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interserver1In 1999, ( was started as a simple reseller account, along with the objective of offering affordable prices and maintaining start-of-the-art service and support. In 2015, it has built and operated 2 private owned data centers, supporting premium services like cloud VPS, virtual hosting, quick servers, dedicated hosting, and colocation.

In the following post, we are glad to review its cloud VPS hosting, from the aspects of cloud VPS current coupons, price value, performance, ease-of-use, and support service. Via this comprehensive review, we believe that customers can make sense whether their websites need cloud VPS or not! Cloud VPS Review on Current Coupon

Currently, InterServer cloud VPS is extremely cheap. Regularly, Linux cloud VPS starts at $6/mo, while Windows cloud VPS is from $10/mo. Both kinds of cloud VPS at are really affordable!

However, has special coupons on shared hosting and VPS. Here we will introduce the coupon for InterServer cloud VPS. This is a limited time special coupon for the first month only! Customers can buy it only paying $0.01 to start their cloud hosting. Note this special coupon is only valid when customers visit through our promo link! Cloud VPS Cloud VPS
Only $0.01

What’s more, at, the option for yearly payment is included, and if customers choose that, there is a 10% off discount available!

According to pricing, we think it is quite affordable. Plus its exclusive promotion, really makes it realize to offer cheap web hosting solutions.

Besides, also has special coupon on shared hosting plans! If customers want to get more information about it, they can go to Coupon. Cloud VPS Review on Price Value

Due to cloud platform, now can adopt OpenVz and KVM technologies for resource guarantee and better environments. cloud VPS is Linux friendly and Windows friendly. No matter customers are more familiar with Linux OS or Windows OS, offers enough options for them. Currently, cloud VPS can support Windows 2012 R2, Debian 7, CentOS 7, Ubuntu 14.04, ArchLinux, Cern Linux, Fedora, SUSE, and other Linux operating systems. has promised that once customers sign up with the cloud VPS pan, their on demand deployment will be well-prepared within 15 minutes. If customers start with basic Linux cloud VPS at, 1 slice Linux, 25 GB of storage, 1024 MB of memory, 1 CPU core, and 1 TB of Transfer will come to customers. Well, if customers choose Windows cloud VPS at, they can get the same resources but different OS, of course!

interserver cloud vps features

These features and resources are just for startup. When customers’ online presences develop and their on demand configurations go beyond the basic plan, they still have chances to upgrade at At maximum, InterServer Linux cloud VPS and Windows cloud VPS can both upgrade to the plan with 16 Linux slices, 400 GB of storage, 16384 MB of memory, 4 CPU cores, and 16 TB of transfer.

Besides these resources, cloud VPS also comes with multiple language. The latest versions of MySQL, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python, and other pre-installed scripts. Although these features are included for them, customers can still customize their server with any Linux-based apps, server software, and OS component.

Based on the analysis of cloud VPS features, we know that offers rich features, making its cloud VPS meet most people’s needs. Cloud VPS Review on Performance

The cloud VPS at is guaranteed with 99.9% uptime. Each cloud hosting has fast IO and is built for running critical applications in a stable environment. Each cloud hosting is supported by not only high performance and redundant storage, but also two state-of-the-art data centers.

As to high performance and redundant storage, it is used to each virtual private server, coming along with great SSD hard drives ranging from 30 GB to 240 GB. This redundant powerful storage can make the cloud server running 20 times faster than others.’s data centers are designed for the 100% power uptime guarantee. In order to realize it, the company invests a lot! Taking its Los Angeles as the example, we find that it equips with N+1 block UPS configuration, redundant electrical capacity, 10 power transformers, and 2 utility feeders, which all combine with redundant power back-up systems, including N+1 standby power configuration, and 11 diesel engine-generator standby power.

Furthermore, there are redundant cooling capacities and redundant cooling plants consisting of CRAC units and air & water cooled chillers. Full arrangements of cooling systems around the data center create a good environment for servers running.’s data centers are also built with the guarantee of 99.9% network uptime. network features 10 Gbps of Ethernet connections, multiple Tier-1 IP backbone providers, Cisco, Extreme Network as well as Riverstone offering routing equipment and switching equipment, which ensure the maximum throughput. also uses BGPV4 routing protocol that can offer the best routing.

What’s more, the company has risk-free physical entry, CCTV surveillance, motion detection, fiber vault, and much more are all used to guarantee the safest data centers for customers. also has round-the-clock human security guards, monitoring and maintaining each data center at Cloud VPS Review on Ease-of-Use

In the section of feature review, we have learned that cloud VPS can be set up instantly and easy to upgrade for higher demands. Actually, designs a simple slider which can make customers easy to choose the suitable plans for their websites. will provide each customer the full root access and admin, which can give the full control to them. So, customers can manage their server and site easily. The full root access also enables them to install and customize all the software they want.

To make a peace of mind for each customer, now will back up and mange snapshots for customers. Therefore, customers can ease from the worry of data loss. also has migration service free for charge. However, it needs customers’ previous shared hosting account having the full cPanel backup ready for download and their current InterServer account has no any data in it. Before customers use this free service, please check out the conditions carefully. Cloud VPS Review on Customer Support

According to the feature review and usability review, we can certainly say that cloud VPS is the managed hosting. It comes with pre-installed languages, backups, snapshots, and migration service.

Besides, its experienced experts are also standby round the clock to solve customers’ issues they cannot handle. Phone, email and live chat are the main methods to contact experts who guarantee to response quickly. also prepares some tutorials and feature articles, which are well-categorized. When customers want to search for some articles, they can check out by following the categories.

Do We Recommend Cloud VPS?

Yes! We recommend cloud VPS, which includes rich features at extremely low prices. Two well-designed data centers are operated very well by its experienced engineers, offering 100% power uptime guarantee and 99.9% network uptime guarantee. Full root access with managed services makes cloud VPS have great usability.

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