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In the following post, we intend to do a comprehensive analysis on InterServer dedicated servers. This review will be divided into 4 parts including InterServer dedicated server features, pricing, speed & reliability, and customer support. After reading this review, we hope it can give customers a clear understanding about InterServer dedicated servers.

About InterServer

interserverBefore jumping to InterServer dedicated servers, we are glad to introduce its background at first. InterServer ( was established in 1999. Up till now, the company has developed into a reputable cheap web hosting provider. At very beginning, InterServer promised to offer quality service and support. It remains the same goal at present.

With time going by, InterServer has expanded its products to include colocation, dedicated servers, and some other managed services. Its quality products have served a wide range of customers from individuals to business owners. Over the years, its reliable product offerings and support make the company build a solid reputation in this field.

InterServer Dedicated Server Review on Features

InterServer provides quality managed dedicated servers in two private data centers. The company also promises that customers’ dedicated server is fully devoted to their applications’ sole needs and is never shared with others. So, customers can enjoy InterServer dedicated servers with more performance and flexibility.

As for some standard features, InterServer dedicated servers comes with 5 IP addresses, 100 MB or 1 GB port, and 10,000 TB data transfer per month. The company also provides free setup service and managed support. All customers can start their business with InterServer dedicated servers within 4 hours.

interserver features

Other more, InterServer dedicated servers is built on both Windows platform and Linux platform. Customers can choose their preferable and familiar operating system from CentOS, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Redhat Fedora, Cloud Linux, as well as Windows 2008/2012.

Each dedicated server is configurable by customers. Basically, the company gives 3 types of server, which are Intel dual-core Atom CPU with 1 GB memory and 250 GB hard drive, Xeon E3-1230 CPU with 16 GB memory and 250 GB hard drive, as well as 2 x six-core CPU with 8 GB memory and 250 GB hard drive. These resources are by default.

If customers need more resources, they can configure their server. Besides OS options, they can select additional primary hard drive which includes SATA and SSD drives. Secondary hard drive is available as primary hard drives. Up to 100 TB bandwidth (1 GB port) is available as well. IP options are 5 Vlan IPs and 13 Vlan IPs.

In addition, to make it easy to manage, InterServer offers cPanel/WHM, Plesk control panel and Direct Admin. It means customers have full control over their dedicated servers.

In brief, InterServer dedicated servers are customizable and feature-rich.

InterServer Dedicated Server Review on Pricing

In terms of pricing, InterServer dedicated servers has 3 different servers which charge different cots. The lowest one is the server with Intel dual-core Atom CPU, 1 GB memory, as well as 250 GB disk space. It starts at $39/mo, which is very cheap for dedicated servers.

InterServer Dedicated Server InterServer Dedicated Server

Besides, InterServer accepts the payments of VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Discover and so on. is customers want to learn some promotional information of InterServer, they can check out InterServer Coupon.

InterServer Dedicated Server Review on Performance

InterServer host dedicated servers in its two private data centers (TEB1 and TEB2) in Secaucus. The company guarantees that two data centers have 100% power uptime and customers can receive 99.9% network uptime.

Two data centers both cover and area of 8,000 square feet for facility, 6,500 square feet of which are for data centers. Both data centers are equipped with HVAX units which are totaling 80 tons, 2,000 AMPS of 480v INPUT POWER as well as 500 KVA Powerware UPS unite. It is that redundant power system ensures 100% power uptime.

For security, the two data centers have some different measures. TEB1 is set up pre-action dry pipe sprinkle system in case of fire accident; ADT security badge entrance can get rid of external people getting into data centers. TEB2 is customized with raised flooring, which is designed against flood or other dangers; biometric entry allows only InterServer technicians to access the data center. Look at these details for security. InterServer really makes efforts for it.

In terms of network, InterServer premium servers are all powered by a mesh of 10 Gbps Ethernet connections and Tier 1 IP backbone providers connect InterServer. Additionally, all its routing & switching equipment comes from outstanding providers including Cisco, Riverstone and Extreme Networks. To provide fail-safe and fast routing, InterServer also applies intelligent BGPv4 routing protocol.

What’s more, InterServer maintains a user-friendly policy. N+1 network upgrade policy ensures customer can always have spare routers or connections available to cover immediate fail-over.

In short, great data centers with redundant equipment and premium network infrastructure contribute to InterServer 100% power uptime and 99.9% network uptime guarantees.

InterServer Dedicated Server Review on Customers Support

InterServer claims that its dedicated servers are cheap and managed. We check its managed support, which includes free and paid services. As for the free managed support, if the package does not contain a control panel, InterServer will cover system reinstalls and all hardware issues.

If the package comes with a control panel, InterServer will reinstall system and control pane, handle all hardware issues, and repair any service like web server, mail server, DNS server, SQL server, as well as FTP server. For Windows customers, InterServer will reinstall Windows OS, DNS server and SQL server, update Windows, and set up & install IIS server. InterServer also helps customers restore the services above back to their functional condition.

If customers need to contact InterServer experts, they can use email, ticket, live chat and phone call. These support channels are open for customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Besides, online resources are very rich and customers can go to InterServer Knowledge base to find them.


To conclude, InterServer dedicated servers come with configurable features and easy to use control panel options. Each dedicated server is deployed in well-designed data centers, ensuring great perform and high reliability. The more important is that InterServer dedicated servers start at low price. So, we think InterServer dedicated servers are good choice for customers.

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