster.

Besides, its exclusive Max Speed Zones technology could make email and website run up to 6x faster if visitors are just based in InMotion Hosting Max Speed Zones.

In one word, Inmotion Hosting really takes server reliability, speed and  server security seriously. Due to efforts, it guarantees 99.9% uptime. There is no wonder that it has managed over 300,000 domains for customers throughout the world.

InMotion Hosting Ease-of-Use Review

All InMotion Hosting packages include cPanel, an icon-based control panel which allows people to manage file, domain, database, email, FTP accounts and more easily. Besides, the web host also adds an 1-click application installer in its cPanel so that its customers could install CMS like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla with some simple clicks.

InMotion Hosting provides advanced backups. It backs up of the whole server while the company also offers backup tools for customers to conduct backups themselves. Most importantly, InMotion Hosting does not charge backups and even data recover.

InMotion Hosting allows SSH access as well. Even its shared hosting customers will get this feature. SSH access supports customers to enter their servers by command line and achieve server management.

The company also creates convenience for its customers to fulfill payments. The options include common used Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, purchase order and check.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

InMotion Hosting is really serious about its customer service. It only hires people with at least 4-year working experience, and the administrative engineers should be over 10 years experience. This award-wining customer support team could response to their customer requests timely and resolve their issues effectively.

The specific supporting channels consist of live chat, phone and email, which are all available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, people could get solutions on InMotion Hosting support center with informative guide, tips, tutorials, and web knowledge.

inmotion hosting review on support

InMotion Hosting guarantees 100% customers satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with its service and cancel your account, you will receive a full refund within the first 90 days, or a prorated refund after it. This is really the industry-leading money back term which you cannot find from any other web host.

InMotion Hosting Offers Industry-leading PHP Hosting

InMotion Hosting is operated by a group of people with deep knowledge on Linux. They understand the needs of their customers very well. Each of its web servers come with dual versions of PHP (5.2.17+ and 5.3.8+) and MySQL 5.1.56, No matter which CMS you use to build the site, you could always find the best version of PHP for it from InMotion Hosting.

More than these, InMotion Hosting does its best to make its hosting service extremely friendly to PHP hosting.

  • It installs mod_rewrite Apache module by default so that its customers could customize URL of each link to make it user search engine friendly
  • PHP memory_limit is set to be 512MB, which somehow means InMotion Hosting doesn’t want to limit your usage of memory.
  • PHP run as suPHP for increased WordPress security.
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InMotion Hosting has been proven to be perfect for WordPress and it’s one of the Best WordPress Hosting providers in the year.

Super Fast WordPress Loading Speed

It’s really very few web host could compete with InMotion Hosting on speed.

InMotion Hosting has 2 data centers, one in Washington DC and one in Los Angeles CA. Both of its data centers are Category A, PCI compliant with several controlled access points, and multiple diesel power sources. It also uses 100% Dell web servers in it datacenters, each of which is equipped with 24GB memory and 24 Intel Cores.

The return from this huge investment on data center infrastructure is obvious. Below is the data of our testing to see how fast WordPress site could run in InMotion Hosting , which shows the average page loading time of WordPress is close to 1s in most cities. This is really the best data we have seen from a shared hosting.


WordPress Friendly Support from InMotion Hosting

What makes InMotion Hosting a great option for WordPress is that it has a team who know WordPress very well.

Most of engineers from InMotion Hosting write blogs using WordPress. They understand all the possible issues a WordPress user might meet. As its customers, you could just feel free to ask them any question related to WordPress, and its customer support engineers would be there 24*7 to help you out.

Is InMotion Hosting Recommended for WordPress

Yes, we do feel InMotion Hosting is a great choice to host WordPress. As a business hosting service provider, InMotion Hosting offer top-quality web hosting solutions. Compared with the other business hosting service provider, the price from InMotion Hosting is much more affordable.

If you are business owner, then InMotion Hosting is right for you.

