InmotionHosting Dedicated Server Review

inmotionInmotion Hosting is considered as one of the best hosting provider for any scale of business. The services that are provided by this firm include VPS hosting, shared web hosting and dedicated hosting. And customers can benefit a lot from its services, like upgrading their web servers with the progressive growth of their business.

In below, we will review InmotionHosting dedicated server to explain why it’s one of the best dedicated server we would like to recommend.

Features Review of InmotionHosting Dedicated Server

The dedicated servers at InmotionHosting are the incredible Dell servers with 4-64 GB RAM. And CPUs are Core I3 or Xeon series coming with 1 to 15 MB CPU cache. This infrastructure is more powerful than its competitors.

The c-panel offered by this firm is best, easy to use and free. You can manage your databases, files, domains, emails and much more using the c-panel. This c-panel is very much simple that even a beginner can easily navigate its functions.

InmotionHosting is offering a great dedicated server solution to the customers. If we take a look at its Essential plan, then the features include:

  • 6 TB bandwidth for each month, 4GB RAM and 500 GB disk space
  • 2K SATA2 drive technology
  • 5 dedicated IP Addresses
  • Individual custom firewall
  • Optional root access

InmotionHosting Dedicated Server Uptime and Speed

InmotionHosting is one of the fastest dedicated server service providers with a 99.999% uptime. Unlike other hosting firms, this company is offering a multiple category A and PCI complaint datacenters, which are equipped with the best UPS power and diesel generators and BGP4 networks in order to prevent down time.

The dedicated servers are equipped with maximum server RAM which is used to reduce the I/O requests while using PHP caching. According to the tests, Drupal, WordPress and Joomla run quite fast on the dedicated servers offered by InmotionHosting.

The customers are able to choose the location of datacenters and if they are in the max speed zone, then they can experience the best website and email run up to 6 times faster. This firm has hired the best qualified engineers with years’ experience who assure the best quality of services regarding the security, uptime and performance of the dedicated servers.

InmotionHosting Customer Support

InmotionHosting is one of the best dedicated server service providers. This firm is aware that how much important the customer service is. The support team of this firm is 100% US based and all the members have over 4 years of experience. The staff is well trained and is available around the clock in order to assist the customers.

The customers can contact the support team via E-mail, live chat support and phone call. 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed by this firm and if the customers are not satisfied with the services that this firm is offering, then they can ask for full payment refund with 30 days. If you want to know more about the customer support of this firm, then you can log on to the official website of this company and start a live chat with the support team for your satisfaction.

InmotionHosting Dedicated Server Pros

No dedicated server service firm is perfect. It all depends on your preferences and goals. Listed below are the pros that are found in InmotionHosting dedicated server package:

  • Customer Service: The customer support team of this firm is very much active and responsive. You can get their assistance around the clock 24/7.
  • Hosting Routine: InmotionHosting is very much concerned about the files placed on the servers. These files are safe and secure in the datacenters. So there is no need to worry about these files. Speed is one of the important factors, which is considered with hosting performance. The speed of the web servers is incredibly fast than other firms.
  • Flexibility: The c-panel offered by this firm is quite easy and simple. Even a beginner can use it as it is quite basic and simple. Another flexibility offered by this company is the in-house upgrade options for the websites.
  • Assurances: InmotionHosting is offering 30 days money back guarantee. This means that this firm is reliable and it’s one of the major pros of hiring the services of this firm.

InmotionHosting Dedicated Server Cons

Here are some cons of this web host:

  • Pricing: InmotionHosting is providing affordable prices but what they are offering in the package is a little more expensive when compared to other hosting firms, such as 1and1 and GoDaddy. Here is the starting price: Essential dedicated server plan: $149.99/month


InmotionHosting is viewed as one of the best dedicated server hosting firm in the IT industry because of its great valuable features, the business-class datacenter, 24/7 customer support and server hardware. Moreover, this firm is providing 30 days money back guarantee and you can take back your full money within that period. InmotionHosting is also one of the web hosting recommended by, a leading product review and rating website.

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