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InMotion Hosting vs. Midphase

InMotion Hosting and Midphase are both recommended as the best cheap hosting providers, but there must be some different features making them different from each other. To figure out that and make sense which one is better, we plan to make a comparison between them. In below, the comparison of InMotion Hosting vs. Midphase will be composed from 4 aspects, which include hosting prices, features, speed & reliability, and customer support.

About InMotion Hosting and Midphase

Since its inception in 2001, InMotion Hosting ( has been standing in the industry for more than 16 years. Up till now, it has grown into an industry-leading web hosting company, offering business shared hosting, cloud VPS, reseller hosting, and dedicated hosting. All these web hosting solutions are based on Linux operating systems.

Midphase ( was founded in 1998, having rich web hosting provisioning experience. As a flagship US brand of UK2 Group, it now can offer multiple professional web hosting solutions, ranging from shared hosting, VPS, reseller hosting, dedicated servers, website builder, and domain names.

InMotion Hosting vs. Midphase on Prices

InMotion Hosting and Midphase are both regarded as the best cheap hosting companies, so their hosting pricing must be reasonable and affordable.

At InMotion Hosting, its business shared hosting comes with exclusive promotion for our readers. Once customers purchase it via our exclusive promo link in below, they will get a 56% off discount. Regularly, InMotion Hosting Business hosting starts at $7.99/mo, but now it is as low as $3.49/mo.

InmotionHosting Exclusive Deal InmotionHosting Exclusive Deal
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Midphase shared hosting also comes with special discount. Customers can get up to 56% off web hosting packages here. For Personal web hosting, it normally starts at $7.95/mo for monthly and 3 months plans, but when customers purchase yearly personal web hosting, the discount will come to them and make it start at $3.48/mo only!

Midphase Exclusive Deal Midphase Exclusive Deal
56% OFF

According to the shared hosting pricing, both are extremely cheap! Differently, InMotion Hosting also provides a very long money back guarantee – 90 Days. During this period, customers can freely use the packaged features and resources, and once they cancel the account, they can receive a full refund. At Midphase, a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee comes.

If customers need VPS, InMotion Hosting cloud VPS normally starts at $54.99/mo with 75GB SSD storage, 4GB RAM, 4TB bandwidth, and 3 IPs, but now it is at $19.99/mo only, namely coming with a 63% off discount. Midphase SSD VPS includes a 33% off discount, making it start at $8/mo along with 25GB SSD disk space, 1GB RAM, 3TB bandwidth, and 4 cores. So, InMotion Hosting VPS comes with more resources at a higher pricing, and Midphase offers fewer resources at a cheaper pricing.

InMotion Hosting vs. Midphase on Features

InMotion Hosting and Midphase are both all-round players, so we are to reveal their features from two most popular web hosting types, which are shared hosting and VPS. At first, let’s talk about their shared hosting features.

InMotion Hosting shared hosting is specially designed for business, so it comes with many business-friendly features. It comes with rich server resources. For instance, its entry-level one offers customers free SSDs, unlimited disk space, monthly transfer, email storage, email accounts, 2 MySQL and PostgreSQL DB, 2 websites, free domain transfer or registration, and $250 free ads credits.

For other advanced features, InMotion Hosting also provides the latest PHP version support, PHP 7, multiple script languages like Ruby, Python, and Perl, SSH access, UNLIMITED SPAM Safe email with IMAP, as well as malware protection. For better usage, it provides each customer with free cPanel, free 1-click installer, free website builder, and easy Goggle Apps integration, so customers can manage and maintain their server and site effortlessly.

Midphase shared hosting is created based on different needs, to suite all personal sites, small businesses, and e-commerce sites. For personal sites, it offers unlimited web space, bandwidth, emails, free domain, 1 database, 1 website, and 1 subdomain. For business sites, it offers the same web space, bandwidth and emails; besides, it also includes up to unlimited DB, subdomains, dedicated IP, positive SSL, and Stats2 web analytics.

Apparently, InMotion Hosting shared comes with much richer features and resources than what Midphase shared hosting has.

Now let’s get into VPS! InMotion Hosting VPS also comes with attractive features. In its starter plan, there are free SSD, 4GB available RAM, 75GB fault tolerant disk space, 4TB monthly premium transfer, unlocked CPU cores, unlimited email accounts, unlimited domains/ websites, free launch Assist, and 3 dedicated IPs.

All InMotion Hosting VPS is based on CentOS with LAMP Stack, and can be easily managed with free cPanel and resource dashboard, leaving customers a peace of mind.

Midphase SSD VPS is customizable. With a slider, customers are allowed to choose the server size according to their needs. Because of ease upgrade, customers can start with the smallest one and scale up with their business growing. 1GB Ram, 3TB bandwidth, 25GB SSD disk space, and 4 cores are for starters. At most, Midphase can offer 16GB RAM, 7TB bandwidth, 400GB disk space, and 4 cores, but the pricing is extremely high and only enterprises can afford.

Midphase VPS offers the options for customers to tailor their OS. They can choose from various templates, including cPanel, Windows, and free WordPress or LAMP stacks. However, Even though Midphase offers flexible SSD VPS, InMotion Hosting is well-tuned to offer redundant features and resources to support customers’ sites growing.

In a word, in terms of hosting features, InMotion Hosting still makes a good job!

InMotion Hosting vs. Midphase on Speed & Reliability

InMotion Hosting guarantees all web hosting plans a 99.9% uptime, so does Midphase! What makes the two companies are so confident to their web hosting solutions?

At InMotion Hosting, no matter shared hosting or VPS, free premium 20x faster SSDs are used to enhance the server I/O performance and reduce the page load time so that improve user experience online. What’s more, to continue to boost server and site speed, the company also makes full use of advanced technologies as well its own datacenters to create a large-scale Max Speed Zone. Within it, another 6 times faster speed is available.

InMotion Hosting VPS even seamlessly integrates cloud technology, making it feature high availability. To keep safety and ensure reliability, business-class hardware, secure emails, free data backups, and live-state snapshots are included.

Midphase uses premium hardware and take advantages of multiple data centers which are equipped with redundant networking, power supply, and security, to make sure reliability. Its VPS also integrates SSD disks and the Cisco-powered network to speed up the site speed.

According to the data above, we can learn that although both companies guarantee the same 99.9% uptime, but InMotion Hosting makes more to support it.

InMotion Hosting vs. Midphase on Customer Support

InMotion Hosting offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee to provide customers with responsive support and rich self-help resources online. Shared hosting customers can enjoy free domain transfer, free no-downtime transfer, and 24/7/365 US-based support. Phone, Skype, email, and live chat are available to customers ask for help anytime. An exclusive help center including information guides, tutorials, tips as well as web knowledge is available!

Midphase offers live chat and phone call support via its 24/7 US-based support team. Its help Center collects the popular questions and attach the answers behind each one. If customers want to know more about its core products, the support center offer the introduction.

InMotion Hosting has more support channels and services, meaning customers can support customers better.


InMotion Hosting and Midphase really provide cheap web hosting to customers. Differently, InMotion Hosting designs better packages including more features. if customers need to run a simple personal website, then InMotion Hosting and Midphase shared hosting both can meet their needs, but if they are to run business sites and get stably growing, then InMotion Hosting is of course the better choice to host with, because it bigger plans offer more feature-rich, high performance and well-supported hosting at cheaper pricing.

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