Internet Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses

Small businesses can get many from Internet Marketing. Internet can make a business develop fast, while Internet Marketing can help you make full use of every opportunity appearing online.


How Internet Marketing Works for Small Businesses?

Here small businesses mean all the companies operating online or offline, and they may or may not have clients online, but they do not have dedicated department taking care of Internet marketing.

Before we get into the tactics, we are glad to share some questions with small businesses, to help them understand Internet marketing better.

The first question is “we do not sell online, then why do we need the Internet marketing?” we believe it must be the top question that most small businesses may ask. Our answer is simple and straightforward. You indeed do not sell products online but you still need it, because currently the purchasing behaviors have been influenced by the online search results.

With the Internet popularization, when people need to buy something, they prefer to make a research before they decide to purchase which one’s products. It means that is they cannot find you in their research online, you cannot be chosen by them at all.

Here is a real research about mobile shopping, done by Google and Nielsen, which was found that about 84% smartphone shoppers would use their mobile devices for shopping, even in store. So, now you can understand why you need the Internet Marketing very much!

The second question is “our clients are not on Twitter, why should we take money on those things that will not give us any return?” This is a good question for discussing. The Internet is a very large online world, which does not only include Facebook, Google, or Twitter. So, the Internet Marketing is also not only about Twitter, Facebook or Google. Do not limit your thoughts when you are thinking about Internet marketing.

The third question is “we have been evolved into it for a time, why can’t we see any effort?” There are 3 situations about your questions. The first is that you might use a bad employ or company for this part, so they just take your money, but they do not know what they should do.

The second is that the person or the company you hired does not use right metrics for his or its work, so that he or the company does not know whether their work is better or worse.

The third is that the person or the company just measure the traffic, but ignore the conversions, so they cannot notice other results from their work.

Benefits from Internet Marketing

In above post, we have mentioned that Internet marketing can help small businesses grow their business. In fact, there are far more benefits you can get.

Internet marketing can help you find more new clients from different online marketplaces. There are thousands of millions of people online. When you are learning from our guide, others may be searching for something via Google, Bing or Yahoo!

Or they are using Apple Store, Amazon AppStore, or Google Play Store to download apps on their mobile devices; or some people are sharing things via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ or other social media platforms. Therefore, as for an efficient and well-designed Internet marketing campaign, it should penetrate all these online markets and help your company monitor all potential clients.

Internet marketing can make you get ahead in competition. Just like we mentioned the case of Nielsen / Google research, now most mobile users use their mobile devices to search their target products or services before purchasing. You can image that when your website cannot appear in their search results, but the competitors are in that result, then you will most probably lose the chance and fall behind your competitors.

However, if your website is very good and optimized for all devices, then you absolutely have more chances to get more clients’ attention and your Internet marketing can make you keep the top place of the competition.

Internet Marketing can make you know your clients better and understand more about what they want and need. You make full use of social media platforms to connect with your target clients, and ask their opinions about your new packages, designs, or products. Wait for their response and check your social media’s pages and comments. These data are the most valuable data for you net products or designs which can certain get the popularity from your target clients.

Internet Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses

Before we introduce the Internet Marketing tactics, we want to make you know that if you still do not understand what you should do about the Internet Marketing, or you do not have the staff or time to do this part, you have to hire a professional company to handle your Internet marketing. Trust us! It will be the best option for you!

Internet marketing consists of has several components. Now let’s introduce them one by one for you:

Web Site

A website is a necessary for Internet marketing. The report said that nowadays there are over half of businesses in the US not having a website. Once you decide to get into the Internet marketing, it is not enough to have a website. You have to make sure that your website is high quality and designed based on the best standards & practices.


After building your quality website, you need to focus on SEM, namely Search Engine Marketing. Generally, it includes 3 important parts, influencing your overall success of Internet marketing campaign:

  • On-page SEO: optimize your website for better visibility in any search engine; meanwhile you have to make sure that your website is friendlier for users.
  • Off-page SEO: uses white hat techniques to promote your site.
  • PPC: make full use of Pay per click advertising media platforms such as Yahoo ads, Google AdWords, and others which make more potential clients see your message.

Social Media Marketing

It is very common to promote online business. According to the recent research, the conversion rate is increasing from social media traffic; and there is something very encouraging for those social media marketers.

Content Marketing

Fresh, interesting and informative content can always catch people’s eyes, and companies can use it to converse their potential clients with a winning end. This marketing is not very new but still efficient. The number of online people is increasing and they still prefer to hunt for valuable and quality content online, so, if you want to keep your site on the top place, you need to grape this part.

Email Marketing

Nowadays, we are pretty sure that most people have an email account, and many of them have more than one email addresses. As for businesses, there are many chances to for them to increase their client base, only if they can get the valid email addresses of the current and potential clients. Besides, if that, they have more opportunities to facilitate cross selling.

Internet marketing indeed includes many parts and its’ success does not only depend on email marketing. However, when you learn that there are so many chances lying in email addresses, how can you miss this big part when you make your overall Internet marketing plan?

Mobile Marketing

The usage of mobile devices is rising, because of the popularization of smartphone. It means mobile marketing is becoming more and more important in current business. Let’s take a look at Google investment! The giant of search engine has already invested a lot on the research of mobile, and it believes that the mobile marketing is become an imperative marketing element for all business today, instead of an optional part.

As a result, you, a member of businesses today, have to make sure one thing that your site must be mobile friendly. If it was not, then you need now to optimize it for browsing on various mobile devices.

When you make your site mobile friendly, the nest thing is to ensure it is SEO friendly as well, because you need to make your website more visible in the search engine’s result pages. Besides, Google will take action to penalize your site if it is not SEO friendly. So, it is an important step you can’t miss.

Other more, the native mobile application is also a good idea for you to realize your mobile marketing target. Nevertheless, you need to remember that the mobile markets include many parts, which is important to your app design. It means that your mobile apps should focus on different mobile markets to reach more existing or potential clients.

Banner Advertising

The last component is about banner advertising that is a traditional one. It requires you to put your advertising on the other related sits or blogs that must be quality and reputable, meanwhile it must be in your niche.

However, this traditional advertising has a big bug where businesses always make mistakes. People always forget to count their return from their investment on purchasing advertising from other sites.

In a word, you have to make sense some information, such as what people will do when they click your ads, how long they will spend on your website, which content or page they will visit, as well as how many people will make a purchase. After you get the information, you can understand how much money you should invest or whether you should go on with this marketing.


Internet marketing now is an imperative choice for every business, if you want to survive in the fiercer competition. No matter whether you are selling products or services online, you need Internet marketing helping you find more clients and take more markets. Comparing with the return from investment, Internet marketing is worth of a reasonable investment.

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