InMotion Hosting is the best Joomla hosting for all-sizes of businesses.

InMotion Hosting Joomla Speed and Performance

InMotion Hosting provides one of the best server environment for Joomla.

It has 2 data centers, Max Speed Zones, Dell servers, Tier 1 bandwidth carriers, and etc. which are much more powerful than its competitors.

InMotion Hosting also optimizes MySQL database caching to speed up SQL queries and PHP caching to improve PHP performance. Below is the performance testing we have done against Joomla in InMotion Hosting launch server, as you could see the result is pretty ideal no matter from which city people access a Joomla site.

inmotionhosting joomla hosting speed

InMotion Hosting Technical Assistance for Joomla

Customers should be pleased because InMotion Hosting truly knows about Joomla. Its technical assistance staffs are qualified enough to give help, and they are available 24/7 through phone call, email and live chat.

Actually, InMotion Hosting online support center is driven by Joomla, and its knowledgebase contains more than hundreds of informative tutorials for Joomla installation, pages creation, a wide range of configuration, and etc.

We Highly Recommend InMotion Hosting for Joomla

Everyone wants to host their Joomla websites on a server that is always up, is fast, and offers rich features at an affordable price, and the best support staffs to help them when they have troubles. These are traits of the leading Joomla host InMotion Hosting, and are the reasons why we highly recommend it for all businesses as well.

InmotionHosting is recommended as one of the best Drupal hosting in this year and take a look at the below to know why.

InMotion Hosting Drupal Review on Speed

InMotion Hosting Drupal is considered as one of the fastest Drupal hosting in the market, this largely relies on its top-notch facilities and technologies, like two PCI compliant datacenters, 100% Dell server, PHP Caching, exclusive Max Speed Zones technology, professional maintenance engineers, and etc.

Drupal performs very well in InMotion Hosting server, and below is the page loading testing we have done in its Launch plan. The speed is the fastest we have seen in all the shared hosting. No matter people from which city to access the Drupal site in InMotion Hosting, they could always see the site launched very quickly.


InMotion Hosting Drupal Review on Server Management

It’s easy to manage your Drupal site with InMotion Hosting.

All InMotion Hosting solutions come with cPanel, the best web hosting control panel which allow its customers to manage files, databases, emails, and etc easily. Besides, InMotion Hosting also integrate Softaculous into its cPanel so that people could setup a Drupal site with some simple clicks.

InMotion Hosting Drupal Review on Customer Support

InMotion Hosting provides its Drupal customers with 24/7 telephone, live chat and email support. Not only that customers get their response quickly, but they get it is a very personalized way that they never seen from other hosting company.

This comes for reasons that InMotion Hosting support employees are all well-trained and seasoned enough to help customers on any Drupal-related question.

Besides, InMotion Hosting’s extensive knowledge base contains website tutorials, Email tutorials, domain name setup Info, and more, which ensures customers can find their wanted information conveniently when dealing with their Drupal sites.

Does InMotion Hosting Recommend to Drupal

InMotion Hosting offers multiple products options, with rich features, reliable service,  and great server performance. The price is also quite affordable. No matter customers are going to create a new Drupal site or upgrade their current one, they can always find the best and most suitable solution in InMotion Hosting.

InMotion Hosting web hosting solutions completely fulfill the requirements of running a Magento website.

InMotion Hosting Excellent Performance for Magento

InMotion Hosting offers pretty fast and reliable Magento performance backed with multiple datacenters, rock-solid hardware, experienced Magento engineers and exclusive Max Speed Zones.  Additionally, it uses SSD to replace the traditional hard drives to greatly improve the speed of Magento websites. And Dell servers are their only option to store data of customers and build their Magento websites.

InMotion Hosting Technical Support for Magento

InMotion Hosting forms a support team responsible for answering online chat, phone and email from customers around the clock. The staffs in the team are well-trained, well-educated and experienced in Magento. They will assist people to solve problems effectively and 100% satisfy people.

