InmotionHosting Reseller Hosting Review

Reseller hosting makes it possible for businesses and even individuals to earn money by purchasing reseller hosting and reselling to their own customers. Inmotion Hosting is just one of reseller hosting providers in the industry to help web hosting resellers succeed.

In below, we will review InmotionHosting Reseller Hosting from company profile, features, data centers & technology, prices, and customer support to explain why it’s one of the best Reseller hosting we recommend.

About InmotionHosting

inmotionhostingInmotionHosting is based in U.S. but has served customers throughout the world since 2001. This company differentiates from other competitors by premium web hosting, exclusive Max Speed Zones, the first data center in Los Angeles, the longest money back guarantee, 100% customer satisfaction, etc.

In terms of products, InmotionHosting has web hosting, domain services, and hosting tools. The web hosting is its core product with massive types, including basic shared hosting, VPS hosting, advanced dedicated servers, reseller hosting, SSD hosting, and much more.

Besides, InmotionHosting is also the Best Cheap Web Hosting in the year.

InmotionHosting Reseller Hosting Review on Price Value

InmotionHosting reseller hosting is based on popular Cent OS, an enterprise-class Linux distribution. For one thing, Cent OS has a large group of community contributors to support it. For another, InmotionHosting has utilized Cent OS for over one decade and this company really knows how to optimize Cent OS for higher performance.

inmotionhosting reseller hosting review on featuresMore than that, InmotionHosting provides many free tools to help its resellers manage their web hosting business smoothly. One of the tools is WHMCS, billing software for resellers to manage billing and support requests from their own customers. They can create promotions via WHMCS too. Besides, InmotionHosting gives eNom, via which its resellers can resell domains and SSL.

cPanel is another important tool that InmotionHosting offers. cPanel enables InmotionHosting resellers to administrate their web hosting business, including designing hosting packages, create unlimited cPanel accounts for their customers, upgrade customers’ accounts, and so on. Most importantly, InmotionHosting cPanel is white-labeled, so that resellers can resell InmotionHosting server resources by branding cPanel with their own names and logos.

In the case of specific plans, InmotionHosting tailors 3 reseller hosting packages including above all features, but are different in:

  • Disk space
  • Monthly bandwidth

The entry-level R-1000S has 80 GB RAID-6 SSD disk space and 800 GB monthly bandwidth, charging at $27.99/mo. With our exclusive Inmotion hosting coupon link, people will save up to 50% off to pay from $13.99/mo only. Other 2 plans also give 50% discounts to cut down the price respectively at $19.99/mo and $27.49/mo.

InmotionHosting accepts payment via credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

InmotionHosting Reseller Hosting InmotionHosting Reseller Hosting
50% Off

Moreover, all 3 plans come with 1 free domain name registration for the first year, unlimited websites allowed, unlimited email accounts, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited MySQL databases, SSH Access, cPanel transfers, backups, 1 dedicated IP, and much more.

Combining what InmotionHosting reseller hosting offers and charges, we highly think that InmotionHosting reseller hosting has high price value.

InmotionHosting Reseller Hosting Review on Data Center and Technology

Besides high price value reseller hosting plans, InmotionHosting has world-class hosting infrastructure and advanced technology to ensure websites or applications hosted on its servers stable and secure.

inmotionhosting greenThis web host utilizes data centers located in both coasts of U.S. one of which is even the first green data center in Los Angeles. Outside Air Cooling technology cools this LA data center 24 hours a day. At the same time, this advanced technology reduces 2,000 tons of carbon output as well as 70% cooling costs each year.

Besides cool environment around the clock, the data centers have stable power supply, composed of power from public utility, backup battery, and diesel generators. 24/7/365 data center administration is also essential for security and reliability.

Moreover, redundant and premium network connects the data centers to the end users. InmotionHosting cooperates with industry-leading bandwidth providers, such as Level 3, Hurricane Electric, nLayer, Corporate Colocation, and TaliaSonera. They offer 20 gigabits of connectivity and 10 gigabits Ethernet connection. To, optimize network performance for the fastest speed, InmotionHosting also deploys BGP, Brocade cores, redundant LAN, etc .

This web host also offers reseller hosting based on best-in-class Dell servers for high reliability, fast speed, and competitive security. Each server is tested by Dell before shipping to InmotionHosting.

InmotionHosting Reseller Hosting Review on Customer Support

InmotionHosting supports its resellers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Resellers will get help from InmotionHosting supporting technicians just via live chat, phone, and email. What’s more, they can access InmotionHosting Support Center to read articles, search useful solutions, learn web hosting knowledge, etc. However, resellers have to support their own customers.

If people choose R-3000S plan, they will gain InmotionHosting Launch Assist with the value of $99. Launch Assist includes 2-hour InmotionHosting Managed Hosting Team services to help resellers migrate websites or other advanced issues. But resellers have to use this service within the first 30 days.

More than that, InmotionHosting gives its resellers 90 Day Money Back Guarantee, which is really leading in the industry. Moreover, this guarantee is for a full refund rather than a prorate refund. To get this risk-free guarantee, resellers have to choose 6-month plans or longer plans.

Do We Recommend InmotionHosting Reseller Hosting?

InmotionHosting is a global web hosting provider with a long history. Its reseller hosting based on Cent OS has high price value. Because of green technology and first-class hosting infrastructure, InmotionHosting creates eco-friendly, stable, and secure environment for websites and applications. It is easy to ask for InmotionHosting support too. Due to 90 Day Money Back Guarantee, resellers will get a full refund if they do not like InmotionHosting services.

Based on above, we highly recommend InmotionHosting reseller hosting to people to start web hosting business and make money.

For more details about InmotionHosting and its reseller hosting services, please visit

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