InmotionHosting VPS Hosting Review

inmotionhostingInmotionHosting ( is a well-known web hosting provider in the industry. This company utilizes premium and green hosting infrastructure. It has a group of experienced IT talents as well. As a result, InmotionHosting provides people with first-class web hosting solutions. Moreover, InmotionHosting are possible to satisfy everyone from individuals to big companies due to a complete set of hosting solutions. By far, InmotionHosting has managed more than 300 thousand domains and the number is increasing by days.

In this article, we are only dedicated to InmotionHosting VPS hosting, which has won lots of rewards and received popularity. Through our analysis on InmotionHosting VPS features, prices, performance and support in below, readers will know deeper towards InmotionHosting VPS and understand why it is the best VPS hosting you can trust.

InmotionHosting VPS Hosting Features

InmotionHosting VPS is based on CentOS 6 operating system. For one, CentOS is an open source and most popular Linux distribution. A large number of community contributors have come to optimize it. For another, InmotionHosting has utilized CentOS for over 10 years, which enables its engineers to know how to operate CentOS for better performance and offer professional support.

Besides the great operating system, InmotionHosting virtual private servers are loaded with rock-solid hardware.

SSD is a classic example. A majority of VPS hosting providers still use standard Hard Disk Drives. InmotionHosting does not. It configures its VPS with solid state drives that do not have mechanical parts. So, SSDs can deliver more substantial and faster performance than HDDs while InmotionHosting VPS with SSD runs 20 times faster in general.

Moreover, all InmotionHosting packages come with managed services including LAMP stack updates, OS patches, updates of cPanel and WHM, etc. If people need additional managed services, InmotionHosting supports them as well but charges.

For specific packages, InmotionHosting VPS has 3 packages: VPS-1000S, VPS-2000S and VPS-3000S. Even the smallest package VPS-1000S contains rich features as following:

  • 4 GB RAM;
  • 2 TB data transfer each month;
  • 60 GB SSD RAID-6 disk space;
  • 2 dedicated IP addresses;
  • Unlimited email accounts;
  • Unlimited MySQL databases;
  • SSH Access;
  • cPanel and WHM.

In addition to that, each package contains unlimited websites. In other words, people can create unlimited websites with different domains under one InmotionHosting VPS account.

InmotionHosting VPS Hosting Performance

We have talked a little above about rock-solid hardware that InmotionHosting VPS has. But actually InmotionHosting does a lot to ensure every customer to gain high hosting performance.

The first measure InmotionHosting takes is data centers. InmotionHosting takes advantages of 2 data centers respectively located in two coasts of America. So, the 2 data centers are geographically complementary. As for datacenters themselves, they are top-notch in their regions. Especially one data center in Los Angeles is the first green data center, which deploys Outside Air Cooling technology to cut carbon output over 2 thousand tons every year. Note that the most of data centers are using Computer Room Air Conditioners, requiring nonstop work for cooling.

The second is network. Wired magazine names the data center in west coast as the most connected building. We can check that network infrastructure in this data center is composed of Brocade routers, BGP router optimizer, 20 gigabits of connectivity, LAN redundancy, and 24/7 network management team. In addition to that, InmotionHosting works with 4 Tier-1 bandwidth providers to connect servers in this data center to outside world. The other data center in east coast has 2 ISPs as well. InmotionHosting built its exclusive Max Speed Zones, in which websites and applications will run 6 times faster.

inmotionhosting max speed zones

The third aspect good for InmotionHosting VPS performance is hardware. This company only has one server provider. That is Dell. As we mentioned above, InmotionHosting even uses SSDs to replace traditional HDDs. Besides SSDs, these Dell servers are equipped with RAID 6, which is beneficial to keep hard drives running all the time with high throughput.

InmotionHosting VPS Hosting Prices

Though InmotionHosting VPS owns such great features and performance as above, it is not expensive. Especially if people purchase InmotionHosting VPS via our link, they will save more.

Directly open InmotionHosting VPS hosting page. We check that InmotionHosting VPS-1000S is originally at $44.99/mo. But InmotionHosting is promoting its VPS and lowers the price at $29.99/mo, which is around 33% off $44.99/mo.

Now we have an exclusive InmotionHosting promo code for our readers. Just by following our links in below, people will pay $14.99/mo for the first month for InmotionHosting VPS-1000S package. For the rest 11 months, they need to pay $29.99 each month. Note that InmotionHosting has monthly and 6-month billing cycles, but prices under such cycles are a little higher than prices under yearly billing cycles.

InmotionHosting VPS Promotion InmotionHosting VPS Promotion
50% Off

If people want higher level of VPS, they could buy InmotionHosting VPS-2000S or VPS-3000S. Through our link, VPS-2000S is $24.49 for the first month and then $49.99/mo. VPS-3000S is $37.49/1st month and then $74.99 each month.

Moreover, all above prices contain features listed out in the feature review part. In other words, people do not need to pay extra for SSD, cPanel, WHM, etc. Every 24 to 36 hours, InmotionHosting will take backups for their data at no cost as well. InmotionHosting does not charge them on setup either.

InmotionHosting Support Review

inmotionhosting customer satisfactionInmotionHosting cares much about customer experience. It provides 100% satisfaction guarantee on its official website. Moreover, this guarantee is connected to refunds. According to InmotionHosting 90-Day Money Back Guarantee, people could try InmotionHosting VPS for 90 days. During the period, if they are unhappy about InmotionHosting support, or dislike InmotionHosting VPS, or something else, they can apply for a full refund.

More than that, InmotionHosting VPS is managed. Namely, InmotionHosting will take care of servers of its customers, such as CentOS updates. For another hand, this company also provides its VPS hosting customers with premier support. No matter what time customers need help, InmotionHosting experts are ready to help them out. To ask for InmotionHosting support, customers can take advantage of one, two or all three ways, including phone, live chat and email.

If people want to solve problems by themselves or learn something, InmotionHosting Support Center is the best place. The center has collected massive articles and information, which are classified into clear categories, such as FAQs, email tutorials, website tutorials, community support, etc. Additionally, this center has “search” function that will help people find out useful information quickly.

InmotionHosting VPS is the Best

To conclude, multiple VPS packages of InmotionHosting make it possible for people to select a suitable one. Furthermore, InmotionHosting VPS has classic features and advanced features, such as SSD. Due to geographically complementary data centers, Max Speed Zones, high quality network and rock-solid hardware, InmotionHosting VPS performance is industry-leading as well. Plus premier support and low cost, InmotionHosting VPS is the best in the industry. We highly recommend it to people who are looking for VPS solutions.

Please visit or read our Inmotion Hosting Review to know more details of InmotionHosting VPS hosting.


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