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InmotionHosting vs Fatcow

inmotionhosting vs fatcowIf webmasters intend to select a cost-effective web hosting provider to host their websites, there is no question asked that they should take price, features, speed & uptime and customer service into consideration.

And today we will focus on InmotionHosting and Fatcow and compare the two companies from these four aspects we mentioned above to help customers figure out which one is a better option.

InmotionHosting vs Fatcow on Features Comparison

featureInmotionHosting and Fatcow both know that rich features are the first step to help customers run a multi-functional and successful website.

InmotionHosting offers three different hosting solutions for customers to choose, Launch, power and Pro. The entry level one, Launch contains unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly data transfer, 2 MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, 2 websites on 1 account, $275 free advertising credits, SSH access, premium website builder, 6 parked domains and 25 subdomains and more.

In addition, InmotionHosting customers can get free SSD, solid state drive, which is a powerful tool that can guarantee increased performance and reliability over mechanical hard drives.

As for Fatcow, the company can also provide its customers with ample features, including one free domain name for one year, unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and domains hosted as well as email accounts, free website builder, shared SSL, unlimited subdomains, $100 advertising credits and more.

Furthermore, the two web hosts also support some scripts, such as PHP, Perl, Ruby and Python and others.

InmotionHosting vs Fatcow on Pricing

priceBoth InmotionHosting and Fatcow promise to offer the service at an affordable to all of their customers.

The latest InmotionHosting promo give considerable discount to its customers, so the price now can be easily cut down to $3.49/mo, Instead of the regular price, $7.99/mo. As for Fatcow, customers can claim Fatcow coupon starting at $3.15/mo by following our exclusive promotion link.

As for the policy of money back guarantee, InmotionHosting offers industry-leading unconditional 90day money back guarantee for all of its hosting packages, but Fatcow only guarantees 30 day money back. By comparison, we can see that it is safer for customers to choose InmotionHosting.

InmotionHosting $3.49 Promo InmotionHosting $3.49 Promo
50% off

InmotionHosting vs Fatcow on Reliability

reliablilkityUnquestionably, fast speed and at least 99.9% uptime is very important for customers to run their own websites smoothly.

InmotionHosting utilizes multiple green data centers located in Los Angeles, Herndon, so customers can freely choose each of them to host their websites. Moreover, its datacenters are equipped with 20 gigabits of connectivity over 10 gig Ethernet connection, carrier-grade network core from Brocade, multiple layer of redundancy, and more.

In addition, InmotionHosting also takes advantage of advanced routing technologies, SSD, Dell servers to ensure its network is faster than other competitors.

Although Fatcow is also a reliable web hosting provider that can guarantee a high performance environment for customers to manage their websites, it cannot still compete with InmotionHosting based on the tests of our experts.

InmotionHosting vs Fatcow on Customer Service

keep the gearsThe two web hosts both pay much attention to the satisfaction of customers, so they promise that their customers can receive an award-winning technical support at the two companies.

The most efficient supporting methods, email, phone and live chat are available at the two web hosting companies. As long as they encounter problems, they can freely contact the experts o help them find solutions. According to the feedbacks of existing customers and our tests, it shows that the supporting staffs of the two companies can always give a quick response to their customers.


In summary, it is not a tough work for customers to make a conclusion that InmotionHosting and Fatcow can offer rich features and industry-leading customer service to their customers. Furthermore, the price of the two web hosts is affordable. However, the distinct difference of the two web hosts is that InmotionHosting can provide a more secure, stable and reliable online environment than Fatcow. Therefore, we highly recommend InmotionHosting rather than Fatcow.

By the way, customers can visit or check InmotionHosting Review to know more information about InmotionHosting.


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