Windows VPS Review is a reputable host, who has ever been regarded as one of the best VPS hosting companies. In the following Windows VPS Review, we are glade to reveal if Windows VPS is reliable. To figure out it, this in-depth review will consist of Windows VPS special coupon, features, reliability & speed, as well as customer support.

interserver1Since its inception in 1999, ( has been focusing on providing the best the best cost-effective web hosting solutions. In 2015, fully owns and operates two data centers. With award-wining support and well-designed hosting solutions, receives a wide range of recognition.

Generally, now has premium shared hosting, cloud VPS, quick servers, virtual hosting, dedicated servers as well as colocation for customers. All web hosting solutions comes with cutting-edge support. Windows VPS Special Coupon is famous for not only the good support and reliable performance, but also the budget hosting costs. Actually, we have got the exclusive VPS coupon from, which is special for our readers who buy VPS though our special coupon link in below. It can make VPS sharply lower to $0.01/1st month.

To claim this coupon, customers also need to apply the special coupon code “TRYINTERSERVER”. Regularly, Windows VPS based on cloud is from $10.00 per month. This coupon is also valid to other web hosting solutions. If customers want to learn more about it, they can check out Coupon! Windows VPS Windows VPS
$0.01 1st mo

Other more, customers can also get another 10% off discount on the VPS packages at Only if customers choose to go with yearly cycle, this extra discount comes to them.

After checking out Windows VPS pricing, we really find that does great job on cheap server solutions. It’s no wonder that is a reliable cheap web hosting provider. Windows VPS Review Features Cloud VPS is designed to support a variety of OS options. For Windows VPS, will provide the latest Windows 2012 R2 operating system. And all cloud VPS can be instantly setup. Once customers’ payment is approved, their setup can be completed in 15 minutes. Instant setup is user friendly to make their idea get online as soon as possible!

For the starter of Windows cloud VPS, will offer customers with minimal 1024 MB memory, 1 CPU core, 25 GB storage, and 1 TB monthly data transfer. 1 public IP address, RAID 10 protected servers, and IPv6 address support are included as well. These resources are just for customers to start.

With their development, they can easily upgrade or downgrade via easy control panel. It is a web-based control panel, allowing customers to easily add and manage their multiple virtual servers.

For upgrades, offers customers flexible options on server resources and management tools. Up to 16,384 MB memory, 4 CPU cores, 16 TB monthly data transfer, and 400 GB storage are available!

Besides effortless scalability, Windows cloud VPS also comes with full root access, which is wonderful to experienced developers. They can use it to install and customize the software they need to optimize their hosting experience. A number of templates help customers build their virtual server images. DNS manager helps them use it easier. Backups and snapshots are included free for data protection.

In addition to that, Windows cloud VPS is also the multiple language server. Each one includes the latest versions of MySQL, PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl, and others coming pre-installed.

Reviewing Windows cloud VPS features, we learn that it is flexible and easy-to-use. plus extremely low pricing, we think these Windows VPS solutions at have high price value. Windows VPS Review on Reliability & Speed Windows cloud VPS is reliable with extreme performance. The company is very confident to guarantee its server hardware, infrastructure, and network uptime of 99.9%. Once it ever fall short, customers will get no question money back. It is the 10/10 Uptime Guarantee!

Firstly, Windows cloud VPS is built with high-performance storage. Each new virtual private server comes with the high speed SSD hard drives offering maximum 240 GB disk space. Comparing with the standard SATA drives, its SSD hard drives will bring 20x faster speed for customers’ virtual private server experience.

Secondly, has already operated its own data centers to house customers’ cloud VPS servers. These data centers are very powerful, coming with 100% of power uptime guarantee. To keep it, equips the two data centers with UPS configuration, two utility feeders, ten power supply transformers, and great electrical capacity.

Besides, has full preparation for back-up power supply. N+1 back-up power configuration and redundant back-up generators are always standing by for any unexpected case.

For network, guarantees with a 99.9% uptime. It is based on redundant network facilities. Working with industry leading providers like Cisco, Riverstone, and Extreme Network, builds fast and powerful network.

Other more, in the two data centers, redundant cooling and security systems are well setup for maintaining the optimal environment. Better environment, better security and reliability. Windows Cloud VPS Review on Customer Support

As for support, Windows VPS is easy to use, because customers are well cared by the company, the free managed service are included to it. Customers can order backups, manage snapshots and some others from inside their management interface. Then, will deal with their orders quickly.

In addition to that, customer can also talk to experience support members through phone call and live chat. Or customers can submit ticket for quick answers. will offer 24 hour constantly technical support.

If customers want to learn from featured articles or tutorials, they can search for them at Support center, where all informative articles are well-categorized, so that customers can easy find out what they need.

Do We Recommend Windows VPS?

Based on this comprehensive analysis on Window VPS, we know that it comes with our exclusively promotional pricing, flexible feature options, powerful performance, and excellent support for customers. So, we think it can fit most customers’ needs.

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