More than that, InMotion Hosting support center is helpful for people to look for solutions to their problems, which consists of a large quantity of information towards Magento.

Is InMotion Hosting Good for Magento?

To conclude the above analysis, InMotion Hosting web hosting has a range of benefits for Magento, including rich features, affordable price, 90-Day Money Back Guarantee, fast and reliable performance, 99.9% uptime and award-winning customer support. Therefore, InMotion Hosting is surely good for Magento and is a one of the best Magento hosting provider for businesses to host websites.

InMotion Hosting is #1 Web Host We Recommend

InMotion Hosting has very good reputation in the industry for offering business-class hosting at affordable price, and its customer supports is really outstanding. It is the only web host scores A+ with BBB for the past 9 years. Therefore, we strongly recommend it for all-sizes of businesses and individual freelancers who really take their websites seriously.

To know more about InMotion Hosting, please visit now and don”t forget to check out our exclusive 56% off deal.

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  1. inmotion hosting gives you dozens of features irrespective of the type of plan you choose viz. free backup, free domains, emailing options through POP, SMTP, and IMAP. I would like to recommend it to all those people who want to commence online business because they have impeccable security features. You will get DDoS protection, can customize errors on a page, etc.

  2. Their services are reliable because they have never failed me. They helped me migrate my website, and they performed the job impeccably with all the data intact. I must admit that I haven’t seen such wonderful services. You can also rely on their representatives because they are always so helpful while solving my problem.

  3. I have been an Inmotion Hosting customer for years even before they launched Reseller hosting. Tons of its features help me run different accounts and data. I personally like the WHM/c Panel. They’ve got the best customer support. Thanks, Inmotion Hosting for making this an easy and a clear choice.

    • Inmotion came to my rescue when I was trying to set up my own website. It was very easy to integrate with WordPress. Their team of experts supported me through the entire process earnestly. And irrespective of which CMS you use to build the site, Inmotion has the best version of PHP at your dispense. With the ease of use and super fast loading speed, I have not looked elsewhere for my hosting solution.

    • I was a bit dicey when I started using this hosting service, but frankly, it has live up to my expectations. It offers free daily backup because of which I can be relaxed about the security of my data and focus on other important stuff. Live chat support feature of this hosting service is what I like the most. It makes it extremely easy for me to understand things and work on. It is even compatible with WordPress hosting. It is also reasonably cheap and efficient.

  4. I’m a dedicated blogger who wanted my own website to build my writing portfolio. Inmotion helped me get the website I need. Their live chat support feature helps a technologically illiterate person like me find my way through my issues. They’ve also got affordable plans and their best feature and my favorite one is how well compatible they are with WordPress hosting. There are a lot of technical support guys who have WordPress blogging experience. So my blogging journey was in safe hands throughout.

  5. Whether it be 24/7 availability of services at your expense or provision of relevant services as and when required, they deliver everything as per your expectations. Moreover, their services are reasonably cheap. I would highly recommend using their services for an amazing web hosting experience.

    • This is one of the best cheap web hosting services which comes with all the basic and advanced features. I have been using this web hosting service from the very beginning and never got any chance to claim anything against them. The speed is excellent. Will definitely recommend to all my friends and colleagues if possible!

  6. I am a happy Inmotion hosting customer. I like their service very much and they have been handing my website for one year. I never get any major problems but a few occurred. The customer care service was very helpful in curing the problems. Also, I am satisfied with the price they ask for and also the free domain name feature attracted me.

  7. I have been an Inmotion Hosting customer for years even before they launched Reseller hosting. It is really easy to use and tons of its features help me manage different accounts and data. Thanks, Inmotion Hosting for making this an easy and a clear choice.

  8. They provide hosting services which are suitable for all sorts of websites. With 100 percent customer satisfaction, inmotion is one of the best in the market.

