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I/O Zoom Review

In below, we are to review a new brand in the web hosting industry, I/O Zoom. To help customers learn it better, we will analyze the web hosting from its hosting price value, technology and performance, ease-of-use, and customer support.

Founded in 2015, I/O Zoom ( started web hosting business with Linux VPS solutions only. With the support of 5 world-class data centers, I/O Zoom grows fast. After developing 2 years, the company has quickly expanded its offerings. Not only Linux VPS, but also Windows VPS, WordPress VPS, cloud VPS, and WordPress cloud hosting are all available now. Let’s check out if it is a reliable web hosting that customers can trust.

I/O Zoom Special Deal

I/O Zoom is a VPS solution expert, which mostly focuses on various VPS solutions. No matter which VPS solution customers want, I/O Zoom offers affordable prices. It cloud VPS servers and WordPress cloud hosting both start from $5/mo, which is very cheap. Besides, I/O Zoom charges its Linux VPS Servers from $8/mo, while its Windows VPS Servers start from $10/mo. Looking at these pricing tables, we find customers can always get started at affordable prices.

I/O Zoom Exclusive Deal I/O Zoom Exclusive Deal

In addition to affordable prices, I/O Zoom offers 30 Days of money back guarantee. The policy says that if customers decide to stop their services and cancel accounts during the initial 30 days, the company will offer full refund to customers without any question asked.

I/O Zoom Review on Web Hosting Price Value

I/O Zoom now has various VPS solutions being offered in market. Different VPS hosting solutions deliver customers the different features. In below, let’s know I/O Zoom VPS together.

I/O Zoom Linux VPS is managed VPS hosting, and we will talk about the management services and tools in Ease-of-Use part in below. Now, there are five plans including at least 2GB RAM, 1 CPU core, 2,000GB bandwidth, and 20GB SSD storage. If customers need more, the company provides them with resource and tool add-ons. I/O Zoom specially optimizes Noction traffic routers for less latency; customers are also allowed to choose a best location from 5 options.

I/O Zoom charges its managed Linux VPS from $8/mo only, which is really cheap when considering its redundant resources included in the entry-level Linux VPS plans.

As for I/O Zoom Windows VPS, it starts with abundant server resources and free Windows license including Windows Server 2008/2012/2016. In the basic plan of Windows VPS, there is 30GB SSD storage with RAID 10 arrays, 2GB RAM, 2,000GB bandwidth, and 1 CPU core. Like Linux VPS, the company allows Windows VPS software and resource upgrades available to meet higher demands. 3 data center options are available to choose from.

I/O Zoom Windows VPS normally starts at $10/mo. Taking the pricing and its packages into consideration together, we think for Windows VPS, it is quite budget.

In addition, I/O Zoom also has SSD Cloud VPS servers available. In five plans, customers can receive at least 20GB SSD storage, 1GB RAM, 1,000GB bandwidth, and 1 CPU core. Extra resources and tools can be added on quickly as customers require. Also, same to Linux VPS, I/O Zoom SSD Cloud VPS also comes with optioned traffic routers to reduce latency. Besides, SSD Cloud Server of course comes with cloud feature, HA Failover, which keeps the VPS always online.

For pricing, the company charges its SSD Cloud VPS from $5/mo only, which is extremely cheap, especially when the VPS solution comes with high performance SSD storage.

Apart from VPS, I/O Zoom can also offer WordPress cloud hosting now, which come with minimum 2 hosted websites, 10GB SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, as well as 512MB memory. Free SSL certificates, free CloudFlare CDN, multi-PHP, free SSL, web application Firewall, virus & malware protection, and easy to use WordPress features all come to customers. Normally, the company only charges it from $5/mo only. 3 days of free trial is also included.

What’s more, the company offers all customers 30 Days of money back guarantee. Under the policy, customers can get a full refund from I/O Zoom, if they cancel accounts within the first 30 days. Therefore, we can find that I/O Zoom VPS solutions and WordPress cloud hosting all come with good price value.

I/O Zoom Review on Technology and Performance

I/O Zoom web hosting solutions all come with high availability and 100% network uptime guarantee.

The company is now operating five different locations around the U.S., and all of them are state-of-the-art. According to its hosting plans, most solutions allow customer to choose their servers closer to them so as to deliver faster speed to their visitors.

The company only takes advantage of the latest equipment to configure customers’ servers. It stable partners include Intel, Cisco, Supermicro, Samsung, and Juniper, whose high-performance equipment is used to enhance its network and server performance well. For hardware specs, we can find 100% SSD drives, LSI RAID 10 arrays, DDR4 memory, dual Xeon processors, as well as Supermicro servers.

In addition to that, I/O Zoom also offer close server monitoring and security to make the best possible server environment. It not only keeps the safe and secure servers, but also save a lot of problems for customers.

I/O Zoom Review on Ease-of-use

I/O Zoom is a newbies compared with many famous players in the web hosting industry, so in terms of web hosting usability, we think it has to work harder to make improvements, but also it has its own highlights.

Free DDoS Protection

To help customers get rid of DDoS attacks, the company offers up to 10Gbps DDoS protection free of charge, which can make customers’ server avoid more than 95% the most common attacks.

Free Daily Snapshot Backup

Both I/O Zoom SSD Cloud VPS and Linux VPS come with daily snapshot backup, which is free and will not impact on the server performance because it does not count against their disk space.

Free Migration Assistance

I/O Zoom Linux VPS has free migration service, which means the company will manage their existing website migration, and ensure it will be down without downtime.

1-Click WordPress Tools

I/O Zoom WordPress cloud hosting offers many easy to use features to help customers install WordPress. There is 1-click WordPress installer, staging & cloning, 1-click WordPress hardening, S WP CLI, easy migration, as well as mass install and updates.

I/O Zoom Review on Customer Support

I/O Zoom customer support is not so impressive. Besides the migration assistance mentioned above, it also provide 24/7 email support and live chat support available within limited time. So, if customers want to always contact with I/O Zoom experts, email is the best way.

What’s more, it offers company blog and knowledge base, which both contain rich post related to various common problems that customers always encounter. Besides, the company has section offering video tutorials.

Is I/O Zoom A Reliable Web Hosting?

After checking out these aspects of I/O Zoom, we find that the company has various VPS solutions offered with rich resources at affordable prices. 100% network uptime guarantee is another shinning point attracting customers. Considering the both sides, we think it is a good VPS hosting option that is worth a try. If it continues to improve its customer support, it will be better in the future.

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