    • I opted for inmotion for my travel blogs. With their unlimited bandwidth and free SSL and SSD, inmotion really helped me get a good hosting service provider.

  9. These people are great at technical services and they provide them at cheap rates too. Their annual plans are so good and cheap. They offer excellent services and have a good customer support team who can fix things in a very short while.

  10. I switched to InMotion from a different service recently and I have been really disappointed with their service. My two blogs lagged a lot after I stopped updating for a while. Turns out, they had deleted most of my data due to the inactivity and my account was suspended because of that! The customer service support was really inefficient in solving the issue.

  11. While choosing a web hoster I was always conscious about the high-quality performance and speed. With Immotion hosting, I never had any complaint about any of these aspects. However, this web host is a little on expensive side but with their average uptime of 99.97% they never let me down. And totally worth the money I paid for it.

  12. Inmotion Hosting was suggested to me by a friend who knew I was looking for a fast web hosting service for my website. Honestly, I didn’t realize how affordable and easy it would be with inmotion. They don’t charge for a lot of extra stuff like full back ups. Their hosting packages are easy to use and the 90 days money back guarantee was what made me chose them over other web hosting services.

    • Totally agree with you Vijay. I’m an Inmotion customer from last 3 years and being a technology enthusiastic I was monitoring their services such as average load time and uptime. With average 99.91% uptime it amazed me and 751 ms average page loading it is proved to be 15.6% faster as compared to other web hosting services. I would totally recommend this to everyone in this field.

  13. I use Inmotion primarily because of one reason- they know their technical stuff. They can solve complex issues within minutes. I had a personal experience with this and I can assure you that these people provide the best technical support you’ve ever seen. Their prices are also not very high for such an excellent customer service team.

  14. I switched from a different hosting company and I’ve been with InMotion’s hosting service for about 3 years now. And they have taken the best care of me and my company’s website. The uptime has been perfect since day one of usage and I don’t have any major problems to add. Their customer service is impeccable, and I would definitely recommend them to everyone.

    • Agree with you William! They were quite good and their plans were also very good. No complaints about their services. They did well on my website. They had a lot of options through which I could choose from. This web host served my website well, and as a result of that, my company got boosted up. I’m perfectly happy with their services.

  15. Owning a charity trust, it was never easy to have an interactive yet eye-catching website. Inmotion hosting has been a boon for me and my trust. The LiveChat feature of Inmotion hosting is the most responsive and humble customer care team I have ever come across. If you are looking at things money wise, they are the best at that too. Out of many things that are worth paying for, the most worthy is their customer support.

    • Totally agree with you Graham. I’m involved with Immotion hosting for 5 years now. I got which is totally expected but their customer care service always helped to sort the problems out. I would recommend this to everyone with less knowledge of the internet.

  16. I noticed that InMotion Hosting recently made adjustments on its VPS hosting solutions. Now the company has unmanaged and managed VPS plans. It is good for customers to decide if they have the ability and skills to manage their WordPress admin. This review need update some information, but generally speaking this is relatively objective review on InMotion Hosting products, said by a user of this company.

  17. As a website manager of a charitable organization, I have used Inmotion Hosting for over 5 years, and the support from them are really great. Recently, my website was hacked and I contacted their support, and only 10 minutes my website got recovered and everything went well. Even the data was one day’s before but what they offer was beyond my expectation already.

    If you need a website, Inmotion Hosting is highly recommended.

  18. What really make Inmotion Hositng different with the other web host? I have used 3 web hosts before them, and I have to say they have the best technical support, which is really what “100% satisfaction” mean. I could feel their technical support have been well training since my issue are resolved very quickly.

    In terms of features, Inmotion Hosting offer cpanel, ssd, and more, but those are relatively common in the industry now and most of web hosts include those in their hosting package at low price but they could not offer the support at the level as Inmotion Hosting.

    Keep up with the good work! I like Inmotion Hosting support team.

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